Sunday, January 31, 2016

Magnolia and Zircon's F1b's Arrived the Same Day!

This is our sweet girl, Brown Sugar Magnolia (Maggie). She is a Cafe au Lait Standard Poodle. She and our handsome boy, Zircon have had a litter together, and the puppies are beautiful! White, cream, apricot, dark chocolate, black, and black/white (parti and abstracts)!
She decided to deliver her babies right after Lily got done! She has 9 beautiful, healthy babies, 4 girls and 5 boys. Since Maggie is so super sweet, we decided to name her babies accordingly!
York (black collar-white/black coat) born at 5:40 PM 11.2 oz M
Twix (red/white collar-cream coat) born at 5:48 PM 9.2 oz M
Skittles (purple/yellow colla- black/white coat) born at 5:52 PM 9.6 oz F
Snickers (orange/white collar-black coat) born at 6:03 PM 11.6 oz F
Tootsie (red/black collar-dark chocolate coat) born at 7:02 PM 9.6 oz F
Rolo (green/white collar-apricot coat) born at 7:12 PM 10.8 oz M
Whatchamacallit (yellow/black collar-white/black coat) born at 7:49 PM 10.4 oz M
Pixie (rainbow collar-white coat) born at 8:16 PM 12.2 oz F
Necco (camo collar-black/white coat) born at 8:41 PM 12.0 oz M

Lily and Jack's F1 Goldendoodles are Here!

Hello everyone! Time for some overdue news! It has been crazy around here! On Tuesday morning, Lily went into labor and delivered her first cutie at 9:04 AM. The last puppy came at 3:11 PM and she had 10 little sweeties, 3 boys and 7 girls! After a short break, at 5:40 PM, Maggie delivered her first little cookie! 9 beautiful, healthy babies with a wild variety of colors!
So without further ado, here are some amazing little cuties for you to feast your hearts on!
For Lily’s little honeys, we chose literary names…
Huck (brown) born at 9:04 15.0 oz
Scarlett (pink) born at 9:14 15.6 oz
Saphira (purple) born at 9:21 16.0 oz
Atticus (black) born at 9:43 15.0 oz
Caspian (tan) born at 10:08 15.0 oz
Arya (rainbow) born at 11:01 13.6 oz
Scout (white) born at 12:47 12.4 oz
Buttercup (yellow) born at 1:12 14.6 oz
Charlotte (blue) born at 2:01 15.4 oz
Pippi (green) born at 3:11 14.6 oz

Just to clarify, the boys are Huck, Atticus, and Caspian!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Announcing Daisy and Jack's F1 Goldendoodles....

Daisy and Jack's little sweeties are here!  They are such cute little squeakers.  They were born Wednesday, January 20.  Everyone is healthy and growing very nicely!  Daisy and Jack would like to introduce:

  • Link- (boy) born at 8:04pm weighing 14.6 oz- yellow & green collar
  • King Boo- (boy) born at 8:47pm weighing 14.0 oz- yellow collar
  • Zelda- (girl) born at 9:17pm weighing 14.6 oz- pink collar
  • Bowser- (boy) born at 11:05pm weighing 10.0 oz- orange collar
  • Yoshi- (boy) born at 11:09pm weighing 14.8 oz- blue and yellow
  • Luigi- (boy) born at 11:20pm weighing 13.4 oz- green collar
  • Baby Luma- (boy) born at 12:38am weighing 12.4 oz- blue collar
  • Koopa-(boy) born at 12:47am weighing 12.4 oz- camo collar
  • Boom Boom- (boy) born at 2:33am weighing 13.4 oz- blue & blue collar
  • Mario- (boy) born at 2:50am weighing 14.2 oz- rainbow collar
  • Rosalina- (girl) born at 3:53am weighing 12.2 oz- pink & blue collar
  • Peach- (girl) born at 4:21am weighing 11.2 oz- pink & yellow collar
  • Gumba- (boy) born at 4:36am weighing 14.4 oz- blue & white collar  

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Daisy and Jack's first little one arrived at about 8 o'clock last night.  After a long night, it looks like they're all here. Last puppy born at 4:36am. Thirteen in all! Ten handsome little boys and three beautiful little girls. All big, healthy puppies. :-) One tired Daisy mama and one tired family! More details and better photos coming soon....

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Excitedly Awaiting....

We have a puppies arriving any day now! We can feel them wiggling in Daisy's tummy and we're so excited! Puppy collars and whelping area are being prepared. We can't wait. Plus more puppies to be born next week! Stay tuned for updates...