Friday, February 10, 2017

Lily and Chester's Purebred Golden Retriever Puppies Are Here

We are over the moon to announce Lily and Chester's purebred Golden Retriever babies. Twelve beautiful, healthy puppies!

The handsome boys:
Astro, Apollo, Cosmo, Comet, Orion, Rocket, and Zeke

The beautiful girls:
Astrid, Aurora, Galaxy, Nova, and Star

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Daisy's Puppies Have Arrived!!

We are particularly pleased to present Daisy and Jack's precious palette of puppies! Born last night- February 3rd, six beautiful little girls and three handsome little boys. Only a few reservations still available on these sweet babies... 
Born at 2:36 pm- 12.0 oz- girl- Violet
3:09 pm- 12.0 oz- boy- Crimson
3:56 pm- 14.6 oz- boy- Forrest
4:48 pm- 13.6 oz- girl- Coral
5:11 pm- 13.0 oz- boy- Cobalt
5:52 pm- 12.8 oz- girl- Cyan
6:13 pm- 14.0 oz- girl- Chroma
7:12 pm- 12.0 oz- girl- Honey
7:33 pm- 13.2 oz- girl- Tangerine

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Maggie and Zircon's Babies Are Here!

So excited to announce Maggie and Zircon's League of Legends! They arrived January 30, 2017 amidst much fanfare. :-) Mama and babies all doing very well!
Born at 10:15am- Ahri- girl- chocolate or sable (we'll see as she grows;-).
Born at 10:33am- Draven- boy- black w/white nose
Born at 10:39am- Corki- boy- black w/ white chest
Born at 11:04am- Fiora- girl- light apricot
Born at 12:22pm- Sona- girl- black w/white chest
Born at 12:46pm- Teemo- boy- apricot
Born at 12:57pm- Nami- girl- apricot
Born at 1:52pm- Soraka- girl- apricot and white
Born at 2:23pm- Ekko- boy- black
Born at 2:52pm- Poppy- girl- apricot parti

Still anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Lily and Chester's puppies and 
and Daisy and Jack's puppies.  They should be arriving any time now!  Stay tuned.....