Meet the Parents

Meet the Parents
***All of our mamas and papas are genetically health tested for any diseases that are currently able to be tested for in an effort to produce healthy puppies for our families.  :-)
This is a photo of some soon-to-be Mama's (shortly before puppies were born) and Toby, who waa the Papa of these litters.  :-)
Bluey, Toby, Nova, Saphira, 
and Luna with their kids.  :-)

Lily, Daisy, and Zircon playing 
rope bone with one of the kids :-)

The Mama's

Beautiful Primrose!  She's a medium size bernese mountain dog who loves her family and her sisters.  AKC registered, she weighs in at 65 pounds.  She has had beautiful tri-color, brindle, and sable bernedoodle babies with Orion and Caspian!

This is lovely Petunia.  She is so happy to see her family even when she's only been out of sight for one minute!  A bernese mountain dog who is medium size at 63 pounds and AKC registered.  She has had beautiful brindle bernedoodles with Caspian, tri and phantom tri with Simon, and sable, brindle, and tri colors with Orion!

Here is our sweet Iris!  She's a loving girl whose loves to hold your arm in her mouth so you're sure to know she's available for lots of love!  She, like her sisters, is medium size at 63 lbs,  and AKC registered.  She has had beautiful brindle bernedoodle puppies with Caspian and tri and blue merle bernedoodle puppies with Boaz. 

The 3 sisters as puppies- Petunia, Primrose, and Iris

This is Mocha.  She is a 42 pound brindle poodle who is very friendly, sweet, and an excellent mama.  She has had beautiful  F1b labradoodles with Henry in black, brindle, apricot/yellow, and black & white parti.

This is Willow.  She is our F1b goldendoodle who is my shadow.  She always tries to keep me in her sight.  Not needy but nearby.  :-)  Her favorite human snack is cheese.  She has a great smile whenever she's feeling silly!  She is 45 lbs and has had beautiful red, apricot, and black medium size goldendoodles with Rufus.

This is Carolina, daughter of Saphira & Toby.  She is our F1b goldendoodle who loves to be with her family and her doggie friends!  She weighs 52 pounds.  She has beautiful babies with Rufus in apricot to red .

This is Penny.  She is our AKC registered moyen poodle girl who weighs about 38 lbs.  She's a very sweet little girl who has a great smile!!  She has had beautiful F1b labradoodles with Henry.  They have a variety of colors-yellow/apricot, black, and parti of either color. She also had a beautiful litter of red and apricot AKC registered moyen size poodles with Rufus 💓
You can see a little of her grin here! So smiley!

This is Sally.  She is our AKC registered golden retriever who is a beautiful red color and weighs 55 lbs.  She is the silliest of girls who loves to carry things in her mouth- like her leash or a shoe or a toy.  She doesn't chew them up but she likes to try to sneak them outside when she goes out to potty. Haha!  She loves her people and her babies!   She has had a beautiful litter of puppies with Toby & Rufus. 
Sally as a puppy carrying a rope bone

Here is sweet Miss Tallulah.  She is an AKC registered golden retriever who loves people and is very food motivated!  She weighs 75 lbs and she has beautiful goldendoodle babies with Toby! 

Annie is our sweet AKC registered golden retriever girl who sticks pretty near me as much as possible.  She weighs about 68 lbs and she loves to play with her sister, Sally, as well as the other dogs.  She has had a litter of beautiful goldendoodles with Toby.
Annie & Sally as puppies
Annie as a puppy

The Proud Papa's

This is Toby.  He is an AKC registered apricot and white standard poodle.  He is a very sweet boy who loves everyone! He weighs 72 lbs.  He produces gorgeous, sweet goldendoodles with several of our mamas.
Toby at 9 months with
his hair long and shaggy :-)

This is Rufus.  He is a very sweet, bouncy, happy, red poodle boy who adores everyone!  He weighs in at 39 lbs and is AKC registered.  He has had beautiful poodles with Pearl and Penny, and goldendoodles with Luna, Carolina, Sally, Lyric, and Willow.  

This is Boaz.  He is standard poodle who weighs 62 lbs and is blue merle phantom colored.  He is a very sweet boy who loves everyone! His favorite place is standing up with his paws on our chest giving hugs. He can produce red/apricot, black, tri, or merle colors paired with the right mamas.  He's had gorgeous bernedoodle and goldendoodle puppies with Iris & Camellia
Boaz as a puppy.  So adorable!!

This is Simon. He is a medium size, black & red phantom poodle who weighs 51 lbs.  He is a lover man who can't get enough snuggling. He can produce tri and phantom F1 bernedoodles and chocolate tri/phantoms also in F1b bernedoodles.  He has had beautiful litters with Petunia & Pearl! 

Simon as a puppy  :-)

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