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***All puppies on this page are home being loved by their families!!

Happy Easter! Christ has Risen! We hope you all got to spend some time with loved ones this weekend. ❤ We "art" so excited introduce Annie and Toby's F1 goldendoodle babies! "Art" you excited to meet them? We'll put them on "exhibit" here for you to enjoy. 😀
Boys: Girls:
DaVinci Monet
Michelangelo Dali
Six weeks old:

***Not to toot our own horn, but Galaxy’s F1 goldendoodles are adorable! We're not just clanging a cymbal when we say we love these little cuties! Introducing-
Girls: Boys:
Timpani- rainbow Banjo- brown
Picallo- pink Tuba- gray
Pipa- purple Oboe- blue
Veena- yellow Dulcimer- black
Viola- red
Clarinet- green
Ocarina- orange

***We're "feeling" so "eager" to introduce Saphira's sweet F1b goldendoodles! We can't contain our "excitement"!
Here are her "awesome" girls:
Blessed- pink
Fabulous- purple
Smiley- rainbow
Bliss- light blue
Silly- red
Giddy- green
Joyous- teal
And her "adventurous" boys:
Quirky- brown
Goofy- gray
Marvelous- dark blue
Brave- black

***Mirror, mirror on the wall... who has the sweetest little Poodle puppies of them all!?! It's Pearl and Simon! Introducing their Snow White and seven dwarf babies! Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to sleep they go...
**Their names are just a theme- not in any way descriptions of them. 😂 And they're not really dwarves either. 😉

***We're so excited to introduce the apples of our eye! Tallulah and Toby have eight shiny little apples (F1 goldendoodles). They are one week old and all growing well.
Girls: Boys:
Ambrosia- rainbow Macintosh- blue
Cameo- pink Empire- gray
Gala- green Crispin- camo
Blondee- yellow
Anabela- orange

***Hope your feathers didn't get ruffled while you were waiting for Petunia and Simon's F1 bernedoodles one week announcement. We're flying high watching over these little birdies. Excited to announce their little flock to you! Without further ado do...
Beautiful little girls: Handsome little boys:
Wren- rainbow Hawk- brown
Robin- purple Eagle- black
Dove- yellow Falcon- blue
Raven- pink Marten- gray
Oriole- orange Finch- green

***We're so excited to officially announce Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle babies. Run, don't "wok" to see these sweet little "fortune cookies". We're "mirin" love than we thought possible! Five beautiful girls and three handsome boys-
Kimchi- rainbow collar
Nori- pink collar
Miso- purple collar
Wasabi- teal collar
Sushi- yellow collar
Wonton- blue collar
Saki- green collar
Sriracha- red collar
Seven weeks old:

***Penny and Henry have two perfect little F1b labradoodles. They are one week old and getting plenty to eat. 😂 We're very excited to announce, Wall-E and Eve (Eva). 😍❤

***These "cool" babies will "warm" your heart right up! We're excited to announce Bluey & Toby's little goldendoodle litter-
Fahrenheit- pink collar
Celsius- blue collar
Kelvin- red collar
Six weeks old:

***We feel like we might be dreaming because these babies seem like they could be from the land of sweets! We hope you're dancing for joy as we introduce Carolina and Rufus' goldendoodle loves!
Clara- yellow collar
Sugar Plum- purple collar
Dew Drop- pink collar
Snowflake- rainbow collar
Mouse- red collar
Prince- green collar
Fritz- blue collar
***All of these sweet little ones have families now.💗
Six weeks old:

***Ring in the New Year with Mocha & Henry's F1b labradoodles! They are one week old and they will be ready January 13th so we named them with a New Year's theme. 🎉🎆🎈We're so excited to announce-
Two beautiful little girls:
Confetti- rainbow collar- apricot
Champagne- purple collar- apricot
Four handsome little boys:
Midnight- gray collar- black
Celebrate- blue collar- apricot
Resolution- camo collar- black & white parti
Reminisce- red collar- black
Six weeks old:

Resolution playing instead of getting is pic taken- haha.  Also, shows his straighter

***We are excited to announce Sally and Toby's four perfect little F1 goldendoodles! Two boys and two girls. ❤ This litter is "beginning" themed because Sally is the first of a few new mama's and papa's for us. 😍 We will have more to show and tell about throughout 2022.
Beautiful little girls-
Genesis(purple) and Dawn (pink)
Handsome little boys-
Intro (orange) and Origin (blue)
Almost six weeks old:

***“You will only meet your once in a lifetime friends…. Once in a lifetime” – Alfalfa
Iris & Caspian are excited to announce their sweet new bernedoodle babies- "Our Gang- The Little Rascals"! They'll be ready just in time for Christmas 🎄. Six beautiful babies- four boys and two girls.
Alfalfa- blue collar
Buckwheat- green collar
Spanky- black collar
Stymie- red collar
Darla- pink collar
Mary Ann- rainbow collar

We don't want to "shock" you with our bad puns but our "ohm" is "current"ly "buzzing" with excitement over Galaxy and Toby's new goldendoodle babies! "Watt" a blessing they are! Two beautiful girls and five handsome boys.
Boys: Girls:
Surge- blue collar Joule- pink collar
Volt- green collar Electra- rainbow collar
Spike- black collar
Amp- red collar
Jolt- gray collar

Petunia & Orion are excited to give you a view of the "stars"! You don't have to "hike" the "trails" to meet their happy little "campers"- eight beautiful bernedoodle babies
Boys: Girls:
Lake- gray collar Citronella- pink collar
Lantern- blue collar Smores- rainbow collar
Hike- yellow collar
Hatchet- orange collar
Compass- black collar
Hammock- red collar

We have some "grate" news! We hope we're not "whey" too "cheesey" but these are some "gouda" puppies! Penny and Rufus' moyen size poodle babies are one week old. There are eight beautiful pups- three girls and five boys!
Boys: Girls:
Nacho- blue collar Gouda- pink collar
Colby- gray collar Brie- rainbow collar
Asiago- green collar Cotija- purple collar
Cheddar- brown collar
Romano- red collar

Five weeks:

"Anne watched them as she talked and somehow felt that wind and stars and fireflies were all tangled up together into something unutterably sweet and enchanting."
Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables
Primrose & Caspian's "unutterably sweet and enchanting" bernedoodle babies are one week old. Nine beautiful puppies- seven girls and two boys.😍♥️
Girls: Boys:
Anne- red collar Matthew- gray collar
Marrilla- orange collar Gilbert- blue collar
Diana- rainbow collar
Jane- purple collar
Rachel- teal collar
Dora- pink collar
Leslie- yellow collar

Mama Mia! Willow and Rufus have eight beautiful goldendoodle babies! They are a week old and doing well. Six beautiful girls and two handsome boys! They are named after cities in Italy.

Ahoy maties! "Water" our favorite things? "Oceans" of puppies!! Lots of "buoys" in this "crew"! We hope you "lake" these "sea"weet babies! Camellia and Caspian are excited to announce their F1b goldenoodles babies. They have seven handsome boys and two beautiful girls!
Caravel- pink collar- apricot
Ferry- rainbow collar- brindle
Clipper- yellow collar- black & white parti
Sloop- blue collar- apricot & white parti
Galleon- black collar- apricot & white parti
Skiff- orange collar- apricot
Tug- red collar- brindle
Cutter- green collar- black & white parti
Steamer- gray collar- apricot
Six weeks old:

"The next thing she knew she was trying to hug a jumping, panting, wriggling Jack, who lapped her face and hands with his warm wet tongue. She couldn’t hold him. He leaped and wriggled from her to Pa to Ma and back to her again." - Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie...
We're so happy to introduce Saphira and Toby's F1b Goldendoodle babies who are one week old already and so adorable! Six beautiful little girls and four handsome little boys-
Laura- rainbow collar
Caroline- pink collar
Mary- purple collar
Carrie- orange collar
Grace- green collar
Nellie- yellow collar
Charles- blue collar
Almanzo- gray collar
Isaiah- brown collar
Albert- black collar
Seven weeks old:

"Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes,
And Nod is a little head,
And the wooden shoe that sailed the skies
Is a wee one's trundle-bed;
So shut your eyes while Mother sings
Of wonderful sights that be,
And you shall see the beautiful things
As you rock in the misty sea
Where the old shoe rocked the fishermen three:—
And Nod."
Proud to introduce Luna and Rufus' F1 goldendoodle babies. One beautiful little girl, Wynken and two handsome little boys, Blynken and Nod. ♥️♥️♥️
Seven weeks old:

Grab a bowl of popcorn and gather around your screens! Mocha and Henry's episode of labradoodles was aired a week ago already. Four beautiful girls and four handsome boys in a wide variety of colors. These television couples are excited to be introduced to all of you! Stayed tuned to watch them grow!!
Fred and Ginger
Lucy and Ricky
Archie and Edith
Ralph and Alice

We don't want to "keep you in the dark" any longer. Carolina and Rufus had thirteen "fungis" and girls! She's not very big so there couldn't have been "mushroom". We hope you enjoy this "spore" pun and their puppy announcement.
Ladies first-
Portobella- rainbow collar
Chanterelle- pink collar
Amanita- purple collar
Morchella- teal collar
And the boys:
Button- brown collar
Gamba- green collar
Morel- orange collar
Puffball- gray collar
Reishi- dark blue collar
Truffle- black collar
Matsutake- yellow collar
Crimini- red collar
Enoki- light blue collar

You may think we are sugar-coating this, but these babies are the sweetest- bar none! They melt the creamy centers of our hearts, and we are nuts about them! Penny and Henry's F1b labradoodles are one week old. Baby Ruth is fighting and making small gains. 😍 Six handsome boys and five sweet girls-
Baby Ruth- yellow collar
Caramello- pink collar
Mallo- rainbow collar
Almond "Joy"- purple collar
Kitkat- green collar
O'Henry- blue collar
Hershey- brown collar
Heath- black collar
Musketeer- gray collar
Nestle- red collar
Charleston- orange collar

Seven weeks old:

"Orange" you so "egg"cited for Pearl and Rufus' poodle babies to be announced? Well, grab a cup of "coffee" and take a peak at these cute little "muffins"! Five beautiful girls and three handsome little boys!
Quiche- rainbow collar
Pancake- pink collar
Waffles- yellow collar
Frittata- green collar
Smoothie - red collar
Biscuit- blue collar
Omelet- gray collar
Porky- black collar
Seven weeks old:

It's never "child's play" naming these puppies! We've been "toying" with their names all week and would like to introduce Galaxy and Toby's goldendoodle babies named after classic toys. Nine handsome boys and three beautiful girls:
Barbie- pink collar
Hula- purple collar
Bubbles- yellow collar
Nerf- blue collar
Tonka- neon green collar
Weebles- gray collar
Lincoln- brown collar
Tinker- light blue collar
Etch- black collar
Rubiks- orange collar
Lego- green collar
Yo-yo- red collar
Almost six weeks old:

As Charles M. Schulz says- "Happiness is a warm puppy." With much joy and jubilation, we would like to introduce to you Petunia and Caspian's bernedoodle babies. One week old today, five joyous little girls and four jolly little boys-
Giggle- pink collar
Rejoice- rainbow collar
Delight- purple collar
Frolic- yellow collar
Glee- orange collar
Laughter- blue collar
Chuckle- gray collar
Happy- green collar
Smiley- red collar
Almost six weeks-

No matter how you "slice" it, these sweet little "honies" make the "cut!" We will get to the "point" and "samurais" it! These Bernedoodle babies are "cutting edge"! They will "steel" your heart! Iris and Caspian's babies are one week old and such beautiful babies!
Katana- pink collar
Flyssa- rainbow collar
Excalibur- blue collar
Sabre- gray collar
Knightly- black collar
Tachi- brown collar
Scimitar- green collar
Takoba- orange collar
Almost six weeks-

Holy puppies Batman! Zoinks! Powee! Kablam! We "Gotham" nice babies here! Primrose and Caspian welcomed ten beautiful little F1 bernedoodle babies on January 22nd! Eight handsome boys and just two beautiful little girls. One week old already- they're growing very well and holy sweetness Batman!
Batman- yellow collar
Robin- orange collar
Alfred- patriotic collar
Wayne- blue collar
Penguin- black collar
Harvey- red collar
Joker- teal collar
Riddler- green collar
Cat- pink collar
Ivy- rainbow collar

Toby is red
Bluey's not blue 😉
They had some sweet puppies
To bring smiles to you!!❤❤❤
Bluey and Toby's little goldendoodle babies are a week old and oh, so sweet! They will be ready for their new families on Valentine's Day so we gave them love names. ❤❤❤ t
They were born December 21, 2020
One week old:

We've already recorded them in "the notebook" but we thought you'd "love" to see Nova and Toby's two perfect, beautiful F1 goldendoodle babies- Allie and Noah.
"Poets often describe love as an emotion that we can't control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense. That's what it was like for me."

We're "ho ho ho"ping you're excited to see the "presents" Camellia & Orion have brought us! "Star"ring nine beautiful, colorful, F1b goldendoodle bundles of "joy"!
Girls: Boys:
Cheer- rainbow
Jolly- purple Emmanuel- blue
Peppermint- pink Elf- tan
Noelle- yellow
Candy- orange
Holly- green
Jingle- light blue
***All of these puppies have families already waiting for them 💗

We try not to fall into the "snare" of "sticking" with names that are only "cymbal"ic. We hope there are no re"percussion"s for "beating" these puns to death.
😉 "Drumroll" please 🥁🥁.....
Saphira's F1b goldendoodles "grooved" their way into our hearts yesterday, (and through the night 😴) -
Girls: Boys:
Maraca- yellow Djembe- green (parti)
Tassa- teal Cantero- brown
Zatula- red (parti) Shoko- black
Rebana- rainbow Ashiko- blue
Canjira- purple Carimbo- camo
Marimba- pink
6 weeks old:

I "yam" pleased to announce Luna and Toby's cute little F1 goldendoodle "spuds"!! They are "chips" off the old block and we are ex"tuber"ant! Four perfect little "tots"
Spud- brown collar
Tatertot- black collar
Fry- blue collar
Yam- purple collar
Six weeks old:

After many "debates", we finally "voted". The "polls" are in and we've "elected" these puppy names for Mocha and Henry's F1b labradoodles who arrived yesterday!! Six beautiful girls and 2 handsome boys! Born October 18, 2020 & ready for their new families the weekend of December 13th.
Glory- rainbow collar
Liberty- yellow collar
America- red collar
Freedom- pink collar
Victory- green collar
Truth- purple collar
Patriot- black collar
Valor- blue collar
Six weeks old little cuties!

Once upon a time, Pearl & Rufus had six perfect little poodles. Five precious princesses and one handsome little prince! 😍 We are proud to introduce:
Snow- orange collar
Belle- rainbow collar
Cinderella- pink collar
Ariel- purple collar
Jasmine- teal collar
Charming- blue collar

Seven weeks old:

Vroom, vroom!!! Bluey had a record speed run on Father's Day evening, crossing the finish line in just under three hours, bringing home nine little trophies! These sweet, sporty babies have raced their way into our hearts!! Introducing Bluey & Toby's sports cars-
Carrera- pink collar
Supra- rainbow collar
Corvette- yellow collar
Shelby- neon green collar

Enzo- blue collar
Veyron- gray collar
Camaro- dark green collar
Turismo- black collar
Fiero- red collar
6 weeks old:

We may be "cereal" punsters, but we're no "flakes". 😉 Join us in watching Galaxy "Raisin Bran" new puppies! Born on June 16th, introducing:
Cheerio(s)- pink collar
Pebbles- rainbow collar
Honey Bunch(es)- purple collar
Trix- red collar
Lucky (Charms)- green collar
Chex- blue collar
Captain (Crunch)- brown collar
Crispix- black collar
Seven weeks old:

We're "jumping" for joy to announce Petunia and Caspian's little bernedoodle "beans"!
Jelly- yellow collar
Anasazi- purple collar
Pinto- brown collar
Chili- red collar
Adzuki- blue collar
Fava- black collar
Garbanzo- gray collar
Seven weeks:

Six weeks old:

"Sew"...we are "bobbin" with excitement to announce Primrose & Orion's bernedoodle babies! They have "woven" their way into our hearts & "fabric" of our lives. 😍✂️📍😂
Satin- rainbow collar
Gingham- pink collar
Chiffon- purple collar
Lace- yellow collar
Chenille- orange collar
Taffeta- teal collar
Denim- blue collar
Brocade- brown collar
Flannel- neon green collar
Plaid- dark green
Corduroy- red collar
Seven weeks:

5 weeks old: 

We are flowing with excitement and erupting with joy to announce Nova & Toby's little volcano's! Please don't blow your tops at our bad puns! We lava these babies!! 😍
Pompeii- brown collar
Vesuvius- dark green collar
Dukono- blue collar
Ebeko- neon green collar
Pacaya- pink collar
Katla- teal collar
Tambora- red collar
Merapi- purple collar
Seven weeks old:

Fresh out of the oven, introducing Luna & Toby's sweet little cookies who arrived April 4th. Five beautiful little girls and just one handsome little boy are all doing well and gaining nicely. 😍
Sugar- rainbow collar
Fortune- purple collar
Nilla- yellow collar
Samoa- green collar
Rosette- pink collar
Scotchie- black collar

Two weeks old:

One litter to rule them all... With a house full of Lord of the Ring fans here, we're happy to announce, that's a LOTR puppies! Saphira and Toby brought 10 beautiful babies into the world on Thursday, April 2nd. Six handsome boys and four beautiful girls-
The girls:
Arwen- parti apricot/white
Galadriel- rainbow collar
Eowyn- purple collar
Rosie- pink collar
The boys:
Frodo- orange collar
Sam- neon green collar
Gandalf- blue collar
Aragorn- green collar
Legolas- black collar
Gimli- red collar

Two weeks old:

We are so excited to announce the arrival of Pearl and Chester's little "chipmunks", Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. 🐿 A small litter of F1 goldendoodles.  😍 Two of them are uniquely colored brindle/sables.  

Two weeks old:

Nova's litter was born on Thanksgiving Day! We are thankful for these sweet, healthy babies and their names are Thanksgiving themed. 😍
The girls:
Cranberry- pink collar
Bounty- rainbow collar
Maize- yellow collar
Mayflower- orange collar
Macy- green collar
The boys:
Gobbler- camo collar
Plymouth- blue collar
Truman- black collar

Six weeks old:

Two week old cuties:

Newborn babies:

Introducing Galaxy and Toby's Tribute litter- To all (well, some of) the dogs we've loved before! Namesakes of our past dogs who touched and helped form our hearts, growing up and in our early years together   Born November 27th, they will be ready for their new families the weekend of January 25th.
The girls:
Lily- neon green collar
Teala- rainbow collar

Rebecca- pink collar
Buffy- purple collar
Missy- yellow collar
The boys:
Bear- brown collar
Wicket- blue collar
Peppy- teal collar
Bruno- red collar
Pharoah- gray collar
Zeb- green collar
Six weeks old:

Two weeks old:


For those of you that don't know, Granton Creek has a new location! We're only about 20 miles from our other house but in a more woodsy spot. In honor of the abundant wildlife around our new home, Luna and Toby are proud to announce their new babies named after "A Bug's Life"- They will be ready for their new families September 29th.
Princess Atta
Seven weeks old:

We're all "united" in our excitement and can't over"state" how sweet these babies are! Saphira and Toby's F1b babies arrived on Tuesday and are growing very well. ♡♡♡ They will be ready for their new families on September 29th.
The girls:
Arizona- pink collar
Carolina- yellow collar
Hawaii- rainbow collar
Montana- purple collar
Alaska- neon green collar
Georgia- orange collar
Nevada- parti colored
The boys:
Utah- gray collar
Wyoming- green collar
Vermont- blue collar
Texas- red collar

We are "mountain" with excitement to announce Bluey & Chester's babies. They are the "peak" of cuteness! They arrived on June 21 and will be ready for their new families on August 16th.  :-)
The girls:
Sierra- rainbow collar
Appalachia- pink collar
Shasta- purple collar
Annapurna- yellow collar
The boys:
McKinley- orange collar
Everest- black collar
Rainier- red collar
Denali- blue collar
Fuji- green collar
Six weeks old:

We're "blooming" with excitement to announce Galaxy and Toby's beautiful "bouquet"! Born May 26th, these F1 babies will be ready for their new families July 21st.  
The girls:
Gladiola- rainbow collar
Hyacinth- pink collar
Lavender- purple collar
Freesia- white collar
Camellia- teal collar
Marigold- yellow collar
Carnation- neon green collar
Azalea- orange collar
Begonia- red collar
Zinnia- pink & yellow collar
The boys:
Oleander- brown collar
Cosmos- green collar
Mallow- black collar
Phlox- dark phlox

Nova and Toby's babies arrived on Tuesday, June 11th! Took a while to decide on names for these little cuties! They had an equal number of girls and boys so we went with famous fictional couples.  
Girls-   Boys-
Beauty   Beast
Juliet   Romeo
Nala   Simba
Olive   Popeye

Seven weeks old and such fun babies:

Pearl and Zircon's babies are here!  Three sweet little gems. She's such a good little mama! Two beautiful little girls and one handsome little boy. In tribute to their parents gem names, we would love to introduce their F1b babies:
Opal- girl- pink rainbow collar
Ruby- girl- rainbow collar
Quartz- boy- blue collar

Here they are at 7 weeks:
Congratulations to Laura
& Terry on Quartz/Milton!!
Congratulations to the Kalis
Family on Ruby/Arya!!
Congratulations to the Irwin
Family on Opal!!

We are "spring"ing with excitement to announce Saphira and Toby's beautiful F1b's! They arrived on January 17th and are all growing nicely!
The girls:
Lilac- Purple collar
Breeze- Teal collar
Daffodil- Yellow collar
Bloom- Pink collar
Rain- She's an apricot parti- the only one 
Tulip- Rainbow collar
The boys:
Kite- Red collar
Creek- Green collar
Hatch- Orange collar
Puddles- Dark blue collar
Thaw- Light blue collar

Here are their 7 weeks photos:

We can "bear-ly" contain our joy in announcing Luna and Toby's little bears!
The beautiful little girl -
Pooky - pink/yellow collar
The handsome little boys -
Baloo - blue collar
Yogi - brown collar
Paddington - green collar
Winnie - red collar
Fozzie - orange collar
Their 8 week photos (minus Baloo because he was already home with his new family)
Congratulations to the
Sihsmann Family on  Paddington!
Congratulations to the
Frommer Family on

Congratulations to 
Danielle & Jacob on
Fozzie!! boy
Here are their 5 week photos:
Congratulations to the
Sharma Family on Baloo!

Paddington- boy

Congratulations to
Sandy & Dean on
Pooky/Honey!! - girl

Winnie- boy
Congratulations to the Busam
Family on Yogi/Trooper!! - boy

Bluey and Toby's beautiful puppies made their way into the world on December 22nd. Six handsome boys and just one beautiful little girl. These puppies "Mayberry" a bone in the yard someday but they'll have to grow a little first!

The boys:
Andy- green collar
Barney- dark blue collar
Opie- orange collar
Otis- light blue collar
Floyd- red collar
Gomer- yellow collar
The little girl:
Bee- pink collar

Here are their 11 week photos playing outside with the boys:
Congratulations on Andy
to Meagan

Congratulations to the
Smith Family on Barney!

Congratulations to the
Sotelo's on Floyd!  Floyd
joins big "sister" Chika
from Saphira's Christmas
litter (2017)!
Congratulations to the
Murphy Family on Gomer!

Congratulations to the
Schley's on Otis!  He
joins big "brother" Cello
from Bluey and Chester's
musical litter (2017).  :-)

Barney- boy
Here are their 6 week photos:
Andy- boy

Floyd- boy

Congratulations to the 
Moritz Family on Bee/Willow!! - girl
Gomer- boy

Opie- boy

Otis- boy
We "love" to be able to officially announce this "endearing" litter of Nova and Toby's F1's. Born on December 20th, they will be ready for their new families on Valentine's Day so we went with terms of endearment. Six beautiful babies!
The girls:
Bunny- pink collar
Sunshine- yellow collar
Muffin- purple collar
Dolly- rainbow collar
The boys:
Buddy- blue collar
Bear- brown collar

Their 7 week photos:
Congratulations Vickie
on Muffin/Magnolia!
Congratulations to the Shaver
Family on Bear!

We knew we could “count” on our sweet girl, Galaxy, to bring us some precious little “numbers”! Here are her 7 adorable little boys and 3 gorgeous little girls. Their names are the numbers 1-10 in different languages! (It is also their birth order)! They arrived in the wee hours of October 13th. :-)
1. MOJA (Moe’-jah) Swahili- Orange- boy 
2. TAGEN (Tah’-gun) Ethiopian dialect- Blue- boy 
3. TOLU (Toe’-lou) Taiwanese dialect- Neon green- boy 
4. TESSERA (Teh’-ser-ah) Greek- Pink- girl
5. CINCI (Cheen’-chee) Romanian- Purple- girl
6. MISHINDO (Mi-shin’-doe) Pakistan dialect- Dark green- boy
7. SHEVA (Shay’-vah) Hebrew- Rainbow- girl
8. OCHO (Oh’-cho) Spanish- Teal- boy
9. NOVI (Noe’-vee) Portugese- Red- boy
10. TIO (Tee’-oh) Swedish- Brown- boy
Galaxy & Toby's sweet babies were ready for their new families on Dec 9th.

Here is a little video of Tolu taken 1.26.19

Seven weeks old and so sweet!
Novi- boy
Tio- boy

 Ocho- boy
Tolu- boy
Moja- boy

Congratulations to the Hageman
 Family on Sheva/Jemma!

Congratulations to the
Hageman Family on Cinci!
Congratulations to the 
Vann Family on Mishindo!

Congratulations to 
Emilie and Mikael on Tagen/Loki!

Congratulations to the Scherer 
Family on Tessera!
Maggie and Chester's babies arrived in the wee hours of July 18, 2018. We're excited to announce their four boys and one little girl. Welcome to the "Matrix" little ones! 
They will be ready for their new families on September 16th.

Neo- Sable phantom
Morpheus- black with white toes 
Dozer- cream/light apricot
Tank- black with white chest
Trinity- black

Congratulations to the
 Rappel Family!!- Tank-


Available- Tank-
boy- 12 weeks

10 weeks old

Tank- boy- 6 weeks

Tank- boy- 2 weeks old

Tank- boy- 4 weeks

Maggie & Chester's Matrix litter-
 1 day old

10 weeks old

 Neo- boy- 6 weeks

Neo- boy- 4 weeks
Neo- boy- 2 weeks old

Click here for video of puppies!

Bluey and Toby are "fizzy" with excitement to announce their beautiful new babies!  Six boys and four girls- all healthy and gaining nicely.  :-) They arrived on June 10, 2018. 

Sprite- neon pink collar- girl
Sunkist- rainbow collar- girl
Fanta- purple collar- girl
Fresca- pink rainbow collar- girl
Squirt- yellow collar- boy
Pepsi- blue collar- boy
Mello- black collar- boy
Pibb- red collar- boy
Barqs- gray collar- boy
Dew- green collar- boy
Congratulations Brad & Julie on
Fresca!!- girl- 13 wks
Congratulations to the Mowry's on Fanta!!- girl- 13 wks

Fanta- girl- 11 weeks

Fresca- girl- 11 weeks

Fresca- girl-6 weeks

Fresca- girl- 9 wks
Fresca- girl- 4 weeks

Fanta- girl- 9 wks
Fanta- girl- 4 weeks

Fanta- girl- 6 weeks
Congratulations to the Nawrocki
Family on Barqs/Barkley!- boy- 9 wks

Barqs- boy- 6 weeks

Congratulations to the Crane 
Family! -Pepsi/Toby- boy- 6 weeks
Barqs- boy- 4 weeks

Congratulations Mckenzie
 on Dew/Marley! -6 weeks
Sprite/Gracie e- girl- 4 weeks
Pepsi/Toby- boy- 4 weeks
Congratulations Howard Family
 on Sunkist/Layla!- girl- 4 weeks
Dew/Marley- boy- 4 weeks

Pibb/Sully- boy- 4 weeks
Congratulations Hemling
 Family on Pibb/Sully!- 6 weeks

Congratulations Emily & Kyler on
Mello/Wriggley- boy- 4 weeks

Congratulations Leah on
Squirt/Franklin!- boy- 4 weeks

Blu and Toby's "Soda" babies 1 day old
Ugh, I've been kissed by a dog! Nova and Toby are proud to announce their beautiful "Peanuts".  Five beautiful girls and five handsome boys arrived June 17th, 2018.
*Ready for their new families August 12th.  
"Happiness is a warm puppy." -Lucy

Sally- yellow collar

Marcie- rainbow collar
Little red-haired girl- pink collar
Frieda- purple collar
Patty- orange collar 
Linus- blue collar
Snoopy- camo collar
Woodstock- green collar
Charlie- black collar
Schroeder- brown collar

Here is a video that you could watch of Nova's sweet girls!

Nova's Girlies- Click to watch :-)
Congratulations to Sara & Jamie & Family
 on Marcie/Daisy!

Marcie- girl- 8 wks

 Marcie- girl-
10 weeks
Marcie & Sally- 2 weeks

1st time playing outside

Nova's Little Boy's- Click to watch :-)

Patty & The Little Red-Haired Girl-
 2 weeks

Woodstock & Schroeder- 2 weeks

Copper & Platinum- boys- 3 weeks
Congratulations to Lily on
 Copper/Whiskey- boy- 6 weeks

Congratulations to Lauren & Jesse
on Selenium/Penny- girl- 6 weeks

Rubidium, Flourine, & Selenium- girls- 3 weeks

Congratulations to the Sweet Family
 on Plutonium! boy- 11 weeks

Congratulations to the Rigby Family
 on Woodstock/!- boy-
10 weeks

Nova's Little Boy's- Click to watch :-)

Congratulations to the Vance 
Family on Neon! boy-
11 weeks

Woodstock- boy- 4 weeks

Plutonium- boy- 6 weeks

Plutonium- boy- 9 wks
Neon- boy- 6 weeks

Neon- boy- 9wks

Neon and Plutonium- boys- 3 weeks
Xenon and Krypton- boys- 3 weeks

We are "elementally" excited to announce the arrival of Luna and Toby's F1 Goldendoodle babies on June 12, 2018! Three beautiful little girls and six handsome little boys. 

Flourine- pink collar- girl
Selenium- rainbow collar- girl
Rubidium- purple collar- girl
Krypton- blue collar- boy
Xenon- red collar- boy
Copper- orange collar- boy
Neon- green collar- boy
Platinum- gray collar- boy
Plutonium- black collar- boy

Xenon- boy-
11 weeks
Congratulations to the Olson
Family on Xenon!- boy-
13 weeks

 Xenon- boy- 6 weeks

 Xenon- boy- 9 wks

Luna & Toby's "Element" babies 1 day old

Congratulations to the Zimmerman
Family on Frieda/Tilly- girl- 4 weeks 
Woodstock- boy- 8 wks

Congratulations to the Geving
 Family on Schroeder/Winston!-
boy- 4 weeks
Congratulations to the Kauchek 
family on Linus/Harrison-
 boy- 4 weeks

First time playing in the grass

Congratulations to Shelli Zimmerman
 & Family on Snoopy/Loopin- boy- 4 weeks
Congratulations to the Brandt
 Family on Sally/Honey!- girl- 4 weeks 
Snoopy & Linus- 2 weeks

Frieda & Charlie- 2 weeks
Congratulations to the Stier Family 
 on Charlie/Dexter- boy- 4 weeks
to the Paler Family on the 
Little Red-Haired Girl/Zoey!-4 weeks 
Congratulations to the Johnson Family
 on Sprite/Gracie!- girl- 6 weeks

Congratulations to Lauren & Max 
on Patty/Claire- Patty- girl- 8 wks
Saphira & Toby's F1b sweet and sunny tropical fruit babies. Four sweet little girls and two handsome little boys welcomed into the world on June 18th, 2018.
Guava- pink collar- girl
Papaya- rainbow- girl
Nectarine- purple- girl
Kiwi- teal- girl
Dragon- blue- boy
Tangelo- orange- boy

Congratulations to Shannon & Alex 
on Guava/Hazel- girl- 8 weeks
 Guava- girl- 5 weeks

Guava- girl- 3 weeks

Saphira & Toby's "Tropical Fruit" litter 1 day old

Tangelo- boy- 5 weeks
Congratulations to the Lea's on
Tangelo/Mello- boy- 3 weeks old

Kiwi- girls- 3 weeks
Congratulations to the Nyguyen
Family on Kiwi!- girl- 5 weeks

Congratulations to the Melvin Family
 on Dragon/Oliver- boy- 5 weeks
Papaya- girl- 3 weeks
Congratulations to the Lodl 
Family on Papaya/Copper
- girl- 5 weeks

Congratulations to the Wilson Family 
on Nectarine/Cali!- girl- 5 weeks

Nectarine- girl- 3 weeks

  1. Introducing Jake and Elwood- Lily and Toby's little litter of 2 boys arrived Thursday, March 29th, 2018. They are both handsome, sweet, and growing nicely! We can't wait until they are old enough to chew on rubber biscuits- bow wow wow. 

Jake/Porter-Congratulations to the Marks Family!!
Elwood/ -Congratulations to Daren & Krista!!

Elwood  & Jake- 3 weeks old

Jake & Elwood- 2 weeks old

Elwood just opening his eyes
Jake snoozing away
Here's the "scoop"- Maggie and Chester's F1 Goldendoodles arrived January 13th, 2018 in lots of flavors.  They a getting cuter and bigger every day! They'll be ready for their new families March 10th.
Vanilla- white- purple collar
Praline- sable- yellow collar
Mocha- black- rainbow collar 
Strawberry- apricot- pink collar
Chocolate- black - camouflage collar
Rocky- sable- orange collar
Pistachio- black- green collar
Chip- black- blue collar

Congratulations Christy & Mike!!- Chocolate/Buddy- 13 weeks old

 Chocolate- boy- 10 weeks

Chocolate- boy- 8 weeks

Chocolate- boy- 6 weeks
Chocolate- boy- 2 weeks

Chocolate- boy- 4 weeks old

Congratulations Liz!!-Pistachio/Henry - boy- 10 weeks

Pistachio- boy- 8 weeks

Pistachio- boy- 6 weeks
Pistachio- boy- 2 weeks

Pistachio- boy- 4 weeks old

Congratulations Chad! Praline- girl- 10 weeks

Praline- girl- 6 weeks old

Praline- girl- 8 weeks 
Praline- girl- 4 weeks old

Praline- girl- 2 weeks

Congratulations Whitney!-Strawberry/Paisley- 6 weeks old
Strawberry-girl- 2 weeks

 Strawberry/Paisley- girl- 4 weeks old

Congratulations Scott, Kristen, & Family!-Rocky/Kingston- boy- 6 weeks old
Rocky- boy- 2 weeks

 Rocky/Kingston- boy- 4 weeks old
Congratulations to the Barron Family!!  Chip- boy- 8 weeks

Chip- boy- 6 weeks old
Chip- boy- 2 weeks

Chip- boy- 4 weeks old

Congratulations Emily!  Mocha/Lucy- girl- 6 weeks old
Mocha- girl- 2 weeks

Mocha- girl- 4 weeks old
Congratulations to the Vaughn Family!! - Vanilla/Kiva- girl- 8 weeks

Vanilla- girl- 6 weeks old
Vanilla- girl- 2 weeks

Vanilla- girl- 4 weeks old

Bluey and Chester's puppies arrived on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017.   She has 6 handsome boys and 4 beautiful girls.
Sharing the announcement of Bluey's babies makes us want to "sing" for joy!  Their puppy squeaks are "music" to our ears. 
The girls:
Harmony- yellow & aqua collar
Sonata- rainbow collar
Lyric- pink & blue collar 

Melody- pink & white collar

The boys:
Bongo- blue collar
Rhythm- black collar
Alto- red & black collar
Cello- yellow & black collar
Acoustic- red & white collar
Mozart- yellow collar

Here are some videos of them so you can get to know them a little. :-)

Bluey and Chester...

Congratulations Shannon, Gail, & Jack!!- Mozart- 20 weeks

 Mozart- boy- 12 weeks

Mozart- boy- 8 weeks
Mozart- boy- 2.5 weeks 

Mozart- boy- 6 weeks
Congratulations Jacy!- Bongo- 20 weeks old

Bongo- boy- 12 weeks

Bongo- boy- 8 weeks

Bongo- boy- 6 weeks

Bongo- boy- 2 weeks

Congratulations to the Suchomel Family!!  Acoustic- boy- 12 weeks

Acoustic- boy- 8 weeks
Acoustic- boy- 2.5 weeks

Acoustic- boy- 6 weeks

Congratulations to the Haynes Family!  Rhythm/Vinnie- boy- 12 weeks

Rhythm- boy- 8 weeks
Rhythm- boy- 2.5 weeks

Rhythm- boy- 6 weeks

Congratulations to the Semonson Family!!  Harmony- girl- 8 weeks

Harmony- girl- 2.5 weeks

Harmony- girl- 6 weeks

Congratulations to the Reszczynski Family!  Sonata- girl- 8 weeks
Sonata- girl- 2.5 weeks

Lyric- girl- 6 weeks

Lyric- girl- 2.5 weeks

Congratulations to the Schley Family!!  Cello- boy- 8 weeks

Cello- boy- 2.5 weeks

Cello- boy- 6 weeks

Congratulations to the Schadrie Family!!  Melody- girl- 6 weeks

Melody- girl- 2.5 weeks
Congratulations to the Basler Family!!  Alto/Murphy- boy- 6 weeks

Alto- boy- 2.5 weeks

Sonata- girl- 6 weeks

**Saphira and Oliver's F1b Goldendoodle puppies arrived on November 1st.  Nine handsome boys and four beautiful girls!

 We hope these photos "warm your heart"!
The handsome boys:
Winter- dark blue collar- 15.6 oz
Ember- orange collar- 15.4 oz
Chill- neon green collar- 13.6 oz
Yukon- brown collar- 13.0 oz
North- dark green collar- 14.0 oz
Frosty- blue collar- 14.8 oz
Rudolph- red collar- 13.4 oz
Polar- gray collar- 14.2 oz
King- black collar- 12.6 oz
The beautiful girls:
Cookie- pink collar- 15.0 oz
Sparkle- purple collar- 15.4 oz
Cocoa- rainbow collar- 13.4 oz
Merry- yellow collar- 14.0 oz

Congratulations to the Slate Family!! He will be joining another Granton Creek Puppy who is 1 1/2 yrs old, Hudson (Mater)!
 Yukon- boy- 10 weeks

Merry and Yukon - video link
Congratulations to the Kutina Family! Merry/Millie- 12 weeks old

 Merry- girl- 10 & 8 weeks

Congratulations to the Skjervem Family-Polar/Gus- boy- 10 & 8 weeks

Congratulations to the Marquette Family!!- Ember/Nico- boy- 5 & 8 weeks

Congratulations to the Weber Family!!  North/Freddie- 5 weeks
Congratulations to the Weidert family!!  Chill- 5 weeks

Congratulations to the Kurpis Family!! Frosty/Jack- 5 weeks

Congratulations to the Neslund Family!! Rudolph- 5 weeks

Congratulations David and Anne!! Winter/Stan Lee- 5 weeks

Congratulations to the 
Sotelo Family!! Cookie- 5 weeks

Congratulations to Alex, Emily, and Rory!! Sparkle/Poppy- 5 weeks

Congratulations Sherry and Frank!! - King/Grady O'Toole- boy- 10 & 8 weeks

Congratulations to the Diane, Jim, and Lucy!!- Cocoa/Ziva- girl- 8 weeks

Luna and Jack's "spicey" babies arrived on November 19th, 2017!  Six beautiful little girls and 2 handsome little boys.

Cinnamon- girl- rainbow collar
Clove- girl- pink collar
Paprika- girl- purple collar
Saffron- girl- yellow collar
Rosemary- girl- teal collar
Cayenne- girl- red collar
Sage- boy- green collar
Mace- boy- gray collar

**All of Luna and Jack's puppies have found their families!!  
Congratulations to the Newton Family on Paprika!!- girl- 6 weeks old

Congratulations to Emily and Preston on Rosemary!!- girl- 6 weeks old
Congratulations to the Barnes Family on Saffron!!- girl- 6 weeks old

Congratulations Devin & Kathryn on Cinnamon/Maggie!!- girl- 4 weeks old
Congratulations Fred & Diana on Clove/Charlotte!!- girl- 4 weeks old

Congratulations to the Jasurda-Blenker Family on Cayenne/Millie!!- girl- 4 weeks old

Congratulations to the Isaacson Family on Sage!!- boy- 4 weeks old

Congratulations to the Wilson Family on Mace/Zeke!!- boy- 4 weeks old

Saffron and Rosemary
Cayenne, Paprika, & Clove
Mace, Sage, & Cinnamon 

***Lily's "school" of babies are all here! Seven beautiful puppies- one little girl and six little boys. They are all doing "swimmingly"!
Angel- girl- purple collar
Betta- boy- blue collar
Tetra- boy- neon green collar
Pleco- boy- black collar
Guppy- boy- yellow collar
Puffer- boy- green collar
Danio- boy- gray collar
Danio/Stelling- boy- 7 weeks  Congratulations Holli & Steve!
Betta/Harvey- boy- 7 weeks  Congratulations Montpetit Family!

Pleco/Reggie- boy-7 weeks  Congratulations Jatia and Kyle!

Guppy/Leo- boy- 7 weeks  Congratulations Chris and Paige!

Puffer/Tucker- boy- 7 weeks  Congratulations Madeline and Matt!

Tetra/Oliver?- boy- 7 weeks  Congratulations Holli & Shawn!

Angel/Rosie- girl- 7 weeks  Congratulations Travis family!

Angel-girl- 5 weeks

Betta- boy- 5 weeks

Danio- boy- 5 weeks

Guppy- boy- 5 weeks

Pleco- boy- 5 weeks

Puffer- boy- 5 weeks

Tetra- boy- 5 weeks

All the little "fishy's"

***Daisy's 5 little cuties arrived on Aug 2nd. Three girls and two boys! Gilligan's island theme for them:
Lovey- girl - rainbow collar
Maryann- girl- pink & white collar
Ginger- girl- pink & blue collar
Skipper- boy- green & yellow collar

Gilligan- boy- blue collar
Lovey- first week

Gilligan/Ernie- boy- 7 1/2 weeks  Congratulations Bryce and Brooke!

Lovey/Emma- girl- 7 1/2 weeks  Congratulations Hoyer family!

Maryann/Maya- girl- 7 1/2 weeks  Congratulations Hintz family!
Ginger/Beasley- girl- 7 1/2 weeks  Congratulations Laura!

Skipper/Aioli- boy- 7 1/2 weeks  Congratulations Anne and Ben!

Lovey- 5 weeks

Maryann- 5 weeks

Maryann- first week
Ginger- first week

Ginger- 5 weeks

Skipper- 5 weeks
Skipper- first week

Gilligan- 5 weeks

Gilligan- first week

***Luna and Jack's F1 Goldendoodles arrived May 3rd. These are our tropical island babies in honor of the coming summer :-)

  Congratulations to the Miles Family on Aruba/Lucy!

Aruba- girl- 3 weeks old- pink collar

Aruba- girl 6 weeks old

Malta- girl- 6 weeks old
Congratulations to the Atteberry Family on Malta!

Malta- girl- 6 weeks old

Congratulations to the Hill family on Cypress!
Cypress- boy- 6 weeks old
Cypress- boy- 3 weeks old

Congratulations to the Blackmore Family on Bali/Bandit!  
Bali- boy- 3 weeks old

Congratulations to Chris and Lindsay on Figi/Ziah!  
Figi- girl 6 weeks old

Figi- girl- 3 weeks old

Congratulations to the Engleke family on Maui/Lucia! 
    Maui- girl- 3 weeks old- teal collar

                     Congratulations to the Wilke family on Crete/Fetch!  
Crete- boy- 3 weeks old- blue collar

Crete- boy- 6 weeks old

Congratulations Jessalyn & Carlton on Rowatan/Theo (Theoden)!

Rowatan- boy- 3 weeks- red collar  

Congratulations to the Hougan Family on Cozumel/Paco!  
Cozumel- boy- 3 weeks old- orange collar
Cozumel- boy 6 weeks old

The Whole Crew

**So excited to announce Maggie and Zircon's League of Legends! They arrived January 30, amidst much fanfare. :-) Mama and babies all doing very well!

Ahri/Coco- Congratulations Beth & Raine!

Ahri- girl- 7 weeks old
Ahri- girl- 5 weeks old
Born at 10:15am- Ahri- girl- chocolate or sable (we'll see as she grows;-).


Draven/Timmy- Congratulations Wooden family!

Draven- boy 7 weeks old

Draven- Boy- 5 weeks

                          Born at 10:33am- Draven- boy- black w/white nose

Corki/Bear- Congratulations Alyssa and Dylan!

Corki- boy- 7 weeks old

Corki- boy- 5 weeks
 Born at 10:39am- Corki- boy- black w/ white chest

Fiora/Daisy-Congratulations to the Schroettner family!
Fiora- girl- 7 weeks old

Fiora- girl- 5 weeks old
Born at 11:04am- Fiora- girl- light apricot

Sona- Congratulations to Kelly & Tyler!
Sona- girl- 7 weeks old

Sona- girl- 5 weeks old
Born at 12:22pm- Sona- girl- black w/white chest


Teemo/Reagan- Congratulations to the Lueders family!
Teemo- boy- 7 weeks old
Born at 12:46pm- Teemo- boy- apricot

Teemo- boy- 5 weeks old


Nami/Georgia- Congratulations to the Mich family! 
Nami- girl- 7 weeks old

Nami- girl- 5 weeks old

 Born at 12:57pm- Nami- girl- apricot

  Soraka- Congratulations to the Sandstrom Family!
Soraka- girl- 7 weeks old
Soraka- girl- 5 weeks old
 Born at 1:52pm- Soraka- girl- apricot and white


  Ekko- Congratulations to the Harris Family!
Ekko- boy- 7 weeks old
Born at 2:23pm- Ekko- boy- black

Ekko- boy- 5 weeks old


 Poppy/Daisy- Congratulations to the Zerbst Family!
Poppy- 7 weeks old
Born at 2:52pm- Poppy- girl- apricot parti

Poppy- girl- 5 weeks old


**So very happy to announce Daisy and Jack's precious palette of puppies! Born last night- February 3rd, six beautiful little girls and three handsome little boys. 

Born at 2:36 pm- 12.0 oz- girl- Violet
3:09 pm- 12.0 oz- boy- Crimson
3:56 pm- 14.6 oz- boy- Forrest
4:48 pm- 13.6 oz- girl- Coral
5:11 pm- 13.0 oz- boy- Cobalt
5:52 pm- 12.8 oz- girl- Cyan
6:13 pm- 14.0 oz- girl- Chroma
7:12 pm- 12.0 oz- girl- Honey
7:33 pm- 13.2 oz- girl- Tangerine 

Chroma/Aravis- Congratulations to the Hall family! 
Chroma- girl- 3 weeks & 6 weeks old

Crimson/Beau- Congratulations to the O'Neill family! 
Crimson- boy- 3 weeks & 6 weeks old

Violet/Willow- Congratulations to the Miller family!
Violet- girl- 3 weeks & 6 weeks old

Cyan/Bella- Congratulations to the Mahoney family! 
Cyan- girl- 3 weeks & 6 weeks old

Forest/Riley- Congratulations to the Lueders family!
Forest- boy- 3 weeks & 6 weeks old

Honey/Piper- Congratulations Clover!
Honey- girl- 3 weeks & 6 weeks old

Tangerine/Arlo- Congratulations Paul & Kristina!
Tangerine- girl- 3 weeks & 6 weeks old

Cobalt/Miles- Congratulations to the Schmitt family! 

Cobalt- boy- 3 weeks & 6 weeks old

Coral/Murphy- Congratulations to the Streckert family! 

Coral- girl- 3 weeks & 6 weeks old

**We are over the moon to announce Lily and Chester's purebred Golden Retriever babies. Twelve beautiful, healthy puppies!
The handsome boys:
Astro, Apollo, Cosmo, Comet, Orion, Rocket, and Zeke
The beautiful girls:
Astrid, Aurora, Galaxy, Nova, and Star

Cosmo/Iron- Congratulations to the Adams family! 
Cosmo- boy- 2 1/2 weeks and 5 1/2 weeks old

Apollo/Jackson- Congratulations to the Sterzing family!
Apollo- boy- 2 1/2 weeks and 5 1/2 weeks old

Astrid/April- Congratulations Peggy!
Astrid- girl- 2 1/2 weeks and 5 1/2 weeks old

Zeke- Congratulations Lauby family!
Zeke- boy-2 1/2 weeks and 5 1/2 weeks old

Astro/Miles- Congratulations Scott & Nikki!
Astro- boy-2 1/2 weeks and 5 1/2 weeks old

Nova- Congratulations to the Hanson family!
Nova- girl-2 1/2 weeks and 5 1/2 weeks old

Aurora/Morgan- Congratulations to the Ciske family!
Aurora- girl- 2 1/2 weeks and 5 1/2 weeks old

Rocket/Finn- Congratulations Carl & Cierra! 
Rocket- 8 weeks

Rocket- boy- 2 1/2 weeks and 5 1/2 weeks old

Comet- Congratulations to the Drys family
Comet- 8 weeks

Comet- boy-2 1/2 weeks and 5 1/2 weeks old

Orion/Ray (Raymond)- Congratulations Dan & Therese!
Orion- 8 weeks

Orion- boy-2 1/2 weeks and 5 1/2 weeks old

Star/Thina- Congratulations Carol!
Star- girl-2 1/2 weeks and 5 1/2 weeks old

Galaxy- Congratulations to the Hanson family!
Galaxy- girl -2 1/2 weeks and 5 1/2 weeks old 

Daisy's Sweet Summertime Babies (F1): Born July 23, 2016
Six handsome boys and 4 beautiful girls...
***All of these are now home with their new families.  :-)

Froggie/Winston- Congratulations to the Lees Family!
10 weeks old

 7 weeks old

4 weeks old

Cricket/Molly- Congratulations to the Tull Family!
10 weeks old

7 weeks old
4 weeks old

Kayak/Kai- Congratulations Roeser Family!
7 weeks old

4 weeks old

Camper/Sheldon- Congratulations Peters Family!
10 weeks old

7 weeks old
4 weeks old

 Firefly/Lexi -Congratulations to the Zietlow Family!

10 weeks old

7 weeks old

4 weeks old

Blossom/Maggie- Congratulations McNally Family!
10 weeks old

7 weeks old
4 weeks old

Sunny/Rory- Congratulations Emily & Alex!
7 weeks old
4 weeks old

Frisbee/Jack- Congratulations to the Olson family!!
10 weeks old

7 weeks old
4 weeks old

Marshmallow/Watson- Congratulations Whitis Family!
7 weeks old
4 weeks old

Skeeter/Scout- Congratulations to the Detlor Family!
10 weeks old
7 weeks old
4 weeks old

Maggie and Zircon's Famous Pups (F1b):
Three beautiful little girls and four handsome boys...

Clifford/Wozie- Congratulations Alli and Ben
9 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old
3 weeks old

Bolt/Archie- Congratulations to the Hustedt Family!
9 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

3 weeks old

Lassie/Honey- Congratulations to the Palm Family!
9 weeks old

6 weeks old

3 weeks old

Lady/Ginger- Congratulations to the Enerson Family!
9 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old
3 weeks old

Blue -Congratulations to the Hanson Family!

9 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

Barkley/Barrett- Congratulations to the Fonger Family!

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

3 weeks old

Beethoven/Snoopy- Congratulations to the Couch Family!
9 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

3 weeks old

Lily's little dancers (F1):
Six beautiful little girls and four handsome boys..

Hokey/Hurley-Congratulations Leslie and Dustin!
4 weeks old

2-1/2 weeks old

Pokey/Ollie- Congratulations Sorenson Family!

4 weeks old

2-1/2 weeks old

Disco/Maisie- Congratulations Murphy Family!

4 weeks old

2-1/2 weeks old

Hula- Congratulations to the Fullington Family!
9 weeks old

4 weeks old

2-1/2 weeks old

Tango/Remy- Congratulations Ratzlaff Family!

4 weeks old 

2-1/2 weeks old

Rumba/Arlo- Congratulations Reyzer Family!

4 weeks old

2-1/2 weeks old

Chacha- Congratulations to the Fullington Family!
9 weeks old

4 weeks old

2-1/2 weeks old

Calypso/Lily- Congratulations Kelly and Jim!

4 weeks old

2-1/2 weeks old

Samba/Piper- Congratulations Dalbec Family!

4 weeks old

2-1/2 weeks old

Pachanga/Olive- Congratulations to the Poser Family!
9 weeks old

4 weeks old

2-1/2 weeks old

Update:  Our sweet little "Whatchy" (Now named Dash)  went home to his new family in June.  They adore him!  Congratulations to the Olson family!

*Daisy and Jack's litter of F1's
They had 13 beautiful, healthy puppies.  Ten handsome boys and 3 beautiful girls. They are:
- Link- (boy) born at 8:04pm weighing 14.6 oz- yellow & green collar
- King Boo- (boy) born at 8:47pm weighing 14.0 oz- yellow collar
- Zelda- (girl) born at 9:17pm weighing 14.6 oz- pink collar
- Bowser- (boy) born at 11:05pm weighing 10.0 oz- orange collar
- Yoshi- (boy) born at 11:09pm weighing 14.8 oz- blue and yellow
- Luigi- (boy) born at 11:20pm weighing 13.4 oz- green collar
- Baby Luma- (boy) born at 12:38am weighing 12.4 oz- blue collar
- Koopa-(boy) born at 12:47am weighing 12.4 oz- camo collar
- Boom Boom- (boy) born at 2:33am weighing 13.4 oz- blue & blue collar
- Mario- (boy) born at 2:50am weighing 14.2 oz- rainbow collar
- Rosalina- (girl) born at 3:53am weighing 12.2 oz- pink & blue collar
- Peach- (girl) born at 4:21am weighing 11.2 oz- pink & yellow collar
- Gumba- (boy) born at 4:36am weighing 14.4 oz- blue & white collar 

Here are 3 week and 7 week pictures of Daisy and Jack's little characters!
Boom Boom- 3 weeks

Boom Boom- 7 weeks
Congratulations to the Peters family!-Boom Boom/Kooper
Bowser- 3 weeks

Bowser- 7 weeks
Congratulations to the Stary family! -Bowser

Luma- 3 weeks

Luma- 7 weeks
Congratulations to the Rewolinski family!-Luma/Otto

Goomba- 3 weeks

Goomba- 7 weeks
Congratulations to the Leidy family- Goomba
King Boo- 3 weeks

King Boo- 7 weeks
Congratulations to Josh!-King Boo/Townes

Koopa- 3 weeks

Koopa- 7 weeks
Congratulations to the Heil family!- Koopa/Martin

Link- 3 weeks

Link- 7 weeks
Congratulations to the Maltsch Family!- Link/Wally

Luigi-3 weeks
Luigi- 7 weeks
Congratulations to Joe & Jess- Luigi/Derby

Mario- 3 weeks
Mario- 7 weeks

Congratulations to the Yeager family!Mario/Toby

Peach-3 weeks 
Peach- 7 weeks 
Congratulations to the Riegor family!-Peach/Maggie

Rosalina- 3 weeks
Rosalina- 7 weeks
Congratulations to the Leister family!-Rosalina/Piper Rose

Yoshi- 3 weeks
Yoshi- 7 weeks
Congratulations to the Flynn family-Yoshi/Theodore(Teddy)

Zelda- 3 weeks
Zelda- 7 weeks
         Congratulations to the 
       Edquist family-Zelda/Layla 

**Next came Lily and Jack's F1's.  They had 10 amazing, healthy little honey's!  Seven beautiful little girls and three handsome little boys.

For Lily’s little honeys, we chose literary names…

Huck (brown) born at 9:04 15.0 oz
Scarlett (pink) born at 9:14 15.6 oz
Saphira (purple) born at 9:21 16.0
Atticus (black) born at 9:43 15.0 oz
Caspian (tan) born at 10:08 15.0 oz
Arya (rainbow) born at 11:01 13.6 oz
Scout (white) born at 12:47 12.4 oz
Buttercup (yellow) born at 1:12 14.6 oz
Charlotte (blue) born at 2:01 15.4 oz
Pippi (green) born at 3:11 14.6 oz

Just to clarify, the boys are Huck, Atticus, and Caspian

Here are the almost 3 week and 7 week pictures of Lily and Jack's F1's:

Congratulations to the Hanson family!-Saphira

Congratulations to the Van Duren family!- Atticus/Tucker

Congratulations to the Kahles family!-Charlotte/Daisy

Congratulations to Lisa!- Huck/Louie
Congratulations to the Rasmussen family!-Pippi/Chloe

Congratulations to the Huberty family- Scout

Congratulations to the Borst-Robbins family!-Scarlett/Ruby

Congratulations to the Hanse family!-Buttercup/Lucy

Congratulations to the Woodford family!-Caspian/Kona

Congratulationto the Ryan family!-Arya/Clover

* Magnolia and Zircon's F1b's arrived! Nine beautiful, healthy babies.  Five handsome little boys and four beautiful little girls.   

Since Maggie is so super sweet, we decided to name her babies accordingly!

York (black collar-white/black coat) born at 5:40 PM 11.2 oz M
Twix (red/white collar-cream coat) born at 5:48 PM 9.2 oz M
Skittles (purple/yellow collar- black/white coat) born at 5:52 PM 9.6 oz  F
Snickers (orange/white collar-black coat) born at 6:03 PM 11.6 oz F
Tootsie (red/black collar-dark chocolate coat) born at 7:02 PM 9.6 oz F
Rolo (green/white collar-apricot coat) born at 7:12 PM 10.8 oz M
Whatchamacallit (yellow/black collar-white/black coat) born at 7:49 PM 10.4 oz M
Pixie (rainbow collar-white coat) born at 8:16 PM 12.2 oz F
Necco (camo collar-black/white coat) born at 8:41 PM 12.0 oz M

 Here are the almost 3 week and 7 week pictures of Maggie and Zircon's F1b "sweets":

Necco- 3 weeks

Necco- 7 weeks
Congratulations to the Smith famiy!-Necco/Niko

York-3 weeks

York- 7 weeks
Congratulations to Debbie!- York/Starr

Skittles- 3 weeks

Skittles- 7 weeks
Congratulations to the Gillette family!- Skittles/Stella- girl