Amanda and Eric taking home Walter (AKA Onyx)

The Fleischmann family taking Cassie (AKA Emerald)

The Kucharski family taking Daisy (AKA Sapphire) home

The Gillis family taking Sammie (AKA Amethyst) home

Alana and Chris taking Jessa (AKA Pearl) home

The Loomis family taking Garnet home

Joey snuggling the babies

Diamond snuggling with Mama

Under a puppy pile

Looking so pretty

Lazy bone fight

Bath time

Puppy pile after their bath

Isaac and Joey loving puppies after bath time

All wrapped in the towel

Isaac has become one of the pack

Emily with her puppy

Garnet having his lunch upside-down

Puppy pile

Sleeping soundly

The whole gang

Amethyst and Pearl snuggling together


Lily snuggling her baby
Lily resting before the puppies arrival

Lily as a puppy

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