Friday, September 4, 2015

Well, Keebler boy got an awesome family, and a very sweet Yorkie-poo for a buddy! He went home yesterday. Acacia is going home Thursday morning to a family with three young girls and is going to be their first dog! We are SUPER excited for them!
So now, we begin the process of puppy withdrawl... frown emoticon It really is a whole different life when they are gone, and its hard at first to remember what life is like without on-demand puppy snuggling!!!
We are extremely grateful for all of the fantastic families that welcomed these little ones into their lives and homes! We got to meet some really great people! A heartfelt THANK-YOU to each of you! You all make it possible for us to do something that we truly love... The sense of satisfaction that we get from seeing the joy that is added to your lives... I honestly can't put into words. smile emoticon
Enjoy those new babies, and know that they each took a piece of our hearts with them!
All our love,
Patrick, Audrey, Lucas, Emily, Isaac, Josiah, Jonathan, Lily, Zircon, Daisy, Marmalade, Tibbers, and Nerf!