Sunday, January 31, 2016

Magnolia and Zircon's F1b's Arrived the Same Day!

This is our sweet girl, Brown Sugar Magnolia (Maggie). She is a Cafe au Lait Standard Poodle. She and our handsome boy, Zircon have had a litter together, and the puppies are beautiful! White, cream, apricot, dark chocolate, black, and black/white (parti and abstracts)!
She decided to deliver her babies right after Lily got done! She has 9 beautiful, healthy babies, 4 girls and 5 boys. Since Maggie is so super sweet, we decided to name her babies accordingly!
York (black collar-white/black coat) born at 5:40 PM 11.2 oz M
Twix (red/white collar-cream coat) born at 5:48 PM 9.2 oz M
Skittles (purple/yellow colla- black/white coat) born at 5:52 PM 9.6 oz F
Snickers (orange/white collar-black coat) born at 6:03 PM 11.6 oz F
Tootsie (red/black collar-dark chocolate coat) born at 7:02 PM 9.6 oz F
Rolo (green/white collar-apricot coat) born at 7:12 PM 10.8 oz M
Whatchamacallit (yellow/black collar-white/black coat) born at 7:49 PM 10.4 oz M
Pixie (rainbow collar-white coat) born at 8:16 PM 12.2 oz F
Necco (camo collar-black/white coat) born at 8:41 PM 12.0 oz M

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