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Tonya AB  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.d

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We absolutely love our Bernedoodle (Lima)! Audrey is an absolute treasure and you can tell she and her family take great care of their pups. She was so generous with pictures and several FaceTimes considering we live in Massachusetts. Not to mention the many texts/messages she answered for me. Hands down the best process getting our girl. She and her Husband even met our pet transporter to jump start her journey. When we received Lima she is well natured, socialized, incredibly healthy and happy. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for such a beautiful new member to our family

Lynna Nulty  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.t

Highly recommend! Patrick and Audrey are great to work with. They are very knowledgeable, equip you with everything needed, and more, to welcome your puppy home and are quick to respond to any questions. The end to end process could not have gone smoother. We love our girl, June!

Cory Knutson -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - February 2023

We just got our goldendoodle pup from Granton Creek, and we absolutely love her. These breeders were so helpful in getting us started in this journey as this is our first puppy. We love having hazel in our life!

Klristi Coley-Stephan- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -January 2023

So happy we found Granton Creek! We brought our puppy home a year ago and she was everything we expected. Excellent  communication and very healthy  puppy.

Sara Pickett- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - August 2022

We are so happy with Granton Creek Goldendoodles! We adopted Maple in August 2021 and she is the light of our lives!  Socialization is always key in puppies and we did just that since the day we got her.  She is a happy well adjusted puppy who loves everyone. Granton Creek could not have been more helpful in the raising of their dogs. To this day they will answer any question I have regarding Maple.  I would recommend this breeder to everyone. In this day and age you can never be too sure about breeders but Granton Creek is the best!

Dan Walsh  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.

May 17, 2022n

Great experience picking and picking up our puppy! We put down a deposit in advance, participated in a well organized online selection process and received a beautiful Goldendoodle puppy. The puppy was well cared for and very social when we picked her up. They also included a good amount of puppy preparation emails prior to our pick up so we were very prepared when we brought her to our forever home. The puppy is adjusting well to her new family. Definitely the best process that I have had in getting a new puppy family member (my 5th dog that I have owned). I would choose to adopt from them again! Very professional.

Beth Yarborough- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - 2021

My daughter and I picked up our 8 week old poodle puppy last weekend. Because we had traveled 10 hours and because they are awesome people, the Hansons drove to meet us two hours from their home and then even helped us pitch our tent (camping due to coronavirus concerns in a hotel or air bnb).  Meeting our new family member was such a happy occasion and we were so grateful they went above and beyond to help us safely and happily make our long trip home to Tennessee.
Since bringing Charlotte home they have been happy to answer my questions about her adjustment to our home. Wonderful family and wonderful people. We are so grateful.
Now as for the puppy, she is so sweet, and calm. Happy to play with the kids or snuggle up with me. She came to us already knowing to promptly relieve herself outside and is quickly learning we do not go inside to the potty. She is the most precious little love. A beautiful puppy with the best personality ever. It is so obvious that she has been well cared for and loved.
If I could give 10
stars, I would.

Jenn Watkins Kinney  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.

November 17, 2021
Our hearts are bursting with joy everyday because we got our Milo (Ricky) from Granton Creek! He is the sweetest boy and has such a calm demeanor that I decided to train him to be a therapy dog...something that we need more of in the world right now.
We think our story is a special one because Milo was the last dog in the litter and of course that means we did not get to pick him. From the beginning we knew that whatever dog was left for us was the one that was meant to be.
I think we try to control a lot of things in life and in this case I gave up control and trusted that the right dog will come into our family. That’s exactly what happened ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
Thank you for giving us our own personal therapy dog! We picked him up and took him directly to our cabin in Minnesota and from the beginning he learned to live life on the road and to be flexible in the way that he melts right into our busy family. ๐Ÿพ This is him at 6 months, showing off how his face has turned a handsome brown.

Elise Marie  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.

We have a little 9 week old Bernedoodle named Schmidt and BOY is he cute!! He is such a sweet little pup who is incredibly smart and has learned so much already after his 2 weeks being at home! Granton Creek is phenomenal and helped prepare us as parents so well for bringing our little guy to his new family. We highly recommend getting your doodle pup from this wonderful family!

Claire Leytem  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.

We had a wonderful experience with Granton Creek and are absolutely in love with our sweet puppy! She’s so sweet and was obviously well cared for.
Granton Creek Goldendoodles

Karen Spring  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.

JnhtaSnaufpgorarynrsdorS iedtd16 great people to deal with. Our puppy is just precious.

Shannon Pinney- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - 2020

We just got our puppy yesterday from Granton Creek. They are amazing. With the covid 19 situation, they delivered our little guy right to our house personally. They also made a huge effort to help surprise our kids! You can tell Patrick and Audrey care tremendously about their puppies. From early on when we put in our deposit, they were quick and patient to respond to all of our messages. Also, since bringing him home they have checked in on him. If you're looking for a reputable breeder that cares about the puppies like family, look no further!

David Strebel  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.nN

NSotSalfpvooeofmbednmrh sotd1re2sc,i 2d02if0 One of the best dog breeders you'll find. They put so much love and care into raising the puppies. They were always communicating and answering any question you may have about raising a puppy. Our puppy came home and you could tell he was socialized and almost if he was trained already. Our Bernedoodle only took a couple weeks to potty train, already knew how to sit, and learned new commands so quickly. Highly recommend them if you are looking for a Doodle.

Brooke Wink  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.

SneptSembfegrtgoSurr pmSoia2tnesS3sc, o20redfr20 Karl (Pompeii - F1) from Toby & Nova’s June litter.
We honestly don’t think he could be more perfect than he is. The personality of this guy is hilarious, gentle, playful and so relaxed. Our friend’s children couldn’t love him more! He never barks (hallelujah). He has learned to sit, shake, lay down, high five, come and stay so quick! Everyone is obsessed with how awesome he is and we truly think it’s the way they are raised with the Hanson’s. We love him so much! ❤️

Caitlin Hernandez  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
August 13, 2020

We have beyond blessed with working with Granton Creek and getting our Goldendoodle, Macie through them. They care so deeply about their dogs and litters, and are incredibly kind and caring to work with. I highly recommend everyone to connect with them when interested in wanting to add a Goldendoodle to their family. Macie (Georgia) has been the biggest blessing.

Kenyon N Sundra Prezzy  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
July 11, 2020

Amazing family! My little ๐Ÿช (Eowyn) was the perfect addition to our family๐Ÿ˜ŠMy vet said she is in perfect health. Granton creek family really give there puppies true TLC and they were very helpful and knowledgeable I told them what I was looking for and they provided just that๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ giving advice all the way up til we brought our cookie home even called to check on her. I really appreciate you both for all that you do! ๐Ÿ˜ŠThanks again for allowing cookie to be our little fur baby she has brought us so much joy!

Shannon Metzenheim Pinney  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
May 25, 2020 

They are amazing. With the covid 19 situation, they delivered our little guy right to our house personally. They also made a huge effort to help surprise our kids! You can tell Patrick and Audrey care tremendously about their puppies. From early on when we put in our deposit, they were quick and patient to respond to all of our messages. Also, since bringing him home they have checked in on him. If you're looking for a reputable breeder that cares about the puppies like family, look no further!

Lisa Litza  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
April 14, 2020

We love our Marlie so much and she is everything we wanted. Granton Creek was so great about giving us all the advice and tips and communication so we would be ready for her to come home.

Allison Shaewitz  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
March 26, 2020

Long overdue review for Granton Creek...we moved into a new house and got our Roxy (Alaska) at the same time as we had recently put down our 14-year-old golden retriever and the house felt so empty without a dog! We wanted a dog with the temperament of a golden retriever but without the shedding. Granton Creek had a couple puppies left from 2 litters and Patrick spent hours talking to me on the phone about the available dogs as we couldn’t get to them to pick out our pup. After getting to know us over the phone and explaining what kind of temperament we were looking for, Patrick picked out the perfect puppy for our family (Alaska now Roxy). Patrick was incredibly patient with us, so kind and honest. He assured us if she wasn’t a fit that he’d take her back no questions asked. He then met us halfway between our house and his to deliver Roxy. He couldn’t have been more accommodating and generous!

Roxy was very easy to house train, I can count the number of accidents she’s had since October on only two hands (which is amazing for a puppy!). She is also wicked smart, responds to commands very well and never jumps on people. If she is barking unnecessarily and we say “no bark” she stops! The best part though about our Roxy girl is that she is so cuddly and loving. We couldn’t imagine our lives without her now and she fits into our family perfectly. What a blessing to have her during this pandemic, she’s been like a therapy dog for all of us. I can’t thank Patrick and Granton Creek enough for giving us Roxy; we could tell from the get go that she was extremely well loved and socialized. Read all of the amazing reviews of Granton Creek and you’ll know you’ve found the best place to get your puppy!

Lezlee LeFevre  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
February 4, 2020

Where do I even begin? This family cares about their dogs and the new families their pups are becoming a part of. Pat answered every single question I had and responded within a very timely manner. He also sent pictures and video of our little Macy, which our family totally decided to keep her name. I did my research for a couple months and read a ton of reviews, but I kept finding myself going back to Granton Creek! They had excellent reviews and not one negative thing said about their pups or them as a family. I can not stress enough that if you are wanting a doodle to become part of your family, Pat and his family are the real deal!!

Rhonda Hoyer- 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- 2019

Audrey and Pat breed and raise amazing Goldendoodles. We got our pup "Emma" from them in 2017 (our first family dog) and couldn't be happier. Audrey, Pat and their entire family assure these dogs are held, loved, and take outstanding care to get them ready for their future homes. The personality of the dogs is gentle, kind, extremely smart and obedient. Pat and Audrey also make every effort to answer any questions you may have or share ways to help your pup adapt to your new home! Amazing people, amazing family, amazing dogs! Emma has added a whole new dimension to our family - we are so grateful!

Amanda Allen Irwin  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.

We got our first golden doodle, Luna this past summer. She’s the sweetest, most loving girl ever! We love ๐Ÿ’• her so much and are so thankful we found Granton Creek Goldendoodles!

Beth Ann Schuster  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.

great people, really love their dogs. just want them to have a good life. My puppy I got from there is in great health, growing like a weed, and super sweet ๐Ÿฅฐ

Andrew Witte  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
If you are looking for the best, you found the best! Patrick, Audrey, and their family are outstanding. They truly care and love all of their dogs and you can definitely tell in your puppies’ temperament that they were well loved and cared for. Our little Enzo has such a personality for being so young that I have not seen in other pets like this. Granton Creek is always there for my wife and I when we have questions or concerns about anything and that’s invaluable by itself. So if you are looking for a well loved and cared for doodle and some amazing breeders that love what they do and will help you out at every turn...don’t go anywhere else but Granton Creek!!!

Sarah Kalis  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
August 13, 2019
We LOVE our puppy we got from this family! The puppies are raised as part of their family and they are well socialized. The provided us with pellets to help with potty training and gave us a large bag of food, as well as a toy and a little blanket that smelled like home to ease her transition. This was my first time getting a puppy and they helped me feel very comfortable and provided multiple check ins while we waited for the puppy to be born and then to be ready to come home. Our puppy was microchipped already and the process to get her registered on the sites was simple. Arya has been an amazing addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier or more in love with our sweet puppy!

AJ Zimmerman  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
August 11, 2019
We loved our first baby so much that we came back for a second. The people and dogs at Granton Creek are fabulous! We can’t recommend them enough!

Erika Ann  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
August 11, 2019
A family-centered, honest business. Great communication and very knowledgeable. We are so pleased. We love our dog!!

Anna Jagodzinski  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
August 2, 2019
Granton Creek Goldendoodles is amazing, and words are not enough to explain how blessed they have made our family. Ruby (Lavender from Lexy x Toby) is sweet, spunky, playful, and mellow. She is so lovable, and we feel thankful she chose us to be her dog parents. Patrick is patient; he helped us work around the schedule for puppy picks and pickup. He was always responsive and is knowledgeable about all things Goldendoodles. If you are in the market for a dog, I can not recommend GCG enough. Ruby is the best dog ever!

Yelssy Benites  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
May 20, 2019
I had a great experience with Granton Creek Goldendoodles!  Cooper (Buddy) is my first puppy and from day one Patrick was always available for all the questions I had. They really love their puppies and they want them to be well. Cooper is now 5 months. He is Amazing, very sweet and people are always pleased with his temperament and LOVE his amazingly soft coat. He is also very smart and it has been really easy to train him. I highly recommend Granton Creek Goldendoodles!

Amanda Lynch  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
We absolutely love our puppy Winnie, now Sailor. He is the sweetest, smartest pup. ❤️We have had him less than a week and he is doing well with potty training and sleeping most of the night. Super smart! Granton Creek Goldendoodles went above and beyond in their customer service, but more importantly, they take such great care of these puppies, it shows in our puppy. I cannot thank them enough for helping us through this process!

Carlyce Skjervem  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
FFebruary 18, 2019F
We got our Gus (Polar) from Granton Creek January 2018 and he is just the best! Their puppies get hands on family love from the day they are born until they leave for their forever families. I have 3 young grandchildren and a home string studio full of students, siblings, and parents that come every week for lessons. Gussie loves everybody and is so calm and gentle with them. He’s just the best! I would definitely recommend Granton Creek puppies to anybody looking for a great dog that has been started right!

Leslie Scattone  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
February 17
We had the best experience with Granton Creek Goldendoodles! They really love their dogs, and it shows! We have had our pup for almost three years now, and she is the sweetest Even our vet has commented on her great temperament,  overall health. Among the things they sent us home with was a he of our dog's parents and all her littmates that she still sleeps with. I would highly recommend them!

Yvonne Moritz  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
February 16, 2019Today we picked up our Willow (Bee from Bluey and Toby’s Mayberry litter). Willow is such a lovable, playful, and courageous puppy. She is taking this car adventure back to Michigan like a champ. I can’t thank Granton Creek Goldendoodles (GCG) enough for the amount of love and care they give to their pups! GCG sent us pics and provided us updates on Willow until our pick-up day! Today we received a precious gift and we are excited to see where this journey takes us! Welcome Home Willow and THANK YOU GCG!

Ann Fullington  recommends Granton Creek Goldendoodles.
Sweet, sweet dogs. What wonderful personalities! The care they receive as puppies at Granton Creek Goldendoodles before they go to their permanent homes is wonderful!
They are amazing to work with!! They will answer any question.. even after you are home with the puppy!! When ever anyone asks where we got him from.. always recommend them if they are looking for a great breeder and wonderful people.

Laura Bickel reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*ar

We LOVE our Daisy girl from Granton Creek Goldendoodles. She is the perfect addition to our family. This family is amazing to work with and truly cares for their animals and loves what they do.

Christy Phan reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*
5 star
June 21, 2018
The whole family is super sweet and helpful. Their puppies are raised with love! We got the most amazing puppy from them. He's smart and so loving and loyal. We are getting our second puppy from them as well.

Sherry Robin Jaskowiak reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*
June 19, 2018
The family interaction with the puppies truly makes them one of the best breeders. The dogs come very social and secure. Highly recommend this breeder for golden doodles!

Lynn Rosen reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
We love our Goldendoodle. He is so sweet and fun.
David A. Rosen reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
March 11, 2018
Granton Creek was recommended by a friend who has three Golden Doodles. They are the best. Every puppy is raised in their home with lots of love from the family. Smart, beautiful, and great personalities. Highly recommended.
Julie Schley reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
March 7, 2018
We couldn’t have chosen a better breeder/family to buy our new fur baby from! They had gone above and BEYOND from our initial phone conversation to our official adoption day. The love and dedication Granton Creek puts into their fur babies is surely evident. Our Cello is the sweetest and smartest puppy, we couldn’t have made a better choice!

Eric Schadrie reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
January 22, 2018
We picked up our baby Nico (Ember) a couple weeks ago and honestly we are so in love. They raised him so well. He is so smart and just a cuddle bug. He is gentle and has the perfect temperament. Very easy so far to train. I have never had an easier dog. We could not be happier!! Thank you so much for being such a great influence on the babies as they grew. I believe this is the key to a raising a wonderful dog!!! Great job!!!!

Whitney Cornell reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
January 17, 2018
We are so thankful for Pat and Audrey's help in the process of purchasing our sweet Paisley. We can't thank you guys enough for everything.

Karla S. Weber reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
January 2, 2018
Stephan Frank Rosen reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
Marne Sterzing reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
April 18, 2017
Losing our beloved Golden Retriever, Cooper, in February, left a huge hole in our hearts. I knew we needed to find another puppy , and soon. While surfing through ads, I came across one for Golden Retrievers from Granton Creek Goldendoodles. I was thrilled!! I immediately showed our kids and we filled out the puppy application. Patrick and Audrey were amazing and so understanding from our very first interaction to now. When the day came for our puppy to pick us, Patrick and Audrey allowed us to take our time and were so supportive!!! They have been more than helpful in answering our questions!! We couldn't be more pleased with our decision to choose Granton Creek Goldendoodles!!!!! We love our Jackson so much!!!! You will not be disappointed in your decision to go with Patrick and Audrey's pups!!

Ted Lueders reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star

Michelle Ciske reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
April 2, 2017
We looked for over a year for a puppy. We really did our research and talked to many breeders. I happened to stumble upon an add/ post. I called and talked to Audrey and she was wonderful and answered all questions. We met with Audrey and Patrick to pick out our puppy. They are absolutely wonderful and care for each and every puppy. The parents are on site and very well takes care of. They made the process so easy and took away a lot of the stress that can come from getting a new puppy. They are both very knowledgeable about the breed and very helpful. I would definitely recommend them if you're planning to get a puppy.

Aly Woods reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
March 27, 2017
Dylan and I couldn't be more pleased with Granton creek Goldendoodles! Audrey and Patrick were so flexible to work with and so nice, we were so happy at how fast the application process went. We can't thank them enough, we are so happy with our little Bear!
Tara Rose reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
October 31, 2016
We couldn't be more pleased with our decision to go with Granton Creek Goldendoodles, the love and care they show for the puppies shows through in everything they do and was obvious from the second I found them. From the responsiveness when you start the application process, to updates after the puppy is born all the way through pick up I felt informed and had zero hesitation. Our puppy is extremely well mannered, lovable, smart & is the perfect addition to our family. We receive many compliments on how adorable and well behaved he is! The entire family cares for each and every puppy, they are truly the best & I highly recommend Granton Creek Goldendoodles!
Kelly Krause Detlor reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
October 27, 2016
We had the most amazing experience working with Patrick and Audrey at Granton Creek Goldendoodles. They were easy to work with, took the time to answer all of our questions and were flexible, kind and understanding even when it took our boys longer to choose a puppy that was 'just right'. Our hearts are filled with so much love for Scout (Skeeter)! His sweet demeanor and disposition truly reflect the love and time that Pat, Audrey and their children put into their puppies as they are part of their family. What an amazing experience! Thank you, Pat and Audrey. ♡♡♡♡

Camilla Lees-Sรธrensen reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
October 24, 2016

Michelle Roeser reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
Not kidding when I say.... there's something special about a family that can raise amazing puppies and love them all the same. Patrick has an amazing sense of intuition when finding families for his puppies. The love these puppies come with is only taught by this family�. We love our Kai!

Kelly Petersen Lackey reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles —5* 5 star
October 5, 2016We considered getting a Goldendoodle and are so thankful we found Granton Creek. The puppies are raised in the country with a large family. Pat, Audrey and the kids are amazing! Everyone is hands on with the raising and care. It is very impressive to see the whole family feeding, bathing, cleaning up, playing and kissing all the puppies. These puppies are not only well cared for, they are truly loved. Lily Calypso has been with us for a couple of weeks and she is very h...
Leslie Hoffman reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star

Missy Larsen Edquist reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
We are so in lov with our puppy from Granton Creek Goldendoodles. Wonderful experience from start to finish.Such a knowledgeable,warm ,helpful,loving family who care for these puppies whole heartedly until they go to their forever homes. You won't be disappointed.10 star in my book.

Andra-Tim Petersen reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
April 7, 2016
Andra-Tim Petersen Thank you Pat and Audrey! We are so happy with our doodle and he is so smart!!! Walks on a short leash like a champ... Knows several basic commands already and does well in his kennel while we are at work! Our whole family loves Chewbacca so much!!! Thank you again!!!
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Elizabeth Black Ryan reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
April 5, 2016

Geri Leister reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
March 25, 2016

Cindy Richter Flynn reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*
March 24, 20165 star
Look no further ~ you have just found the most wonderful Goldendoodle Breeder. From the moment I made the first phone call, I knew that they were special. Not only did they patiently answer my many questions but best of all they never made me feel bad for contacting them over and over (and over) again. Our puppy, Teddy (aka Yoshi) is the love of our lives. He is only 9 weeks, but already sits and gives a high five on cue ~ comes when called ~ easily learned to walk on a leash ~ sleeps through the night without accidents ~ adjusted well to crate training ~ is very calm and oh so loving. Our vet commented that he obviously was well bred; he said he has a beautiful coat, wonderful temperament and very healthy. As you will read in other reviews, the puppies live in their home as the family moves their living room and kitchen furniture to accommodate them until they are adopted. You will meet the parents of your litter when you visit and can see excellent demeanor of the adult dogs. We had money down with another breeder ~ but for some reason, I just felt the need to continue looking. Thankfully, I happened upon Pat and Audrey, I knew immediately we had found the right people. Since we have had Ted home, I have had questions about training and I know I will have other questions in the future as well ~ Pat and Audrey are the type of people that will enjoy remaining connected through the years, they sincerely love each and everyone of these dogs.
Best of luck to you on your search ~ it is important to thoroughly research breeders. But for what it is can stop right here and know that you have found the best.

Kelly Heil reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
March 22, 2016 at 9:59pm
We took home Martin on 3/12/16 aka Koopa. Honestly I don't think I could have gone wrong picking anyone of these puppies. The love and care this family takes in raising these little ones is simply amazing. I would recommend this breed and breeder to anyone. They really take great pride in raising these puppies. We love Martin so much. Thank you Hanson family for all you do. He will be well taken care of and loved unconditionally.

Kate Kahles reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
March 20, 2016 at 5:27pm
The Hanson family does a fantastic job of communicating with you, making sure that you get updates of your puppy, and most importantly, loving their dogs. We searched several breeders before finding them and were so impressed with their process for raising and socializing their puppies. The puppies are all so cute and it's clear they're used to being loved. We can't recommend them enough!
Jessica LaGrander reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
March 18, 2016 at 10:18pm
We couldn't of asked for a better experience! The love and care they give the puppies before they go to their forever homes is wonderful!! The interaction they give to the puppies with their own children and day to day household chores has made a world of difference for the transition phase into our home! Pat & Audrey are so easy to communicate with and keep you in the loop when it comes to the process of bringing your puppy home! Their dedication and commitment really showed through when we went to pick up Derby; though goodbyes are never easy, seeing them say goodbye brought tears to my eyes! When it comes time to grow our family with another fur baby we will absolutely be going back to Granton Creek Goldendoodles!!

Jennifer Lee reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
March 17, 2016 at 4:44pm
When we decided to get a Goldendoodle, I looked at a few breeders but once I found Granton Creek my search immediately stopped. First, they're response time was almost immediate which is amazing. They were so helpful with giving me information and answering all my questions before we put the deposit down. They connected with you on a friendly basis, not just strictly business which is one of my favorites things about them. They made me feel very comfortable and like a friend.Second, they updated current photos of the puppies and do update videos which are so adorable and you get to see how they are before you go meet them. Third, they worked so well with letting us visit with our schedule and when we got there we saw how great they took care of the puppies. They aren't a kennel. They are a home. A very loving home and were very on top of cleaning up after the puppies which I was very impressed with. They have children as well so the puppies are use to kids around.
The experience we had with them was amazing and I would for sure get another one from them when the time comes.
Goomba is the most amazing puppy and so calm and I feel we got the perfect fit for our family. I am so excited to watch him grow and be even more amazing. Thank you so much for being a great family for our puppy for his first 8 weeks of life. You guys do an amazing job and I would recommend you to everyone.
Todd Peters reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
March 16, 2016 at 7:35am
We were looking for a Goldendoodle and are glad we found the ad from Granton Creek Goldendoodles. They enjoy raising puppies and go the extra mile, and their puppies show this. We had a very hard time choosing a puppy because they all were great. The fact that they give up part of their house to raise these puppies is amazing, these puppies are raised in the house with the family and are interacted with by the family including their kids every day, and it shows. This makes a huge difference in the puppy when it comes home, it takes a loving family to give up this space for these puppies. I believe these people love the puppies, and they care about them even after they go to their forever home. I highly recommend Granton Creek Goldendoodles, I don't think you can go wrong with them. Thank you Granton Creek Goldendoodles for giving our puppy, Boom Boom, now called Kooper a great start for us.
Thia Rewolinski reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
March 16, 2016 at 4:10pm
We were on a different breeders waiting list (labradoodle or Goldendoodle) when I came across Granton Creeks ad and once I talked to them I immediately fell in love with them and their love for their dogs/puppy's and family.....we picked our puppy up Saturday evening and by today (Wednesday)Otto aka Luma is already going to the door to go potty and sits for a treat, in just a couple of days we feel like he is part of our family and we absolutely adore him! He is such a good good boy and very smart! I am so glad we found you Granton Creek....Pat and Audrey you are wonderful and if we ever decide to get another we will def be coming back for another!! Thanks so much for our wonderful little boy.... We love him so 

Sandra Perski Kraynak reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
November 23, 2015
we pick our puppy up Aug.29th and could not be happier. She is the love of our life. I have often thought of getting another.

Casi Fleischman reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
August 22, 2015
My husband and I went through several different breeders before talking to Patrick at Granton Creek Goldendoodles. As soon as I got off the phone with Patrick I knew that Granton Creek Goldendoodles was where we were going to find our new family member. This family cared for and loved these pups giving them a great start to their lives before going to their new homes. We brought our Auggie home on Sunday and are just absolutely smitten! I would highly recommend Granton Creek Goldendoodles to anyone!!!

Nick Neefe reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
August 18, 2015
My fiancรฉ and I purchased a puppy and picked him up Sunday 8/16. Everything went, was and is GREAT! They did an exceptional job at helping us choose a puppy that fit us best. Jordy (Basil) is a wonderful addition to our family and is doing awesome. We are very happy with our decision to get him from here. If you are looking to add a puppy to your family this Granton Creek Goldendoodles should be the first place you look.

Denise Baumann Portz reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
Love my puppy from Granton Creek Goldendoodles!! Audrey and Patrick were wonderful to deal with.

Carrie Ann reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
December 24, 2014
We just picked our sweet little pup up from the airport last night and already can't imagine life without her. I searched months for a place to get a puppy... I wanted our dog to be well socialized, familiar with children and loved. Granton Creek gave her that exact start!

Don Seubert reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
December 22, 2014
Audrey and Patrick did an excellent job with these Golden doodle puppies. They are well socialized and were very well taken care. It was easy to see early on that Audrey and Patrick truly care about these puppy's. The process that we went through to get our puppy, Cocoa(Maya) told me that they cared what kind of a home they went to. Granton Creek Goldendoodles is a trustworthy place to get an excellent puppy.

Connie Stampfl reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
December 22, 2014
We are very pleased with our new puppy Moses/Phoenix from Granton Creek Goldendoodles. He is calm, confident, very sweet and smart. He had a warm and secure beginning with lots of love and special care from Audrey, Patrick and their children. Our family gives them our highest recommendation!
Marisol Price reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
Carly Aagaard reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles — 5*5 star
June 12, 2014

Jen Delis reviewed Granton Creek Goldendoodles —5* 5 star
March 24, 2014
My husband and I just got our little buddy Walter from Granton Creek Goldendoodles and we are absolutely in love. He is beyond perfect and the sweetest little boy ever. We couldn't have asked for better service, and it was clear that they loved these little puppies. Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to raise this little guy and spoil him rotten.

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