Friday, October 24, 2014

The Babies Are Here!

The wait is over!  Big news!  Lily gave birth to 12 little bundles of sweetness early Thursday morning.  6 boys and 6 little girls.  She and the puppies are all doing very well.  She is a super sweet and attentive mama!

Tired mama and new little ones

Lily and Jack would like to introduce:

Nairobi (girl) born at 1:54 AM weighing 15.60 oz.                  Pink 
Vienna (girl) born at 2:40 AM weighing 14.20 oz.                   Purple
Dhaka (boy) born at 2:48 AM weighing 14.30 oz.                   Blue
Phoenix (boy) born at 3:05 AM weighing 14.60 oz.                Brown
Suva (girl) born at 3:15 AM weighing 12.65 oz,                      White
Asmara (girl) born at 3:29 AM weighing 13.85 oz.                  Turquoise
Cairo (boy) born at 3:37 AM weighing 14.45 oz.                      Red
Kona (boy) born at 3:58 AM weighing 14.95 oz.                      Black
Maya (girl) born at 4:47 AM weighing 12.35 oz.                      Rainbow
Hilo (boy born at 5:01 AM weighing 14.85 oz.                        Orange
Pristina (girl) born at 5:48 AM weighing 10.70 oz.                  Green
Berkley (boy) born at 6:30 AM weighing 12.75 oz.                 Yellow

Lily and Maya
Dhaka, Cairo, Berkley and Asmara

Monday, October 13, 2014

Lily and Jack Have News!

Lily and Jack are proud to announce that they are expecting puppies this month!!  Lily is due about October 24th but she was a few days early with her last litter.  We are busily preparing for the new puppies and are very excited to meet them!

Lily and Jack's last litter at one day old

Lily and Jack's last litter snuggling after a bath