Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Daisy's Puppies Have Arrived!!

We are particularly pleased to present Daisy and Jack's precious palette of puppies! Born last night- February 3rd, six beautiful little girls and three handsome little boys. Only a few reservations still available on these sweet babies... 
Born at 2:36 pm- 12.0 oz- girl- Violet
3:09 pm- 12.0 oz- boy- Crimson
3:56 pm- 14.6 oz- boy- Forrest
4:48 pm- 13.6 oz- girl- Coral
5:11 pm- 13.0 oz- boy- Cobalt
5:52 pm- 12.8 oz- girl- Cyan
6:13 pm- 14.0 oz- girl- Chroma
7:12 pm- 12.0 oz- girl- Honey
7:33 pm- 13.2 oz- girl- Tangerine

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