Updates and Testimonials- 2014-2019

September 29,2019 (Bluey & Toby's F1bb- Sully/Pibb)
Sully had a check up yesterday. Vet says he is PERFECT! He's currently 15 months old and weighs 66lbs. He is a happy boy and loves our family, especially our kiddos! He's sporting some new hair chalk highlights and is excited to show off at his weekly daycare playdate tomorrow! πŸ˜‚

September 19, 2019 (Bluey & Toby's F1bb)
Andy the Goldendoodle came to visit us today to prove that coming to the dentist isn’t RUFF! πŸΆ

August 8, 2019 (Maggie & Chester's F1)
And I’m crying πŸ˜­ I forget how small she was!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️oh our little Berkeley.   she is a big girl now! She loves the front seat, being by her boys 24/7, and teaching them to drink from the hose πŸ˜‚

July 22, 2019 (Nova & Toby's F1)
Kaja (Bunny) from Nova and Toby’s winter litter...she’s 48 pounds at about 7 months. She is smart, sweet, cuddly and a blast to play with! She is great with my 11 month grandson and plays really well with other dogs, too! She also can swim pretty well!

April 21, 2019 (Bluey & Toby's F1bb- poodle side)
Thank you Gae for the wonderful first day update on Shaggy (Opie)!
Wonderful first day for Shaggy (Opie)! Thanks for sharing Gae!
"Great night last night! He has adapted so naturally and he follows Conner everywhere. They have really bonded. You were right...he has such a great disposition! Thanks again!"

 April 21, 2019 (Maggie & Chester's F1)
Thank you Kimberly for the update on Chip!
Happy Easter from Chip! He isn’t so sure about the ears! He is loving the spring weather though!

April 8, 2019 (Nova & Toby's F1 & Galaxy & Toby's F1)
Thanks for the update on those 2 handsome boys- Lupin (Snoopy) & Norbert (Moja)!

Hi Patrick!

We are all well. Boys are growing and loving all the walks in the warmer weather!  I found the FB page and posted a picture of Lupin:). So cool to see the other puppies!  I will attach the most recent pictures. Lupin just got groomed and Norbert’s appointment is this week so he looks like a wild man right now. Take care!!

April 1, 2019 (Saphira & Toby's F1b)
Thank you Amanda for the sweet update on Demi (Bloom)!
Thank you so much for bringing Demi (Bloom) into our lives! She has fit in so well with our family and is doing great with potty training!

-The Ketcham Family

March 6, 2019 (Luna & Toby's F1)
Thank you Becky & Carl for the update on Preston (Platinum)!
Hi guys 

My wife Becky has wanted me to send you an update on Platinum , now Preston ( as in Preston Tucker of the Tucker car company ) .

The first picture is of our dog Shaker.  He passed away the same day that Platinum / Preston was born . We were left with a huge hole in our hearts.  We had thought we would never get another chance or want another chance to have the love of a doodle. That is when we found Granton Creek . That is when Becky saw the puppies were born on the same day we lost Shaker. It kind of felt like it was meant to be. When we visited your home on puppy picking day we were so happy to see the love you bring these guys into the world with.  

Since bringing Platinum / Preston home he has been incredible. He is so smart , he picks up on everything so quickly.  He has so many characteristics that Shaker had and that the Doodle family shares.  

Preston is our best bud . He brings us so much joy.  We wanted to give you an update and to say thanks . 

Becky & Carl Goede

March 3, 2019 (Saphira & Toby's F1b)
Thank you for the update on Callie (Nectarine)!
Good Morning! Cali is one of the best things that's happen to us!!!

January 26, 2019 (Maggie & Zircon's F1b)
Thanks Diane for the birthday update on Stella (Skittles)!
Thank you for remembering! Stella (Skittles) is still the best dog we've had. Always entertaining and such a cuddler! I cant believe she's 3 already

January 13, 2019 (Luna & Toby's F1)
Thank you Lily for the update on Whiskey (Copper)!
"Goodmorning! I was just wanted to give you an update! Whiskey is doing amazing! I don’t know how I got a perfect puppy but he is beyond fantasticπŸ€—. I send him to training classes and he now know how to properly walk on the leash, heal and other obedience tricks. The trainers were very impressed with him! He loves to train! Whiskey is a very happy boy who loves LOTS of toys and walks! His favorite place to hang is the bath tub πŸ˜‚. Thank you for providing me with my very best friend! πŸ€— ps: Whiskey and I are about to become Florida residents!"

January 11, 2019 (Nova & Toby's F1)
Thank you for the update on Claire (Patty), Lauren!  She's adorable even when she's not feeling well after being spayed.  

Yes she is! Thank you again for bringing the sweetest girl into our lives. Everyone just loves her demeanor. She trusts all dogs and people and has never given a “warning” when other dogs or people are by her food or toys or her bed like some of our friends have told us happens with their dogs. She thinks everyone is trying to play with her instead! We love that about her and we feel really lucky 😊

Granton Creek Goldendoodles

January 1, 2019 (Bluey & Toby's F1bb)
Thanks for the sweet update on Wrigley (Mello), Kyler & Emily!
Hi there,

Wrigley wanted to wish everyone happy holidays! He has been doing great. He will be getting his first haircut soon (you can tell he needs it, but they were booked through the holidays!). He loves to play fetch (though we are still learning how to drop), give hugs, run and play outside, and he loves socializing and playing at doggy day care. 
Thank you again for our baby!

Kyler and Emily

December 30, 2018 (Galaxy & Toby's F1)
Cute comments and photos of Sully (Mishindo).  Thanks Lisa!
We have Sheva’s brother, Mishindo, who is now named Sully. So good with little kids and loves rides.

You will forget all about it when you have love like this. We have his brother and don’t regret it at all.

December 25, 2018 (Nova & Toby's F1)
Thanks, Judy, for the Christmas update on Dexter (Charlie)!
Merry Christmas Grantoncreek Goldendoodle Family! We wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know how amazing Dexter has been. (Charlie from Luna & Toby’s Charlie Brown gang litter) He’s six months old now, weighs 55 lbs and is so smart. He was one of our easiest dogs to train! Dexter is a very happy puppy who loves snuggling, walks and playing outside. He has helped our family heal from our last love lost. Thank you for blessing us with an amazing family member. We know your next Toby and Luna litter will be amazing. Best wishes to your family!

December 25, 2018 (Maggie & Chester's F1)
Thank you Tasha for the great Christmas update on Oscar (Morpeus)!
Just checking in to say Merry Christmas!! Oscar (Morpheus) is just over 5 months now and doing AWESOME! this first video was of him after our first week with him...he is so smart, and his temperament is just perfect! He’s loving his brothers, is an excellent traveler, and has brought so much joy to our family! The last video gives you an idea of his silly fun personality!! πŸ’š

December 20, 2018 (Galaxy & Toby's F1)
Thanks, Elizabeth for the sweet update on Jemma (Sheva)!
We are so in love with our sweet Jemma (Sheva). She fits perfectly in our little family. She so smart and picks up on things quick! All of our friends that visit say what a good puppy she is. Thank you Granton Creek, we are are so happy! She’s our favorite Christmas present❤️

December 19, 2018 (Maggie & Zircon's F1b)
Thanks, Debra, for the Christmas photos of Daisy (Poppy)!
Daisy and Molly decked out for the holidays

December 18, 2018 (Lily & Jack's F1 and Maggie & Chester's F1)
Thanks to Madeline and Lou for sending this fun day of Granton Creek puppies running into each other at a dog park!
Tucker and Cooper met today! What a small world! just happened to ask where they got him and he said Granton Creek! He was so cute! and fluffy! Lou loved Tucker too! We ran into each other at the Fitchburg dog park and just happened to start talking about our doodles!
I was in the Fitchburg dog park with Cooper.  The dog in the background is “Tucker” from a “fish” litter from summer of 2017 at Granton Creek.  Nice dog.
Cooper and Tucker (Neo and Puffer)
Tucker and Cooper (Puffer and Neo)
December 10, 2018 (Galaxy & Toby's F1)
Thank you, Lisa, for the great update On Sully (Mishindo)! Sounds like he's doing amazing for only being home for one day!
"We are madly in love with Sully (Mishindo) who already rings bells to potty and poop, follows my feet 100%, comes to his name and a smooch, and is learning to sit and nap in his crate. Going to vet now. Thank you for bringing joy back into our home.'

December 8, 2018 (Bluey & Toby's F1bb- to the Poodle side)
Thanks, Mary Beth, on the update on Barkley (Barqs)! 

 Audrey, I just wanted to give u an update. Barkley is now 47#. He was neutered this week. He passed his good citizen test on 11/29. He is a good boy. He loves the snow!!

December 2, 2018 (Bluey & Chester's F1bb- to the Golden Retriever side)
Thank you, Nancy, for the birthday update on Vinny (Rhythm)!
Vinny has been celebrating all morning!

December 2, 2018 (Bluey & Chester's F1bb's- to the Golden Retriever side)
Thanks, Jamie, for the birthday update on Maddie (Lyric)!
Maddie (Lyric) loves to play with the boys! Loves to run outside and follows them everywhere! She just loves to be loved! There's no walking past her without giving her a rub!
Bluey and Chester (Retriever side)- (Lyric-now Maddie) Maddie loves to be outside and follows the boys around where ever they go. She's excited to greet anyone who comes through the front door and won't leave their side until she gets a good rub on the tummy! She's been a great addition to our family! Schwantes Family

December 3, 2018 (Maggie & Chester's F1)
Thanks, Mallery, for the update on Tank!
Tank is settling in well. We all love him. He’s so good with the girls. He’s a great addition to our family 😊

December 2, 2018 (Bluey & Chester's F1bb's- to the Golden Retriever side)
Thank you, Sarah, for the birthday update on Molly (Melody)!

Molly (Melody) has mastered the art of smiling for photos!! We love her!!! Happy birthday to all of her siblings ❤️
December 2, 2018 (Bluey & Chester's F1bb's- to the Golden Retriever side)
Thanks Gail and Shannon for the birthday update on Oliver (Mozart)!

Beautiful Oliver (Mozart) such a wonderful squirrel obsessed cuddly affectionate big Boo Bear!
Granton Creek Goldendoodles he is everything we wanted in a dog and more. He has such a great personality, so loyal and loving. Happy holidays to his siblings families and 1 year happy birthday to the pups!

December 2, 2018 (Bluey & Chester's F1bb's- to the Golden Retriever side)
Thank you, Roger and Taylor, for the birthday update on Bella (Sonata)!


               1 YEAR OLD


She is the best dog.  She is so loving and brings happiness to our family.
                  GOD BLESS.
Bella(Sonata) is such a sweet and playful girl who brings us so much joy and laughter every day! She is the perfect addition to the family! This is an update pic of her from this morning!

November 13, 2018 (Bluey & Toby's F1bb)
Thanks Heidi for the adorable photo from your photo shoot! Sullivan (Pibb)
An outtake from our family holiday photos.... difficult to wrangle 2 toddlers and a puppy but totally worth it! We love our Sullivan! πŸ˜ŠThank you again for our sweet boy!  

October 31, 2018 (Luna & Toby's F1)
Thank you, Melissa, for the Halloween update on Oliver (Xenon)!
Happy Halloween from Oliver “Xenon”
October 31, 2018 (Saphira & Oliver's F1b)
Thank you, Carlyce, for the Halloween update on Gus (Polar)!
Gussie puts up with a lot and is a very, very good boy. Happy Halloween to you!

October 15, 2018 (Nova & Toby's F1)
Thanks, Dana, for the sweet words on Winston (Schroeder)!

Omg.. soooo cute. I wish we could get another one.πŸ™‚ Winston would love a friend.

October 13, 2018 (Nova & Toby's F1)
Thanks, Lauren, for the update on Claire (Patty)!
Congrats on your new litter!! Just wanted to let you guys know Claire is growing like a weed and weighs 27 pounds! She just lost her middle two top and bottom teeth this past week so we need time to slow down 😩 Here’s a picture of her smiling with the missing teeth holes

October 10, 2018 Copper/Papaya- Saphaira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
A couple of recent photos: Mello (Tangelo) & Copper sharing a stick on the way back from the bus stop and my human Lily & Oliver snuggling Copper. We just love her so much!

September 25, 2018 (Lily & Toby's F1)
Thank you, Jennifer, for the update on Porter (Jake)!
Just wanted to give u a quick update and share some pictures of Porter. He’s is truly the most amazing dog and he fits right into our family. He absolutely loves the kids and has quickly become best buds with our other doodle Ranger. He’s almost 6 month and weighs about 65 pounds. He is just one big giant teddy bear of love!!! Thank u so much for bringing him into our lives. We truly ❤️ him!!!

The Marks Family 

September 25, 2018 (Nova & Toby's F1)
Thank you to Sara, Jamie, & Kids for the update on Daisy (Marcie)!

Daisy continues to do well. She did end up having yeast infections in both ears, but I know this is potential problem with doodles. Other than that she was in perfect health and was 14.2lbs at her vet appointment. She has earned the nickname Lazy Daisy because she tends to be a pretty lazy puppy.  Everyone who has met her loves her cuddly nature, laid back and mellow personality and super soft coat. We have had several people ask for your contact information and have directed them to your Facebook page to see the available pups! Daisy loves to sit on her hind legs and give hugs which the boys just adore! I have struggled to get a picture of her and Jack together because if they are by each other they tend to be playing or fighting over a bone because Daisy believes the best bone is always whichever one Jack has at any given moment. I did manage to finally get one good picture last night but unfortunately Jack blends into our couch a little in it. Thank you so much again for our Daisy, she has been such a blessing to our family!!

Sara, Jamie and kids

September 22, 2018 (Maggie & Chester's F1)
Thanks, Tasha, for the update on Oscar (Morpheus)!
He did AWESOME in the car!! The boys have decided to name him Oscar! He’s doing great!

September 21, 2018 (Bluey & Toby's F1bb)
Thanks, Emily & Kyler, for the update on Wrigley (Mello)!

Wrigley has been doing great! Kyler recently went back to work, so Wrigley has been attending day care and has gotten so many compliments on his looks and behavior! He is loving his dog socializing time. I’ll attach some pictures.

I also had a quick question for you. As you can see from the pictures the hair on his face is starting to get long. What age would you guys suggest his first haircut? And do you suggest just getting the hair around his face trimmed for now?


Emily and Kyler Mowry

September 17, 2018 (Maggie & Chester's F1)

Trinity now Berkeley did awesome on the 2.5 hour drive to her new home. She is such a sweetie and such a smart dog! She is doing so well with kenneling at night and potty training. And her brothers are sooooo in love with her. she went for her first walk today and has otherwise been learning to rule the roost haha thank you so much for everything we look forward to many years to come with her in our family

September 17, 2018 (Nova & Toby's F1)
Thank you for the update on Artax (Woodstock), Lauren!

Artax (Woodstock) is settled in nicely. Almost totally house trained and sleeping well all night long. We just love him πŸ’™

September 15, 2018 (Lily & Toby's F1)
Thanks, Krista & Daren, for the update on Carl (Elwood)!
Hi Audrey and Pat!

I wanted to send you a update on Carl. He has quickly become the love of our lives! He is the smartest dog, loves to play, and above all LOVES to snuggle. He was so easy to train. He was housebroken within 3 days, and within the first two weeks of bringing home home he learned “sit”, “stay”, “paw”, and “roll over!” (Carl’s favorite). As you can see, he is a BIG boy! He’s already 50 pounds. We can’t imagine our lives without him! ❤

Krista and Daren

September 11, 2018 (Nova & Toby's F1)
Thank you, Lauren, for the cute photo of Claire (Patty)!
#1 Packers Fan!

September 5, 2018 (Luna & Toby's F1)
Thanks, Gena, for the update on Roscoe (Plutonium)!
Hey guys! Thanks for checking in! We couldn’t be more happy to have this pup in our lives! Roscoe is getting lots and lots of attention from everyone in our lake community, friends, and family members. He had adjusted really well to our home, but hates the kennel. I have to admit we’ve caved most nights and just let him sleep in our bed. However, he has been great... thank you again! -Gena 
Oh, and He’s scheduled for his next round of shots tomorrow at the vet. Here’s some fun photos of him ... he already is playing fetch, and learning how to sit and lay down. We took him to our beach and he really had fun playing in the water. He’s getting use to walks and following us around the yard. He’s such a sweet boy, and so so smart! 

September 1, 2018 (Nova & Toby's F1)
Thank you Lauren, for the update on Artax (Woodstock)!
"Took him on his first outing today. We were the only ones there except my parents.
We are IN LOVE!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
He sure is helping to mend our broken hearts. We love
Him so much.Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! We will certainly keep you updated with our adventures. We are going to give this pup the Best life. Forever thank you πŸ’–!"

August 30, 2018 (Nova & Toby's F1)
Thanks for the update, Lauren, on Claire (Patty)!

Patty/Claire is getting so big!
She’s really smart and loves being outside so she’s going to be a great camping buddy!

August 28, 2018 (Bluey and Chester's F1bb- Golden Retriever side)
Thanks for the update on Oliver (Mozart), Gail!
"Oliver! Mozart. We couldn't love him more:)"

August 26, 2018 (Saphira & Oliver's F1b)
Thank you, Jenny, for the update about Nico (Ember)!  Nico is the 1st Silver Goldendoodle puppy we've produced at Granton Creek!  It's been fun to see him grow and change color!  :-)

Happy day with Nico! (Ember). yes he’s so unique.. our dog groomer said there are only a handful of dogs she grooms that she would actually take home for herself and he is one of them. She said he is so smart and great natured. She loves him. She’s groomed hundreds of dogs. πŸ˜ 

August 22, 2018 (Nova & Toby's F1b)
Thanks, Lauren, for the update on Claire (Patty)!
She is the absolute sweetest dog we could’ve asked for!! She loves everyone she meets and everyone can’t get over how sweet she is. She chases us around in the backyard and looks so happy!
She hates her leash though! So we tied a little rope to her collar in case she tries to go to the front yard and she just drags it along in her mouth. She does not wander away from us though so that makes us feel good!

August 20, 2018 (Saphira & Toby's F1b)
Thank you, Jen, for this update from August 20th on Copper (Papaya)!
"After an afternoon at the lake of hanging in the shade, swimming, & going on the boat, Copper slept through the night for EIGHT hours without waking or having an accident! Of course, it’s like when a newborn sleep through the night for the first time and you keep waking up expecting them to wake up and then wondering if they’re still alive. She didn’t even wake up grumpy or howling. It sure felt good to get some sleep!"

August 13, 2018 (Bluey & Toby's F1bb- Poodle side)
Thanks, Heidi, for the update on Sully (Pibb)!
"She was SO excited! She thought he was a stuffed animal and kept asking us if he was real before she held him. Then she wouldn't give him up and wanted to make sure Sully was hers to keep forever!
She read him her bedtime books and he fell asleep at the foot of her bed while we sang bedtime songs
But then he got a second wind to play a little with Cal and I πŸ˜
Yes, a very sweet dog to match a very sweet little girl"

August 6, 2018 (Luna & Toby's F1)
Cute little video of Whiskey (Copper)!  Thanks Lily!
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚he’s doing great! Last night was the first night he slept till 3 and then woke up again around 6!
He also likes pup cups πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

August 5, 2018 (Lily & Jack's F1)
Thanks Jatia & Kyle for the update on Reggie (Pleco)!

Hi, Audrey and Patrick! Reggie’s (Plecco’s) first birthday is coming up this Tuesday! Can’t believe he’s going to be one! We couldn’t love this fella any more! He’s so sweet, funny, social and lovable. He’s just about 80 pounds!!

August 5, 2018 (Lily & Jack's F1)
Thank you, Don, for the update on Cocoa (Maya) and the kind words!
This is Cocoa(maya). She is three now and is a great addition to the family. Granton Creek Goldendoodles is a great Breeder.

August 5, 2018 (Bluey & Toby's F1bb- to the poodle side)
Thank you, Erin, for the update on Layla (Sunkist)!
Thank you again! Here she is meeting Silas 

August 5, 2018 (Bluey & Toby's F1bb- to the poodle side)
Thanks, Connie, for sending the cute update on MacKenzie's little Marley!
McKenzie’s new puppy, Marley, and little brother, Grant, pooped after first day introductions.

July 18, 2018 (Maggie & Chester's F1)-Libby is a rare sable phantom color :-)
Thanks, Lynne and Chad, for the update on Libby (Praline)!

Hello. She is full of energy!! I changed her name to Libya (Libby). Thanks for double checking!

June 8, 2018 (Lily & Jack's F1)
Thanks, Madeline & Matt, for the update on Tucker (Puffer)!  

Tucker (born August 7, 2017) is living his best life! He is such a good friendly boy who loves to cuddle! He wins everyone’s hearts over at the dog park. We also get so many compliments about what a good boy he is and how handsome he is! He has definitely been the best addition to our little fam πŸ’— thank you Granton Creek Goldendoodles ☺️

June 8, 2018 (Maggie & Zircon F1B)
Thank you for the update on Niko (Necco), Leslie.

Niko (on the left) is loving life! Maggie and Zircon's puppy (born Jan 2016). His buddy Charlie, an F1, comes over every day.

June 3, 2018 (Saphira & Oliver's F1b)
Thanks for the update on Nico (Ember), Jenny!
Nico is a silver boy so his color is going from black to silver.  He's the first silver we've had at Granton Creek.  :-)  Looking forward to seeing how he changes.

 I love seeing the Black and White as they grow we really thought we were going to get one but Nico just stole our ♥️’s. He is 58lbs now. Nico (Ember) loves his boat rides, and living on the the lake can’t keep him out of the water! We love him to pieces.

June 3. 2018 (Saphira & Oliver's F1b)
Thanks, Karla, for the update on Fred (North)!

 Fred says hi! We love him!

June 3, 2018 (Saphira & Oliver's F1b)
Thank you for the update on Gus (Polar), Carlyce!

Your description of him sounds just like his brother Gus (Polar). Sweet and spoiled!

June 3, 2018 (Luna & Jack's F1)
Thanks for the update on Rudy (Sage), Jenna!

This is Rudy (Sage) another brother πŸ™‚

June 1, 2018 (Luna & Jack's F1)
Thank you, Brigette, for the update on Zeke (Mace)!
Hello! This is Zeke (Mace), Charlotte's brother They certainly look like siblings and seem to have similar personalities. He is also quite fond of large sticks 

May 29, 2018 (Luna & Jack's F1)
Update on Charlotte. Thanks for the update, Fred & Diana!
"Hello. We wanted to let you know that Charlotte is doing just fine. She’s 49 lbs at 6 months and the weight calculator I found on line says her adult weight will be about 63 lbs. She’s healthy, happy, and a ton of fun. We walk a mile or two most days and she is doing very, very well on the leash. She and Wilbur are inseparable. She is 99% housebroken and we trust the occasional mistakes will subside over time. Here are a few pictures, including before-and-after her first haircut.

Fred and Diana Wesbrook"

May 26, 2018 (Saphira & Oliver's F1b)
Thanks, Sherry & Frank, for the update on Grady (King)!

So, yes. He’s sweet and we love him. He’s very smart and looks us right in the eye like he knows exactly what we say. He’s very well behaved but spoiled. Picture for proof :-) A few people who have met Grady have called you about puppies. He should be in charge of marketing 🀣(

May 25, 2018 (Maggie & Chestler F1)
Thank you, Doug, for the cute photo of Chip!

Chip finding the shade on a hot Friday. He loves just chilling in his yard

May 15, 2018 (Saphira & Oliver's F1b)
Thanks for the update on Gus (Polar), Carlyce!

Hi Granton Creek Doodles -

Just wanted to share a photo of Gus (Polar) with you. He is 6 months old and turning into a very handsome boy.  This photo was taken in his dog obedience class where he’s the biggest and most social dog there!

He continues to be a wonderful dog and loves everyone. Especially little people.  I credit that to his great start as a puppy being raised with your family.  We love him to pieces and are so happy he belongs to us. πŸ’•πŸΎ


May 13, 2018 (Bluey & Chester's F1bb's to the Retriever side)
Thanks, Roger, for the update on Bella (Sonata)!

Bella's first trip up north to the Lake. Really enjoyed herself.

May 4, 2018 (Luna & Jack's F1)
Thanks for update on Zaia (Figi), Lindsay!

Zaia had a great day with her cousin! (We know, she needs a haircut! Groomed on Saturday.) we love her soooo much!

May 3, 2018 (Luna & Jack's F1)
Thank you for the update on Lucy (Aruba), Mindy!

Aruba is fantastic! Her name is Lucy and today is her birthday! (I believe!) She's a wonderful addition to our family. She loves to explore outside, take walks and play fetch. She also loves to pretend she's a lap dog with my oldest daughter, chase after baseballs with my son and she let our youngest daughter read to her! Boy do we love her so!

May 2, 2018 (Bluey & Chester's F1bb 62.5% Golden Retriever/37.5% Standard Poodle)
Thank you for the update on Oliver (Mozart), Shannon & Gail!

Oliver's first visit to Minooka Park...he loved it!

May 2, 2018 (Luna & Jack's F1)
Thanks for the update, Amanda & Jared!

We are so thankful to have come across you online. We sure do love Lucia (Maui). She’s been such a blessing to us. She brings us so much joy, happiness, laughter and love. Perfect for our family unit!! 

April 30, 2018 (Bluey & Chester's F1bb 62.5% Golden Retriever/37.5% Standard Poodle)
Oliver (Mozart) finally found his new family!  Congratulations Shannon, Gail, & Jack!
Our new dog Oliver discovering the joy of sleeping on a couch! Right now puppy snores!

April 26, 2018 (Daisy & Zircon's F1b to the Retriever side)
Thank you for the update on Bucky (Alder)!

Good Morning! We are the proud parents of Bucky (Alder) from Daisy and Zircon's litter a few years ago. I have a friend who is interested in getting a Golden Doodle (she loves Bucky, just like everyone else!).

April 6, 2018 (Bluey & Chester's F1bb 62.5% Golden Retriever/37.5% Standard Poodle)
Thanks, Julie & Tony, for the update on Cello!

"hello from Cello- I'm 36#'s already and the BEST listener my family says. I'm potty trained, roll over, shake, give hi 5, sit, lie down and fetch. My family luvs me sooooo muchπŸ€—
He has brought our family so much joy😊 thank you again!"

March 26, 2018 (Maggie & Chester's F1)
Thanks, Doug & Kim, for the update on Chip!

Chip is enjoying the snow in his new yard!! Thank you Granton Creek for this little (for now) guy. The first week has been wonderful
The Aftermath

March 25, 2018 (Maggie & Chester's F1)
Very sweet update from Emily on Lucy (Mocha). πŸ™‚

"She is doing great. I decided to name her Lucy. She loves being outside and chasing leaves! She likes other dogs but she isn’t too sure about the kids that ride by on their bikes when we go for walks.
Thank you so much for my Lucy I love her so much!!
-Emily and Lucy (aka:mocha)"

March 11, 2018 (Saphira & Oliver's F1b)
Sweet comments on Gus (Polar)! Thanks Carlyce!
We have his sibling Gus (Polar). Fabulous laid back personality for a puppy! Everybody loves him! How much does Grady weigh? Gus was 29 lbs at 16 weeks.

March 11, 2018 (Saphira & Oliver's F1b)
Thanks, Karla, for the cute photo of Freddie (North)!
Sherry Robin Jaskowiak We were choosing between king and North (Freddie) chose us!
March 11, 2018 (Saphira & Oliver's F1b)
Thank you, Barb, for the comment on Chika (Cookie)!
We have sister Chika (Cookie). We refer to her as our “gentle giant”! So patient with our almost 3-year old granddaughter. Weighed in at 33.5# at the vet yesterday.

March 11, 2018 (Saphira & Oliver's F1b)
Thank you, Jenny, for the comment on Nico (Ember)!
We have his brother Ember (Nico now) best laid back dog we’ve ever had! Last week he was at 32lbs. We love him sooo much❤️

March 6, 2018 (Saphira & Oliver's F1b)
We absolutely love our Grady (King)! Best dog ever!

February 14, 2018 (Bluey & Chester's F1bb 62.5% Golden Retriever/37.5% Standard Poodle)
Thanks for the update on Murphy (Alto), Chris and Eric!

Just wanted to send you a message that Murphy (Alto) is doing great.! He's growing by the day! He only had one accident on the first day he got home. Other than that he loves going outside to play in the snow or find whatever he can to play with when outside. (Leaves, wood chips, etc) Our dog Gunner gets along with Murphy so well. We will keep you updated, but just wanted to give you an update on Murphy's progress.

Eric & Chris

February 13, 2018 (Lily & Jack's F1) 
Thanks for the update on Stelling (Danio), Holly!
Danio is now called "Stelling." My husband plays a "Stelling Banjo" so, now we both have matching banjos, He is doing very well and has already grown to over 50 pounds. We have had so many people shower him with love and attention saying he is the softest dog ever! One lady even took out a pen and paper to write down your contact information to possibly get a dog! On a walk around the lake one afternoon, I met a family who also purchased a dog from you and discussed how happy they were with their Granton Creek dog. Stelling loves people and other dogs. He has learned some tricks such as shake a paw and high five."

February 10, 2018 (Bluey and Chester's F1bb 62.5% Golden Retriever/37.5% Standard Poodle)
Thanks for the update on Cello!

"My first walk and my first bath made me so tired. 
My family kept my name and I'm such a good listener. I go potty outside, stay in the yard, come when they call me and I learned to sit. 
Cello is the BEST puppy , thank you for allowing us to be his family😊- the Schley's"

February 6, 2018  (Lily & Chester's Golden Retrievers)
Thanks, Marne, for the update on Jackson (Apollo)!

Today we celebrated Jackson's (Apollo) 1st birthday by having a doggy birthday party!!! He has certainly grown into an amazing dog and is loved more than anything!!! AND, he is spoiled rotten!!!!

February 4, 2018 (Saphira & Oliver's F1b)
Update on Gus (Polar)- Adorable!

Hi Audrey and Pat -

Just wanted to update you on Gus. He has fit right in to our hearts and lifestyle. What a sweet, mellow baby he is. He and Barney are getting along fabulously.  

Below is a video of what Gus thinks of my fiddle playing. πŸΎπŸ’•

And a photo of him being Barney’s shadow.  He had already learned these commands:  Sit, Down, Chase your Tail, Wait, and Come when called by name from a wait position next to Barney. He’s a smart boy and we love him. 

Carlyce, Harley, and Barney

February 3, 2018 (Daisy and Jack's F1)
Thanks, Lisa for the update on Bella (Cyan)!

Miss Bella (Cyan) says Happy 1st Birthday to all her Rainbow siblings πŸΆπŸŽ‚

February 3, 2018 (Daisy & Jack's F1)
Thanks for the update on Aravis (Chroma), Kim!

Happy Birthday from Aravis 

January 28, 2018 (Maggie & Zircon's F1b)
Thanks, Aly, for the birthday photo of Bear (Corki)!
Bear is doing great!!

January 28, 2018 (Maggie & Zircon's F1b)
Thank you for the birthday pic of Daisy (Poppy), Debra!
 Daisy getting a birthday hug

January 26, 2018 (Lily & Jack's F1)
Thanks for the birthday wishes and the update on Daisy (Charlotte) and your new addition, Kate!  Two years old already!

Happy second birthday to Daisy and her siblings! We just adore her. She gained a human brother in late 2017 and has been a sweetheart with him πŸ’•

January 20, 2018 (Daisy & Jack's F1)
Thank for the birthday wishes, Jennifer!  Two already!

Happy 2nd birthday to Goomba and all of his siblings!! Hope they all get lots of snuggles and kisses today and every day ❤️😍

January 20, 2018 (Daisy & Jack's F1)
Thanks, Katrina, for the birthday post about Bowser.  Hard to believe he's 2 years old already!

We are celebrating our sweet Bowsers 2nd bday today!!! Look at those eyelashes! He is the best boy ever....listens so well, never needs a leash and stays in the house alone while we’re gone. All he wants in life is for all 77lbs of him to be snuggled, always! πŸ’•Happy 2 years to all his siblings!

January 19, 2018 (Daisy & Jack's F1's)
Thank you, Missy, for the birthday update!

Tomorrow is this pretty girls 2nd birthday already! Wishing all Layla’s(Zelda) siblings a special day tomorrow.She is love of our lives.🐢🐢❤️❤️

December 27, 2017 (Daisy & Jack's F1) & Saphira & Oliver's F1
Thanks Emily & Alex, for the cute video of Rory (Sunny) & Poppy (Sparkle)!  

We got Poppy on Sunday, and we’re totally smitten. Rory (Sunny) loves her!!! They play together super well (see the little clip attached). Rory has been bringing Poppy a tug toy and dangling it around her and tugging really gently when she does grab on. Poppy initially was a little upset because she thought Rory was her mommy - understandable because Rory and Saphira look very similar.

Poppy’s doing great other than night time... she really, really wants to be in the bed with Rory and us rather than her crate.

December 14, 2017 (Daisy and Jack's F1)
Thanks, Kelly, for the update on Scout (Skeeter)!  I love how he's loved!!

Scout (Skeeter) with his family. You can tell he's loved by these boys. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to have Scout join our family. Scout is doing well. He's an absolute joy and everyone who meets him comments on his sweetness and good nature. Our hearts are full with this guy. Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family...including all those adorable fur babies. ❤πŸŽ„
He is a beautiful boy! And thank you. They're all our pride and joy. It's been awhile since we updated. Thought you might like to see how well this strapping boy is doing. Lol...even our vet, techs, and groomer can't get enough of his sweet nature. What you do for families is priceless. Thank you! ❤

December 11, 2017 (Daisy & Jack's F1)
Thanks for the update on Rory (Sunny), Emily!
Sorry! I couldn’t limit the photos! We are absolutely in love with Rory! She is the cuddliest girl and she brings smiles to everyone she meets! I cannot wait to get another (just have to convince my husband)! Oh and the princess crown says it all - she is totally spoiled πŸ™‚

December 1, 2017 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thanks for the beautiful update on Maisie (Disco), Jennifer!
"Thought I'd share what Maisie (Disco) does every morning with my 4 year old daughter. They have such a special bond. Maisie finds her every morning puts her paw around her and brings her ball with. I absolutely love seeing it."

November 28, 2017 (Maggie & Zircon's F1b)
Thanks for the update on Timmy (Draven), Wendy!  Love his long curls!

"Timmy's (Draven) newest picture after another hour long grooming session. The curls are fighting their way back quickly! haha!! He'll be 10 months in two days. Awesome puppy!!"

November 27, 2017 (Maggie & Zircon's F1b)
Thanks Leslie! Niko (Necco)

"Seeing your new litter of f1b's reminded me to show you how Niko is doing...the neighborhood curly haired watchdog" 

October 31, 2017 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thanks, Madeline, for the cute Halloween pictures of Tucker (Puffer)!

"A little happy Halloween form Tucker ☺️"

October 23, 2017 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thank you, Andra, for the update on Rosie (Angel)!

We just wanted to let you guys know that Rosie {Angel} is so loved at our house. She is the best puppy ever. She rarely play bites & when she does its pretty mild. She is so smart, already fetching & sitting on command. She likes her kennel. She is so, so sweet. She likes to lay in our laps & sit at our feet. And she is so pretty. Everyone comments on her beautiful color. Thank you for helping us find the perfect fit for our family. We just love her to pieces!! ❤

October 7, 2017 Lily & Jack's F1)
Thank you Jatia and Kyle for the update on Reggie (Pleco)!

Hello Audrey and Patrick! Kyle and I are having so much fun with our little Reggie/Pleco. He has been with us for 1 week now and is adjusting very well to his new home. He loves to play with his toys and run outside. He especially loves to be by his people! Everyone comments on how huge his paws are. We love him so much!

October 3, 2017 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thanks Chris and Paige for the update on Leo (Guppy)!

"Hi Audrey and Patrick,

I just wanted to send a quick update on Leo (Guppy)!

He slept nearly the whole ride home and has been adjusting pretty well to our lifestyle. He's been such a great puppy so far and we can't express how much we love him!

I've attached a couple of pictures for you - thank you again!

We'll keep the updates coming!

-Chris and Paige"

October 2, 2017 (Luna and Jack's F1)
Thanks Chris for the update on Zaia (Figi)!

"Hello there!

We are absolutely loving our puppy girl Zaia (Figi) ...she has brought so much joy to our home since that first day in June! She is so full of energy we just can't help but smile while she's doing her puppy thing. She does love
to stay close as you'll see in a picture or two I attached."

October 1, 2017 (Daisy and Jack's F1)
Thanks Rhonda for the sweet update on Emma (Lovey)!

"Dear Pat, Audrey and Family,

We wanted to provide you an update on our Emma (just got her name yesterday - a soft, sweet, innocent girl name to fit her personality).  She has been such a little princess. She has a loving, calm demeanor and loves to snuggle!  She is such a gem. We have all said how much all the love in your family shows through in her personality!  Emma did well on our trip home, just 1 time of car sickness, but laid still between the boys or in my lap most of the way. Very little whining or whimpering. BTW - As soon as we pulled out of your driveway, our boys were crying ... when I asked "why?" They both replied they felt bad for Jonathan - that they were 'taking his dog away from him'.  I reassured them that Jonathan would be OK and they can be thankful that Jonathan took such good care of Emma and gave her all that love - so that she was ready to play with them - her new brothers!

Emma has adjusted well to the crate at night and impressed me with sleeping 4 hours last night! Potty training has been going well and she is sitting quite a bit on command. She craves being outside in the grass and shade - just like she did with her siblings.  We have enjoyed her constant love, affection and snuggles.

Thank you again for allowing us to 'share' a piece of your family with us! We will be in touch and continue to send messages and pics as she grows.

Rhonda, Jonathon, Christian and Andrew "

September 30, 2017 (Daisy and Jack's F1)
Thanks Carrie for the update on Maya (Maryann)!  
She sent this Friday night after they got home.  :-)

"Hi Audrey. Thanks for letting us take our time picking Maryann / Maya today. We're home and all in love already. Our other doodle is excited and interested yet unsure about Maya. I'll send an update in a couple of days.
Our son who was disappointed that we didn't get Lovey now is in LOVE with Maya so she was definitely the right choice."

September 14, 2017 (Daisy and Jack's F1)
Thanks, Missy, for the update on Layla (Zelda)!

"Miss Layla! Can't get much cuter😍😍😍🐢🐢🐢🐢""

September 8, 2016 (Maggie & Zircon's F1b)
Thanks Wendy, for the update on Timmy (Draven)!

"Timmy (Draven) at 7 months old. This picture is after "quick" hour grooming session. He'll be back to his glorious curls within hours. He weighed in at 60 pounds just 2 weeks ago."

August 25, 2017(Maggie & Zircon's F1b)
Thanks for the update on Daisy (Poppy), Debra!

"Daisy loves her new hair cut. She gets a lot of compliments."

August 2, 2017 (Daisy and Jack's F1)
Thanks, Michelle, for the update and birthday collage of Kai (Kayak)!

"Just over a year ago this little boy was born into a sweet Goldendoodle family but little did he know he'd be loved by so many more! We absolutely love our boy Kai (Kayak) and he's grown so fast and has a heart of gold! So happy he's ours! Happy Birthday Kai and all your brothers and sisters🐢 — with Michelle Roeser."

August 2, 2017 (Daisy & Jack's F1 & Maggie & Zircon's F1b)
Thanks, Megan & Jared, for the update on Wally(Link) & Ginger(Lady)!

August 2, 2017 (Maggie & Zircon's F1b)
Thanks, Debra, for the muddy update on Daisy (Poppy)!  ;-)

"Here she is helping me garden."

August 1, 2017 (Lily & Jack's F1)
Thank you, Leslie, for the birthday update on Hurley (Hokey)!

"Hurley says Happy 1st Birthday to all of his brothers & sisters!!"

August 1, 2017 (Lily & Jack's F1)
Thank you, Jamie, for the birthday update on Piper (Samba)!

"Happy 1st birthday to Piper(Samba)"❤️"

July 29, 2017 (Daisy and Jack's F1)
Thanks, Matt and Amy, for the update on Jack (Frisbee)!

"Frisbee is now Jack. We absolutely love him. This picture was taken a month ago and he's grown more since then. Such a smart and athletic dog!  He's a keeper πŸ˜ƒ
Matt and Amy"

June 30, 2017 (Luna and Jack's F1)
Thanks Heather, for the update on Fetch (Crete)!

"Hello you two! Just wanted to send an update on Fetch, formally known as Crete. He is doing wonderfully. Smart little guy πŸ˜Š We just love him to pieces as does the entire neighborhood! He is not coming up short on attention by any means. Thank you for our wonderful addition. 

The Wilkes"

July 9, 2017 (Lily and Chester's Golden Retriever)
Thanks, Patrick, for the quick update on Zeke!

"Zeke is now diving off pontoon  and retrieving in deep water.  Powerful swimmer . Very smart."

July 9, 2017 (Daisy & Jack's F1)
Thank you, Missy, for the update on Layla (Zelda)!

"Layla says hello! She is such a pretty girl😍😍Hard to believe she's a year in a half! Hope all is well Audrey and Pat.".

July 1, 2017 (Luna and Jack's F1)
Thanks, Amanda & Jared, for the update on Lucia (Maui)!

"Hi Audrey and Patrick,

Jared and I are so in love with Maui....we named her Lucia (like the island 🌴 St.Lucia, where we went for our honeymoon) She is so sweet, cuddly and playful! She's so intelligent and learning so much already! She's almost potty already! :) We have a lot of neighbor kids that love to come over and play with her and she loves her new pool mama bought her! :)

We can't thank you enough for everything! Her first vet appointment was yesterday and she's as healthy as can be! The dr thought she was "very well built" and thought she was very healthy and would probably get to 70lbs. She's 11lbs right now! She's eating very well and loves to eat homemade frozen puppy treats!

I attached photos of the cutie! We will keep you updated!"

June 29, 2017 (Lily and Chester's Golden Retriever)
Thanks, Nikki and Scott, for the update on Miles (Astro)!  Beautiful wedding photos!

"Hi Granton Creek Goldendoodles! 

Sorry it took us so long, but we were waiting to get a few of the wedding pictures back before we sent an update :) Miles (Astro) is doing great! His two favorite things are playing fetch, and annoying his older brother Parker :) He even had a chance to attend our wedding in early July and he sat nicely for a few pictures! Now that he’s a little bigger he is excited for a few camping and hiking trips we have planned over the next few months. He is also incredibly smart - he was the star student in his puppy training class :) We also heard that two friends of ours (Anne Tobyne and Ben Macri) will be taking home a friend for Miles and Parker in the fall from GC Goldendoodles!  We hope all is well and thanks again!

-Nikki, Scott, Miles, & Parker "

June 14, 2017 (Lily and Chester's Golden Retriever)
Thanks, Patrick, for the quick photo of Zeke.

"Zeke relaxing"

May 28, 2017 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thanks, Darci, for the update on Cocoa (Maya)!

"Hi Audrey and Patrick. Just wanted to give you an updated pic of Cocoa. She has a new, short summer haircut and it loving it! Hope all is well with your new litters. The Seubert's"

April 20, 2017 (Daisy & Jack's F1)
Thanks for the update on Murphy (Coral), Kelly!

Hi Audrey and Patrick! I just wanted to send an update on Murphy (Coral).
We had her second vet appointment yesterday and she's healthy and 16 pounds already 😊 she already knows how to sit, lay down, stay, and go to her kennel/mat on command. She's so smart! We love her and are so thankful to have her in our lives! Thank you!

April 16, 2017 (Maggie and Zircon's F1b)
Thanks, Wendy, for the update on Timmy (Draven)!

"How cute is this boy? Thank you so much for this wonderful boy. We are so in love with him. So dang smart and fun. Many more updates will be coming."

April 15, 2017 (Daisy and Jack's F1)
Aww, what a sweet update on Otto (Luma)! Thanks for the update Thia!

"Seriously, I cannot believe how wonderful Otto is with the kiddos....Gretta is zonked out holding his paw ❤️❤️❤️

We also have him in his second dog class and he is one of the youngest there and is so good....they like to use him as a demonstration dog! Next month our oldest Lillie, who is 9.5 is going to start him in 4-H dog obedience.... he is only 15 months old and so good already, we cannot get enough of him" ❤️❤️❤️""

April 9, 2017 (Daisy and Jack's F1)
Thank you Clover for the update on Piper (Honey)!

"Hi Pat & Audrey!
I'm sorry it's been almost a week and I haven't sent an update but we have been so very busy! I ended up going with the name Piper for Honey's new name😊. She has been SOOO good at learning her name and coming when called so far(minus the distraction of nature out in the yard at times). She is such a sweet dog and is doing great at training and keeps getting wore out at daycare this week! (My sister stays home with her 3 boys and is watching her while I am at work) But every time I pick her up at night she is just wiped out from playing all day which makes for a lot more snuggles😍 I am so in love and I can already tell she is going to be a sweetheart and a very great dog!
I will keep sending more updates as she grows! πŸ˜€

April 4, 2017 (Lily and Chester's Golden Retriever)
Thanks for the update Carol, on Thina (Star)!

"Thina had her vet appt yesterday ,she is very healthy and had a good report. We are working hard on potty training. My family really loves her too. Will keep you updated with her progress. Carol"

April 3, 2017 (Daisy and Jack's F1)
Thanks for the photos of Tucker (Forest)!

"What beautiful photos of Forest! He just went home with his new family Sunday. Congratulations Travis family!"

And here he is enjoying his new yard! <3

April 11, 2017 (Maggie and Zircon's F1b)
Thanks, Debbie, for the update on Daisy (Poppy)!

"Daisy is such a joy. Thank you"

January 26, 2017 (Maggie & Zircon's F1b)
Thanks, Andra, for the update on Chewbacca (Twix)!
Chewbacca first ice cream (with a dollop of peanut butter)

January 26, 2017 (Maggie & Zircon's F1b)
Thanks for the birthday update, Leslie, on Stella (Snickers)!
Stella (Snickers) says happy birthday to all her brothers and sisters (and aunts and uncles)!

January 26, 2017 (Lily & Jack's F1)
Thanks for the  birthday update on Tucker (Atticus), Laurie!
Tucker was not so thrilled to be wearing his party hat, but he loved his treats.

January 26, 2017 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thank you, Laura, for the birthday update on Ruby (Scarlett)!
Ruby (Scarlett) had a great first birthday, and seems to still get taller every day!

January 13, 2017 (Daisy and Jack's F1)
Thanks for the update Kelly, on Martin (Koopa)! What a beautiful boy!

" Hi Audrey &Pat,
Here are a couple pictures of Martin(Koopa). He's such a good sport to let me put the t-shirt on him. I can't believe he's going to be one years old on the 20th.

Can't wait to see the new puppies on Facebook!

Happy New Year!


January 6, 2017 (Maggie and Zircon's F1b)
Thanks for the update, Nicholle, on Honey (Lassie) 

These are all the updates on honey girl:) she is potty trained and gets along with everyone!

Januaray 4, 2017 (Maggie and Zircon's F1b's)
Thanks for the update Kate on Archie (Bolt) and Sully (Rolo)!

"Archie (Bolt) loves it when Sully (Rolo) comes to play. πŸ™‚

He's getting bigger and holding his own against Sully."

December 26, 2016 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thanks for the update on Maisie (Disco)! 

Hey! I just wanted to check in and see when you guys will have another litter? And if you think you'll do any minis? I've had people asking me about Maisie (Disco) and we may consider getting another one...... we are absolutely love her so much!

Picture because she is just so cute!! We've already had a trim too. Want her to get used to the groomers.

December 12, 2016 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thank you, Jon and Connie, for the update!  Zoey(Vienna) is a beauty!  I can't seem to get the clip to play upright though.  Lol

Hi Hansen's
Once again I have to send a clip.
We are so blessed to have found your kennel.
Zoey brings so much joy and love to our family.

Thanks again

Connie & Jon Hansen

December 10, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's F1's)
Thanks for  the update on those handsome brothers, Kooper (Boom Boom) and Sheldon (Camper).

The one of Kooper and our 3 year old admiring the snow and wanting to go out and play in it.

December 5, (2016 Lily and Jack's F1)
Thank you, Kelly, for all the wonderful pictures of  Lily (Calypso)!

That last one was about a month ago. She's grown so fast! About 33 lbs now. Her 4 mo check up is next week. We were delayed getting in. Look forward to taking her out to socialize with other dogs and go on walks

I have this as my background on my work computer. ❤️

Girls!! Were you digging?! Sooo guilty!  

That was when I left her alone for 5 minutes with unattended yarn. 3 hours of detangling later-lesson learned. Look at that sweet face! 

November 12, 2016 (Lily and Jack's F1's)
Thanks for the update on Maisie (Disco)!

Hey! Just wanted to touch base and show you how adorable Maisie is (Disco) she comes to work with me everyday and I call her my assistant! Pretty sure people like her better than me πŸ™‚

She is 24lbs at her 14 week appointment! She has the best coat and LOVES everyone!

October 15, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's F1's)
 Thank you, Todd, for the very kind words!  We do love these babies!  This photo is of brothers, Kooper (Boom Boom) and Sheldon (Camper), from different litters meeting for the first time.
We met this wonderful family today to pick up camper, our second goldendoodle from them. Here they are on the ground introducing camper to Kooper, working with the 2 to be buddies. Camper wasn't too sure of the new big dog invading his territory, LOL. But with a little work from these wonderful people, camper growls disappeared and now they are becoming buddies.
We picked Kooper up last March, when Kooper heard Patrick's voice today Kooper immediately started wagging his tail and ran to him for his loving from his first family, Kooper skipped the sniffing and check you out. Kooper remembered them, that speaks volumes on how much these puppies are loved from the beginning, they aren't just a cash cow.
If your thinking of getting a goldendoodle, you will be hard-pressed to find one that starts their life out with more love and attention that they receive from this family. You will not be disappointed in getting a goldendoodle from granton creek goldendoodles. I can't thank them enough for the 2 great dogs we have gotten from them, and for the attention they gave our new family members, giving them a great start in life. The whole family is involved in raising these puppies, a big thanks to each and every one of you.

October 11, 2016 (Daisy & Jack's F1 and Maggie & Zircon's F1b)
Wally (Link) and Ginger (Lady)- it didn't take long for them to settle in together! Thank you, Megan and Jarred, for sharing!

October 10,2016 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thanks for the sweet words about Maisie (Disco)!

Maisie is just amazing! She is so fun but also so relaxed everywhere we go people fall in love with her immediately! She loves to sit on people's feet which everyone loves lol. She goes to work with me everyday and we have to make a stop at my husbands jobsite too cause everyone loves seeing her. We couldn't ask for a more perfect puppy!!! My son Charlie who is 4 makes it very clear to everyone that she is our dog and we're keeping her forever!

October 4, 2016 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thanks for the update on Maisie (Disco)!

We all are completely in love with Maisie "Disco" we took her to our vet and they said she is perfect! And 12.5lbs. Everyone falls in love with her when they meet her. She loves to lay on people's feet! She is the sweetest puppy ever!!

October 3, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Tara, for the "first few days" update on Remy (Tango)!

"He did great on the ride home, he slept the whole time and we didn't stop for a potty break! He is so snuggly and well-behaved already and he sits on command (with a treat of course) whenever we ask him too! 

He also went to the vet this morning and he weighs 12.3lbs and his fecal sample came back with flying colors, no parasites or things to be concerned about! 

We love him so much, even our 12 year old cat who is quite the grouch likes him!"

October 2, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Emily and Alex, for the update on Rory (Sunny)!

"Hi Audrey and Patrick!
I wanted to send you a little update on Ms. Rory! We are loving her and having tons of fun! She has been on adventures already meeting friends and family and with us for our engagement pictures in Madison! Hope you all are doing well, and that all the other puppies are finding good homes!
I will send a couple pics in a separate email (having trouble with the phone!)
-Emily and Alex"

September 28, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Peg, for the update on Daisy (Pristina)! (No photo/video yet)

Sorry this is so late. We were on vacation when I saw it then life got in the way!
Daisy is awesome. She is so smart! I am so amazed by what she picks up everyday. She loves to watch us do something, and then she joins right in.... she is a helper!!
Daisy is always right by my side when the kids are at school, she knows our schedule and waits by the door when she knows the kids are coming home or Grandma is coming over.  Her "best friend" outside of our immediate family is Uncle Jim..... if I say, "Is Uncle Jim here?" She goes wild! :)
Daisy is 60lbs now. I thought she was 70 at one of her appointments awhile back but I was wrong, and had misheard Jason.
I'm going to try to send a video of Daisy helping us move rocks out of the shallow part of our lake in MN... she was watching us take some small rocks out of the entrance area so they wouldn't hurt the kids feet, and she started pawing at them and stuck her whole head in the water to get the rocks and carry them away!!! She also was very vigilant about watching all the kids from the dock while they swam... like a life guard! :)
She loved the water, but was determined to get the resident Loon family... I swear they were taunting her! :)
Hope all is well with your family and the new pups!!!


September 24, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Aubrey and Adam, for the update on Arlo (Rumba)!  Looks like Arlo got a boy today!
Hi guys!

Just wanted to let you know Arlo (Rumba) made it home safe and sound. He wanted to snuggle with Daddy on the ride home instead of me. 😊 He loves following Evan around already and is all tuckered out after exploring his new home. Cora's having a hard time sharing the new toys! He's loved already. 😍

September 24, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Lori, for the update on Watson! Great to hear how well he's settling in!
"Hi Audrey,
Marshmallow a.k.a. “Watson" is doing great! He is so sweet! And today he has pooped and peed 4 times outside, with only one puddle on the kitchen floor, so not too bad for Day 2 of living here!
He and my son are best buddies already. Watson loves having someone else who will roll around on the ground with him. (Our 2 year old golden retriever is not willing to do that yet.)
Thanks for checking in.

September 23, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Alex and Emily, for the update on Rory (Sunny)!

Hey Patrick,

I hope you all got home safely last night! Thank you so much for driving so far for us! We are already in love with this little thing, she's adjusting really well! Except the kennel was pretty traumatizing for the first 20 minutes! Hope you have a great weekend.

September 19, 2016 (Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b)
Thanks, Diane, for the quick update on Stella (Skittles)!

Good morning!

Sending pics of Stella (Skittles) from the weekend. She's getting to be a big girl and very showy.

Hope all is well with you.

Diane Gillette

September 14, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks Thia, for the update on Otto (Luma)!

"Otto is so good, can't believe he is not even 8 months old yet! We got a calf yesterday and I think Billy Ray and him are going to be buddies"

August 23, 2016 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thanks, Liz, for the update on Willis (Hilo)! 

Hi Hanson Family!

I apologize this has taken me so long to respond. We sold our house and bought another this summer and everything happened so quickly life has kind of gotten away from us!

Willis is doing absolutely FANTASTIC! He is 91 pounds of PURE LOVE AND JOY!  The hardest decision I ever have with Willis is deciding if I like his long, shaggy, curly hair or trimmed and shaved down a bit… πŸ˜Š

Favorite things: Walks, watching TV (this is so funny but he will lay on the floor or couch as you can see from pictures πŸ˜Š) and watch the tv and when he sees a dog come on he gets really excited,  snuggling on mom’s bed, playing with the neighbor dog, swimming in his plastic pool-we cant keep him out of it, absolutely ANYTHING outside.

Dislikes: The only thing that Willis does not like is the tornado sirens on Saturdays-he actually howls back at them, it is so funny!

On his first birthday Willis was certified as a therapy dog and he wears that badge so proudly and does such a good job. He has such a gentle soul. He can change into those roles so quickly. One minute running around the yard like crazy chasing balls and then to the relaxed love on me boy that he is!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!
August 22, 2016 Tootsie(Maggie and Zircon's litter) (F1b- 75% Poodle/ 25% Golden Retriever)

"Hi Guys. Here is an update on Tootsie. She was spayed almost a month ago now. She did great!. Everyone loves how sweet and cute she is. My friends offer to watch her all of the time, I think they are jealous. πŸ™‚ haha. Tootsie loves to run and fetch. She loves to be chased when she has a toy. She will rub the toy against you, just to bait you to try to take it. Tootsie is really well behaved, she listens to commands well."

She has a friend, great dane-mastiff, named Brutus.

August 11, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Carrie, for the update on Harley (Nairobi)!


I thought you might be interested in the note I just my friend who is an animal behaviorist. She's helped me with Harley's training. Specifically, we have been refining the "rules" for Harley. My youngest craves the physical interaction Harley can provide... She loves to have her lay on her, lick her, etc... She's a "sensory kid" if you will. The type who is alway on a lap, or asking to be held, begging to sleep with (really on) you. However, not everyone loves to be licked and nuzzled by a big fur ball! And, I'm always conscious of that fine line of healthy interaction vs a display of dominance when it comes to dogs being in top of people. In any case, my friend Kim has helped me to help Harley know that some interactions are OK only with Jane and it's really worked.

Amazingly... This concept of 'OK with this person, not with that person' has bloomed this week! Below is the note  I just sent the trainer... I'll try to get some pics and video for you too. It's just so amazing how smart and gentle these doodles can be, even with a kid who is not so gentle.

PS - My sister-in-law was checking out your website and FB page... Maybe we are making a sale this week? Lol!

> My husband's entire family is here visiting. 19 people staying in our house... Many of them very little children. They all love Harley! Three of them are extremely timid and quiet. Two are extremely rambunctious and have zero awareness of how dangerous a dog could potentially be... Surprising from behind, trying to ride, running up to, etc. Watching Harley navigate the kids is so amazing. She knows who is who and how to interact with each. When a kid gets over excited she walks away just briskly enough so the child can't keep up. When a child is timid but interested she lays down and waits for the child to come to her. It's fascinating, especially given that she is not yet two!! I wish people could be as perceptive!
> Everyone just left for the afternoon and poor Harley is taking advantage of the moment.... She is zonked!

And extra fluffy! These kids have given her multiple spa treatments. 😳

August 2, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Rachael, for the update on Carl (Cairo)!

Carl is doing well. He's grown to 92 pounds, and that's with his hair shaved down for the summer. When is hair is long he looks huge but I'm so used to it but I don't think much of it (other people are shocked when they come over)!  With his hair shaved down he looks much leaner and his legs are as long as a horse so he just looks long and ditzy when he runs!

He enjoys the country and has taken it upon himself to get to know the neighbors pretty well....  luckily, they all like him :)  

July 30, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Darcy and Don, for the update on Cocoa (Maya)!

Hello Patrick &Audrey!

Thanks for the email. Cocoa is doing well. She isn't only a part of our family, she is the center of it. Ha ha. She loves to go for walks, swim, go for car rides, and boat rides. She recently learned how to play hide and seek. She waits patiently as we count and her boys go and hide. Then we say "ready or not...here comes Cocoa!"  Off like a shot she runs around until everyone is found. 

Cocoa weighs about 60 lbs, has a light, wavy coat, and still has her white paws!  She is kind, loving, tenacious, smart, observant, cute, stubborn, and a control freak. She makes us laugh all the time with her shenanigans. She walks with her leash in her mouth, as if she is taking herself for a walk.  She knows how to get attention.  Everyone that meets her becomes her best friend. Quite a character. 

Congratulations on your new litter and to all the lucky new puppy parents. They can rest assured that their puppy comes from great breeders.  

July 26, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Dave and Amy, for the update on Kushman (Pepper)!

Hi Patrick - 

Mr. Kushman is doing great.  He is such a fun and loving pup...lot's of energy!   He weighs just over 80 pounds (I think he weighs more though!)   He is enjoying camping season and playing with the other dogs at the campground.  We kind of started a trend with him..there are 2 other golden doodle pups that he hangs out with there!  During the week him and big/little sister Lucy go to daycare.  It's one of his favorite things to do.  He know's the routine in the morning, waits patiently, and then when the time comes runs over to grab his leash to go.  So he gets a ton of interaction with other dogs his age and size.  Him and Lucy are getting along great...for being an 8 year old dog, I think Kushman has turned her into a puppy again.  Attached are some pictures.   Hope all is well with you and your family

Have a great rest of the summer

Dave & Amy


July 25, 2016 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thanks, Sheila, for the update on Finn (Kale)!

Our Finn is a roughly 85 pound boy who loves to be at our side at all times, is afraid to jump off the couch, loves to play ball, fetch, and tug! He makes us laugh everyday and is full of love! He still needs some work, but most teenagers do😜 her are some pictures of him. I hope momma and pappa are doing we'll and your family too! Thanks for the note😊 Sheila

July 23, 2016 (Daisy and Zircon's F1b- 75% Golden Retriever/25% Poodle)
Thanks, Sandy, for the update on Ivy (Juniper)!  She looks so much like her Mama!
Our Ivy is a great dog. We love her a lot. She is friendly and great with our grandchildren and our great grandchildren. She now weighs about 75 lbs. Looks more like her mother than her dad. This photo was taken about 2 months ago.

July 22, 2016 (Daisy and Zircon's F1b- 75% Golden Retriever/25% Poodle)
Thank you, Brian, for the update on Rosie (Maple)!

Rosie is doing great. She is spending the summer in Northern Michigan with Jane & the girls. I will be joining them this evening and will get you some updated photos of her. She weighs about 55lbs and is very cute & sweet. She has a little bit of hunter in her and enjoys jumping off the dock into the water to retrieve a dummy bird we purchased for her.

Take care

July 22, 2016 (Daisy and Zircon's F1b- 75% Golden Retriever/25% Poodle)
Thanks for the update on Bucky (Alder)!
Hello Audrey and Patrick J,

So you want to know how Bucky is??  Well, I will tell you.  He is just perfect – we could not possibly love him more.  I think he may be the happiest dog in the whole world and he makes all of us so happy.  I would have a hundred Buckys if I could!! 

Thanks for asking, and thanks for raising such a great puppy.  We tell everyone about Granton Creek Golden Doodles!


July 22, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Kelly, for the update on Martin (Koopa)

I’m sorry I haven’t sent any pics for a while. He is doing great, he is getting big. Last vet check was 45 lbs, that was a month ago so I’m sure he’s over 50. He went swimming for the first time last weekend and loved it. Over the 4th of July he watched the fireworks at the cabin with us and he didn’t seem to mind the noise one bit. He had his first haircut a couple weeks ago. We just love him so much. He still is a puppy with a lot of energy! I don’t regret getting him one bit. I love the no shedding. He has been quite the talk when we bring him places, everyone just loves him.

Feel free to post my pics on your facebook. I just love seeing all the updates.

Thanks for checking in and can’t wait to see the new pups!!


July 21, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Another cute photo of Berkley.  Thanks Brianna!

Berk weighs between 75-80 pounds. I think he is quite svelte as well, he's just built on a large frame, that boy!  I threw in another one of my favorite shots that I think shows his stature well.  We always get compliments on what a handsome boy we have.  Many are surprised to hear that he is a Goldendoodle.  He definitely has a unique look!
July 21, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Deb, for the update on Scout!  She looks super happy!

Nice to hear from you. Scout is growing so fast! The pic of her is from last week, after playing in our flooded yard all morning doing her best sad puppy impression because she has to stay in the kitchen until she dries up. She is my shadow everywhere, so she was very sad the baby gate was up. 

She is such a cuddler, sneaking under hands for pets, and onto laps for snuggles. She creeps up slowly, one, paw, at, a, time, like we won't notice 40+# of lanky fluffball.

She is silly smart. She loves hanging out on the back deck where she chews sticks or watches squirrels and bugs while she can keep an eye on me in the kitchen through the door and window. She invented a game out there. It started off getting her line wrapped around the picnic table on the deck. One bark to ask for help, I'd go guide her back to unwind it. Pretty soon, she could just follow my gestures to get unwound. That was fun, so she started to wind herself on purpose, and wait for me. Then she would do the whole routine, but before I was fully out the door she was already unwinding herself. After playing that for a while, she took it to the next level. When I would come out, instead of unwinding, she would wind herself MORE. Then she would do all that and then sit to wait for me to guide her through unwinding. Next was all that, then immediately winding herself up again…. When she can't see me, she unwinds herself, goes to the window to look for me. I'd move the table, but I'm really wondering what she will come up with next!

July 20, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Missy and Chris, for the update on Layla (Zelda)!
Hi Audrey, Pat and family.

Thanks for asking about Layla❤️ 

She is still her lovey,smart,beautiful self. I seriously stare at her constantly at how perfect she is. We get stopped constantly about how pretty she is and how soft her coat is. Of coarse when asked where we got her I refer them to your website. 

I'm not 100 percent sure how much she weighs now but we will say 50 pounds..She is getting into the vet in August to be fixed so we will know what her true weight is than. She loves her family and is so attached to my girls, Right by their side all the time.She loves all other dogs that she sees on her daily walks and just loves everyone in general.She is just so friendly.

She is still having some excitement peeing issues but it seems to be getting a little better as we are still trying to work with on that and tell folks to not approach her excitedly. She's smart as a whip, Knows all her commands and listens when spoke too.Loves playing fetch! We honesty can't thank you guys enough for bringing this beautiful girl to us.The joy she brings to our family is indescribable❤️Hope all is well and we will keep you posted on her growth.Hard to believe she is six months!!!

July 20, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Katrina, for the update on Buzzy (Bowser)!

Bowser is doing great! We now call him Buzzy because he is always buzzing around, curious about everything. He went on his first camping trip this weekend and did awesome. He is learning to swim and fetch in the water, and did great this weekend in the lake. 

He still does some biting when he gets really rambunctious, so we're working on that. He is completely potty trained, but still does some excited piddling when new people come over. He is great with little kids. He is a bit rough with our older dog and loves to play and tumble with her, so we have been trying to keep them separate, and/or keep them calm when they're in the house. 

He is going to go to a beginner obedience class soon, but he is still doing great with his tricks...stay, high fives, 'gimme 10', sit pretty, rollover, sit, shake, up, spin, and down! 

We gave him his first home buzz so all those beautiful waves and curls are gone, but they'll grow back and he still is as adorable as ever. He was getting so hot!

We've had some issues with him scratching and biting himself a lot, so we've had him on oral mange medication and now we're doing a topical medicine to see if that helps. It may just be a nervous trait he has because his skin is not irritated or visually broken anywhere. He did well after being neutered. 

I just LOVE his personality. He is a total mamas boy and every time I come home he gives me a 'hug' like his mom did to me (as seen in the attached picture) when we went to your house! He puts his paws on my chest and rests his head down. If I sit on the floor he puts his head on my shoulder and loves to be pet, and if I lay on the floor he ll lay right on top of me and cuddle...he's so sweet. 

Hope you guys are having a wonderful summer too!!


July 19, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Laura, for the update on Ruby (Scarlett)!

She is a bundle of energy, and is growing so tall.  Her favorite treat is sharp cheddar cheese - truly from Wisconsin!

Snuck up on the couch and fell asleep!
Thanks so much!
 Visiting family.

She is very patient with her 5-year old big brother who loves her so much! 

You see a theme, she likes to hang out by the windows πŸ˜€
July 19, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks for the update Kate!  Daisy (Charlotte) is beautiful and I LOVE that she gets to be a blessing to the residents!

Hi Hansons!
Our Daisy girl is doing great! She has had so many fun adventures this summer: swimming, her first backpacking camping trip, lots of hiking, and even a few boat rides. She loves coming to work at the nursing home with me and we try to make Fridays our "Daisy day." If my Friday is too hectic and I don't have a chance to bring her in, the residents and staff let me know that I'm forgetting someone special! I recently had a resident who had poodles throughout life ask if Daisy could nap with her. When I went to check on them, Daisy was sprawled out alongside her with her big furry pay stretched out across the woman's chest. I thought my heart was going to burst. She's such a lover.

She is such an easy going girl and my husband commented the other day that she just always looks happy. She can be excitable when she first meets people but that's to be expected for a 6 month old pup. Her brother keeps her busy, and they love playing together. I've attached a few photos of them that I can't remember if I shared yet or not. 

She loves spending time with us outside...usually chewing sticks. I can spend 2-3 hours in the gardens and she never leaves my sight. She's my little shadow. She's getting big and is probably over 50 lbs by now! We feel so lucky to have found your family and our Daisy baby. :) Hope you are enjoying your summer!

July  19, 2016 
Maggie and Zircon's litter (F1b- 75% Poodle/ 25% Golden Retriever) 
Thanks, Leslie, for the update on Stella (Snickers)!  She's such a pretty girl!

Dear Audrey and Patrick,

Thanks for checking in. Did you see the photos I emailed you in June of Stella and Clover at the dog beach? I'll forward them to you. Those two really love each other and love playing rough! Stella enjoys the sand and dogs at the beach, but she isn't a big fan of the water. She is still the sweetest girl and such a great snuggler. She thinks she is a lap dog, but she is getting quite big!  Well over 40 pounds now. She loves chasing butterflies but hasn't caught any yet. She does like to assist in fly control around the house though!

Hope you guys are doing well!



July 18, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Jon and Connie, for the update on Zoey (Vienna)!

Always good to hear from Zoey's puppy parents! She weighs approximately 70 pounds and is just such a fun-loving dog. We have attached some pictures from one of her many "pool days." She loves swimming in our pool and, as you can see, thinks she is human (wonder where she got that idea from) and is often found sitting in a chair.  

We are excited to hear puppy news and love seeing all the pictures of the new fur babies! We were SO tempted to call you about "Whatchy" but know that it would be tough for us to have three in the house.  

Take care, and get some rest before its "all hands on deck" again!

The Hansens: Jon, Connie, Zoey & Riley

July 17, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Amanda and Eric, for the update on Walter (Onyx)!

Walter is amazing. He has definitely become the love of our lives. He has grown into such a well behaved dog, and we are so incredibly lucky to have him. Not a day goes by where Eric and I don't discuss how much we love him. He is great with other dogs, great with kids, and puts a smile on everybody's faces. People always are shocked by how big he is, even though he thinks he is a lap dog. He hovers around 100. He is such a big boy! Thanks for thinking of us! I love seeing all he updates on the other pups
Hope everything is going well! Best, Amanda
Here are a few pics: 

July 17, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Liz, for the update on Clover (Arya)

41.4 lbs of all love! She's amazing with kids! Stella is bigger!! The Vet loves having the two related dogs in her practice...the whole place is loving seeing the dogs grow up!

July 16, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Carrie, for the update on Harley(Nairobi)

Lazing about this summer!

Harley is doing great. She loves to swim and be with the kids 24/7.

She is super smart, incredibly sweet and loves to play!!

July 14, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Steve, for the update on Daisy (Sapphire)!

She is doing well. 

She just went to the 'spa' on Sunday so she is all bathed with a short and sassy haircut. Here are some pix of Daisy / Saphire.  She weighs 95 lbs.

July 14, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Michelle, for the update on Cassie (Emerald)!

Hi Audrey! Great to hear from you! Cassie is still very much a puppy! Her favorite toys are ropes and balls made from ropes. She enjoys going on walks around the neighborhood and running around the yard with Orion (who just turned 8). She is sweet, funny and very much the princess of the house. Although her fur lightened considerably from her red puppy coat, she is still so very beautiful! About 56# at 2.5 years. She has bigger paws, like her siblings. Fairly curly fur. Rare shedding, usually only when her fur gets too long. And she really hates to sit still for photos. This is the best I could do:

July 14, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Melody, for the update on Toby (Mario)

Here.is.our.little.guy.the day after he.was neutered

July 13,2016(Lily and Jack's litter F1)

Here is an update on Berkley.  Thanks, Brianna!

"Hi there Audrey!
Thank you for checking in with us, Berkley has been doing great! We decided that he could use some room to roam, so we recently purchased a large country lot with no neighbors in sight so he could roam and adventure to his hearts desire. Our home is about half way completed, so we have been living in my parents farmhouse rental which has been an absolute joyride for the pup. The extra room to run provides his own puppy paradise. His favorite pastimes include barking at rabbits, birds, deer, turkeys, raccoons, etc, and chasing after rabbits, birds, deer, turkeys, raccoons, etc. He hasn't figured out how to turn on the faucet at the rental yet, but he still tries his best daily and often refuses to drink out of his dish. Nothing but finest fresh running tap water for Berk! I attached a few photos of his 2016 adventures. He has been on his first boat ride (so many birds to see!) and loves spending time with his grandpa (aka, my dad) on the farm. Best of luck with your newest litter! I follow you closely on facebook and love seeing the newest sweetest faces as well as your updates from the proud puppy parents.

Thanks again - hope you and your family are well!

July 13, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Jim, for the quick update on Riley (Dhaka)!

Good to hear from you.
He's 70 lbs now.
Attached is a pic from this morning as Riley hides inside from the heat outside

July 13, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Connie, for the update on Moses (Phoenix)

Hi Audrey,

Thank you for asking about Moses. He’s doing well, still loves car rides, walks and staying close to “his people.” He is very active when outside and runs laps around us when we walk 1/2  a mile to get the paper at 5 am and after supper. Chasing chipmunks and squirrels is a favorite activity, but he’s not yet caught any. We lost our mastiff this winter from bone cancer, and have a 7 month-old Newfoundland-poodle puppy who plays well with and chews on Moses.
Moses is a lean 73 #, without any fat.
Congratulations on your coming litter of puppies. 
Blessings to you,

July 11,2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Carly, for the wonderful update on Maple (Diamond)!

Hi Audrey! 

It is so funny that I just read this email because I am sitting outside waiting for tomato juice to soak in to maple because she just got skunked for the first time! 

We love her to pieces and always get asked what breed she is because she is so red and unique looking. We always recommend you guys to anyone looking for a golden doodle!  

Here are a few recent pictures...we now have a one year old baby and they are the best of buds. I couldn't ask for a more gentle dog for our baby! thanks again for the best dog ever!

July 9, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Katrina, for the update on Buzzy (Bowser)!

Happy 6 months to our Buzzy boy (Bowser) and the rest of his litter mates!! He has grown quite a bit in the last 4 months...created a lot of havoc, chewed on a lot of socks and undies, stolen a lot of Diamonds food, woken us up a lot at night, made us clean a lot of carpet spots, but most importantly, he has given us lots of love and snuggles and reasons to laugh! We love him and his sweet, goofy personality. It's a good thing you're cute Mr. because it's been quite the adventure with you! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸΎπŸΎ

July 6, 2016
Daisy and Zircon's litter (F1b- 75% Golden Retriever/ 25% Poodle) 
Thank you, Katie, for the update and Congratulations on your new addition!!

Murph is the perfect companion! We couldn't have asked for a better dog. He is also very happy to announce he will be a big brother! Thank you for the perfect dog!! He was 81 lbs at the last vet appointment.

 June 29, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Miranda, for the update on Colby (Beans)!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! These two are inseparable.  He is the best. He is a BIG BOY and loves everyone.  We couldn't ask for a better dog. We love him to pieces.  Thank you.
He really is the most loving dog.  He is my youngest daughter's best friend, she is 2.   She cries anytime we leave him at the groomer for haircut.  She calls him her pony and tries to ride him down the stairs.  Thank you again.
He weighs about 88 to 90 lbs.We are hoping he gets to a 100 lbs. He is the sweetest big boy.  He loves everyone.  He still thinks he is a lap dog sometimes.  If we had a bigger yard, we would definitely get him a playmate.  ;)

June 27, 2016 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thank you, Laurie, for the update on Tucker (Atticus)

Tucker's (Atticus) first real swimming experience. He loves the water

June 24, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Lisa, for the update on Louie (Huck)!

Hi Audrey!

Sorry for the late response. He is doing awesome. My parents helped me finish the fence in my back yard and he loves it. He's a total goof ball. We are just about to start puppy training classes! I had to have surgery so I didn't get to start as soon as I wanted but he was a great dog for me when I wad recovering. He loves to chew on rocks and he sleeps on his back like a human haha. I attached some pictures for you!

Take Care,

June 24, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Casi, for the birthday wishes for all Auggie's (Pumpkin) brothers!

Happy first birthday to all of Auggie's handsome brothers! Auggie got to spend his morning getting spoiled at his favorite kennel.
June 24, 2016 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thank you, Nick, for the birthday wishes!

Jordy's (Basil's) Birthday Cake!

June 24, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Amy, for the for the birthday wishes from Kushman!

Happy 1st birthday to my litter mates. Love, Kushman (Pepper)
June 22,2016
(Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Katrina, for the update on Bowser! Congratulations!

Bowser boy graduated from puppy kindergarten today with flying colors!!

June 21, 2016 
(Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b 75% Poodle /25% Golden Retriever)
Thank you, Debbie, for the update on Starr (York)!

Hi Audrey

Starr is doing very well!  He has grown so much. He is so beautiful too. As everyone states that meets him!  He is also very fluffy. He has some kinky fur close to his body down his back. It will be interesting to see how his coat grows.  (He still has his upside down heart and his right side heart on his other side.)  I hope he turns out like his daddy!  

He is very smart and learns so quickly!  Besides holding for the magic "ok" to eat his food, he shakes both paws, and lays down when told. He comes immediately when called. 

I am not sure what he weighs now. He was almost 25 lbs at his last appointment for shots. Probably in his 30s now. He is even with height to Skye. He eats a cup of food the three times a day!  

He is very good mannered for a young pup and still so sweet at work!!  My bosses husband and wife are back from Florida recently.  I had been sending pics of him however, she could not wait to meet him. She absolutely loves him and said he will be our office mascot!!  Vendors cannot wait to see how he has grown each visit. All our employees say he must grow every night!!

He does quite well on a leash however, even better with his harness. Starr and I are walking the mountain bay trail and he is doing great for a young pup. This last weekend we took him to my girlfriend's pond. He caught on to swimming almost instantly with no fear!! Then continued to jump in and fetch his water toy for quite some time.  My little swimmer boy!  

He brings so much happiness to my life each day. I feel very blessed to have him and also to have found him from you, Pat and all of your family!!!  The other day....my girlfriend at work who knew my goldendoodle Hailey that died of cancer said, "Debbie Starr is so sweet.  It is as if he has Hailey inside of him."  Tears of happiness swelled in my eyes!



June 20, 2016
(Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b- 75% Poodle /25% Golden Retriever)
Thanks, Diane, for the update on Stella (Skittles)!

Hi Audrey and family,

Stella had her first haircut today. She looks so grown up! She got high marks for being such a girl. Of course!

Take care,

June 20, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Todd, for the update on Kooper (BoomBoom)! Poor guy!

 Kooper is not impressed with his stylish hat. He was neutered today and wouldn't stop licking his stitches.

June 20, 2016 (Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b- 75% Poodle /25% Golden Retriever) & (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Leslie, for the pics of Stella (Snickers) & Clover (Arya) playing together at the beach!

Hi guys,

Here are a few pics of Stella (Snickers)  and Clover's play date at the dog beach last week. Clover loves the water, but Stella isn't so sure about it! These girls are getting so big, and they really light up around each other.

Hope all is well!



June 19, 2016
(Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b- 75% Poodle /25% Golden Retriever)
Thank you, Andrea, for the update on Sully (Rolo)!

Hello! Sully is doing great! I snapped these pictures of him after his first visit to the groomer. He loves going on walks and being outside. He found his new favorite spot to sit on our rock wall. So handsome. My youngest daughter insists his name Sully Bergman. ;) ❤️ We love him!

June 19, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Melody, for the update on Toby (Mario)!

Here is a picture of Toby from a couple weeks ago. In the background you can see some of his excavation work. He is a busy boy :-)

June 14, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks for the great video Liz!

Clover (Arya) loves living near Lake Michigan!

June 13, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Jenny, for the update on Maggie (Peach)


Just a little on Maggie, 

She's such a great dog! And everyone knows how spoiled she is! We just took her to the lake this past weekend, and she loved being on the boat!! Wasn't such a fan of swimming yet, but she swam a little bit. 

I have seen on your page that Ted (Yoshi) looks just like Maggie, especially before I had her eyes trimmed up! They are so adorable! I wish I could have another! 

Maggie is 32-34lbs now, I see she is a little smaller than her siblings are but I think she's perfect! 

Here's a couple photos from the lake, she didn't mind floating with mom in the water, just wasn't a fan of trying to swim in the huge lake. I did buy her a lifejacket because I was quiet nervous about her swimming skills! 

June 13, 2016 (Lily & Jack's F1)
Thank you, Kate, for the sweet update on Daisy (Charlotte)!

Daisy is still doing well! Last week I had her at work and she ever so gently climbed right into bed with a pet-loving resident and gave her kisses on her hands. We are still working on not lunging toward people when we see them, but she is so gentle once they acknowledge her πŸ™‚
Just had to share a few sibling photos. They sure do love each other! I really can't believe what an easy puppy Daisy is. So well behaved, smart, and sweet. Hope your family is having a great summer!!

June 13, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Missy, for the update on Layla (Zelda)!

Quick picture of Layla(Zelda)❤️She is doing wonderful! She recently had a haircut because she gets so hot with summer here.She is still pretty as ever!!
June 12, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Jessica, for the update on Derby (Luigi)!

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to send you an update on Derby (Luigi)! We have been very busy with him and enjoying all the firsts he is getting to experience! Most recently we have encountered swimming, boating, and his first hair cut!

June 11, 2016 (Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b- 75% Poodle /25% Golden Retriever)
Thanks, Tyler and Leslie, for the update on Niko (Necco)!

Here is Niko after his first haircut!  We all love him so much!  Thank you for breeding such an amazing and beautiful dog!  Hope all is well on your dog farm!

June 11, 2016 (Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b- 75% Poodle /25% Golden Retriever)
Thanks for the update, Diane! Stella (Skittles) is one muddy girl!

3" of rain + Stella = 1 mud puppy She had the best time! And then a bath

June 10, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you Rachael for the update on Olive (Asmara)!

Hello Hanson's!
This is Asmara's (now Olives) mom. Our family loves Olive (A l l L o v e!). 
Well, she's well loved and taken care of! She's my love! πŸ’œ

June 5, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Cindy, for the update on Ted (Yoshi)!

Hello from Ted! 47 pounds of pure Goldendoodle love 

May 20, 2016 (Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b- 75% Poodle /25% Golden Retriever)
Cute picture of Chewy (Twix)! Thanks, Andra!

May 19, 2016 (Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b- 75% Poodle /25% Golden Retriever)
Thanks, Jesse and Chrissy, for the update on Delylah (Pixie)!

Sorry for the delayed reply. Delylah is settling in nicely, and is getting along well with her big sister Daisy. She has certainly added excitement to our lives. I have attached some pictures. She's up to 30 lbs as of last week, and gets her last booster shots tomorrow.

May 16, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Mary and Eric for the update on Kona (Caspian)!

Kona's chewing is getting better. We have lots of dog chew toys now, so he's not so tempted to chew on the wrong things (like us).  We had a personal session with a dog trainer that gave us lots of tools to help with nipping and chewing and other naughtiness.  He is so sweet!  We absolutely LOVE him!  He gets cuter everyday!  The kids are taking him to a dog obedience and agility class for 4H.  He's the youngest one there, but so far ahead of all the other dogs!! 😊
Thanks for checking on him.

May 15, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Todd, for the update on Kooper (Boom Boom)!

"Here is a short video of Kooper, (boom boom) from daisy litter. He is doing great, in full puppy stage. He loves chew toys with squeakers, although the squeaker does not last long since he centers his attention on them. We just bought one with 13 squeakers in it, this one might make it thru a day lol. We enjoy having him very much, not so much the puppy stage, but he will grow out of it eventually, lol. He is a sweet dog, goes around to greet everyone. He definitely has the poodle hopping."

May 15, 2016
(Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b- 75% Poodle /25% Golden Retriever)
Thank you, Carly, for the update on Tootsie!
In some of the photos you can really see both the brown and black in her amazing coat.
"Hi guys
Tootsie is doing well. She is surviving being alone, it's about 5-6 hours at a time.
she just had her Vet check up, 26lbs. Vet says everything checks out and she got the remaining distemper, lime disease, and rabbi shots.
She is super smart, sometimes she uses her brains for naughty things, still a puppy.
She can sit, shake, high five, Too far, leave it, fetch, lay down, go to crate, etc.
Tootsie is calming down on the biting, but still gets excited around little kids.
She has many dogs in the neighborhood to play with, and she likes everyone. We go for runs and walks, she does really well on the leash.
Tootsie struggles with carpet areas and rug for potty training. I have certain rooms closed off for now. I am reintroducing my rugs to the entry way. I have been feeding her on the rugs and trying to play with her on then so she knows not to potty there.
other than that, potty training went well. she even rings the bell on the door.
She is a real joy and so darn cute!!!"

May 15, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Melody, for the update on Toby (Mario)!

Mario is now Toby. He and Charlie are best buddies, though Charlie does get a little tired sometimes. They are now going for walks together on a double leash. Toby was at the Vet last week and he is now 35lbs. He has very long legs and is quite lean. I am on the road for work a couple days each week and it seems like he doubles every time I come home. He spends his time alternating between bouncing all over the house with his toys and being sprawled out sound asleep.
I will try to find a picture to send. We all really love him !

May 15, 2016 (Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b- 75% Poodle /25% Golden Retriever)
Thanks, Diane, for the update on Stella (Skittles)!

She is wonderful. She is extremely smart and keeps us smiling. We named her Stella; which I see one of her litter mates has the same name. Brilliant minds...

She weighed 19.7# on 5/2. Growing like a weed. She sits, shakes, speaks, down. Does stairs well.

Attached are a few pictures. My husband still thinks she is the best puppy ever. Lol. Thank you for raising such great dogs. 
Take care, thanks for staying in touch. 


May 14, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Kate, for the update on Daisy (Charlotte)

Daisy gets braver each time we go to the beach. The very first time we took her on a dock, she jumped off! I think she was just as surprised as we were  She is the absolute sweetest and so fun-loving!

April 29, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks Jennifer for the update on Goomba!

Goomba is becoming so fluffy 
April 18, 2016 
Thanks Liz for the picture of Stella(Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b 75% Poodle/25% Golden Retriever) and Clover! (Lily and Jack's litter F1)

These two love each other!

April 14, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks Jessica and Joe for the update on Derby (Luigi)

"Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to send an update on Derby (Luigi). We are so in love and cannot believe how fast he is growing. It seems like just yesterday we brought him home, but on the same note it feels like he has been a part of our family forever! Everyone is just smitten with him! We are still working on a few things, but he understands sit and shake and will stay for the most part. His excitement usually gets the best of him! Potty training has been really good, he still will potty in the house on occasion but those are few and far between for the most part! He loves being outside and will try to carry any stick he can find! He is growing into his paws as well and getting quicker everyday!! It has been so much fun! I will send some pictures as well!! Thanks again! We really do appreciate everything you did for these puppies!!"

April 9, 2016 (Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b 75% Poodle/25% Golden Retriever)
Thank you, Leslie, for the update on Stella (Snickers)!

Dear Audrey and Patrick,

Stella (Snickers) is doing great and adjusting well to her new home. She is making progress on sleeping through the night and going to the bathroom outside, and she is very well behaved when we have visitors.  She is just as cuddly as she is playful, and she loved playing in the snow this morning. She has also already had a play date with her buddies Clover and Tucker.  Thanks so much for everything!



April 8, 2016
Playdate with Clover (Arya), Stella (Snickers), and Tucker (Atticus).

April 7, 2016  (Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b- 75% Poodle /25% Golden Retriever)
Thanks for the update, Tyler! Niko (Necco)

Niko weighed in at 18 pounds today at the vet!

April 1, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thank you, Todd and Corrine, for the update on Kooper (BoomBoom)

"Just a quick photo. Kooper is doing great. Growing so fast. He is not spoiled at all says nobody.
Thank you"

April 1, 2016 (Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b- 75% Poodle /25% Golden Retriever)
Thanks, Debbie, for the pictures of Starr (York)!

March 29, 2016 (Lily & Jack's F1)
Thanks for the update on Daisy (Charlotte), Kate!

Where to begin! It's hard to believe we've only had Daisy for just over a week. She's doing great. Potty training has been going very well - I could probably count her accidents in the house on one hand. She's an absolute doll at the nursing homes (she especially loves residents who have tennis balls on the legs of their walkers - hysterical! But she'll also nap in someone's lap for 30 minutes and make their whole day). She did great meeting our nieces and nephews - she was clearly socialized with kids, and she loves playing with her brother, Moose, too. We live just a couple miles from a segment of the ice age trail so she's already enjoyed her fair share of hiking! We just love her - thanks again!

March 23, 2016 (Maggie and Zircon's F1b)
Update on Niko (Necco)

We made it home with Niko!  He is jumping around and getting tons of attention!

March 22, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Todd!


Just a short update on kooper, AKA boom boom.

These pictures are tonight after his first bath.

He is doing great with the family. His potty training is coming along real good, started working on sit command and he is picking that up super fast. We took him for a walk today to introduce him to a leash, he didn't care for it of course, but he learned fast on what to do, not a pro yet, but darn good for his first walk. He is such a loving dog, we took him to friends house with several kids and they were amazed at how calm he was and just stood there loving all the attention he was getting.

He is such a bundle of joy, he became part of the family immediately. I am glad you found a home for Mario, really surprised me he was available that long, it took will power and a wife saying no to stop be from calling and say we will be back for him.

March 20, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Kate, for letting us know! Daisy (Charlotte)

We made it home safe and sound and little Daisy only chased the chickens twice! She didn't get sick at all on the ride home. She just snuggled right in and slept 90% of the way. Soon she'll get introduced to her big brother Moose so we will let you know how that goes :) Thanks again for all you've done. We are forever grateful!

March 21, 2016 (Lily and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks Kate!  Love this!! Daisy (Charlotte)

Moose loves his litter sister and she's told him off a few times when he tries to play too rough :) she's been so sweet and has only had a couple accidents in the house. This morning I brought her to work with me for a couple hours (I'm a nursing home administrator), and the residents adored her! We are already planning to spend Easter here so I can devote the whole day to letting her snuggle the residents :) She brought so much love and light to so many folks here in just a few hours. 

March 21, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Megan, for the update on Wally (Link)!

Hi Patrick and Audrey,

At work and missing Wally. He is definitely a character. Walking well on a leash and knows how to sit but potty training is another story! I thought that I sent you some more pics yesterday but for some reason I can't attach more than 1 on fb so here are the others. We have 2 dogs beds but Wally prefers to take naps on our coffee table:) 

March 20, 2016 (Maggie and Zircon's litter F1b- 75% Poodle /25% Golden Retriever)
Thanks, Andrea, for the update on Sully (Rolo)!

Hello!! Sully was the best surprise ever! He did great on the car ride home yesterday and had a pretty good first night. We all love him so much. Thank you Granton Creek Goldendoodles for giving Sully a great start!

March 17, 2016 (Daisy and Jack's litter F1)
Thanks, Katrina & Seth for the update on Bowser!

Hi guys!
First time I have had time to sit down and write, so here's an update! It sure is busy with a new little baby. He did great on the ride home...only threw up once and then slept. We had him in a little bed next to ours last night and he only woke up a few times to go out. Hasn't peed in the house yet, but has pooped, however we just had our first poop outside so we are making progress. His big sister Diamond is slowly getting used to him...she plays a litter rough sometimes, but he sure likes to play with her! Such a sweet boy he is! Sit is going well, and come! Shake and lay down will be next!
Thank you guys so so much for raising such amazing puppies! Bowser is awaiting many visitors and will be very loved! Happy St. PATRICK'S day!
Katrina, Seth, and Bowser

February 19, 2016
A Facebook update on Milo (Sequoia) from Daisy and Zircon's litter
 (F1b- 75% Golden Retriever/ 25% Poodle)

Someone 's life is ridiculously difficult. *SIGH*

February 19, 2016
Thank you, Miranda, for the update! Colby (Beans) from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

Good afternoon.
I wanted to give you a quick update on (Beans ) Colby. He is doing great.  This big boy weighing 74 lbs still thinks he is a lap dog.  I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather.
God bless,


February 18, 2016
Another Facebook update on Milo (Sequoia) from Daisy and Zircon's litter (F1b- 75% Golden Retriever/ 25% Poodle) My very good friend Jessica has very funny posts about him.  :-)

Milo sitting in his kennel because Jasper told him to. Nice. Who does he obey without question? The 2 year old. Who does he embarrass in public with his selective hearing? The woman who funds his life. Thanks alot Milo!

February 14, 2016
Thank you, Peg for the update on Daisy/Pristina from Lily and Jack's litter! (F1)  

Here are some pics taken today of our sweet Valentine! Daisy loves the snow and is a little glove/mitten stealing stinker! She is dog-gone happy in the yummy, icy snow!

January 26, 2016

Here is an update on Cooper (Kona) from the Portz family. We sure do love hearing how the babies are doing as they grow. He's so very handsome!

Cooper (Kona) is from Lily and Jack's litter (F1).

Look at our pretty boy!!! He's doing great, calming down, listening well and he's awfully sweet. He posed very nicely for our family pictures off leash even with other people, dogs and a horse around. Our photographer was so impressed that she emailed us later asking for our breeder info. I of course passed along your info. I can't tell you how often people ask me for your info.... If you ever get any inquiries from south eastern Wi they were probably sent by me :-)

Cooper was also a big hit on our Christmas Card, Tim and I always laugh at how many people love him. We can't take him anywhere with out people drooling over him. Can't tell you how many people we have met through Cooper. Even our neighbor across the street who we haven't really talked to in the past 10 years of living in our house has become a regular in our backyard. He's just a great dog!
Thanks for checking in with us, he's perfect! Someday we will get another doodle from you


January 13, 2016
Update on Kushman (Pepper) from Lily and Jack's litter (F1).

Kushman (Pepper) snuggling with his mama!

January 14, 2016
Update on Harley (Nairobi) from Lily and Jack's litter(F1)

For just a split second I thought of telling Harley she couldn't be on the new rug... But who could say no to this face?

She is great! Can't believe it's been over a year already.

January 2, 2016
Update on Piper (Acacia) Daisy and Zircon's litter (F1b-75% golden retriever /25% poodle)

 Piper is doing really well and I've attached a few photos for you.  You'll really like the one where she is queen of the mountain, or the couch...


January 16, 2016
Update on Molly(Willow) from Daisy and Zircon's litter (F1b to the Retriever side 75% Golden Retriever/25% Poodle).Thanks Amy for the update!

Just to hold you over. Sorry this has taken so long! She's already so big! 50lbs at 6 months. She's very rambunctious. More to come. Happy New Year! She just got spayed hence the shaved fur on arm for IV.

December 31,2015
Update on Colby (Beans) from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

Good afternoon, 
    I wanted to give you an update on Colby (Beans). He seems to be doing 100% better.  He is growing so fast and is absolutely prefect for our family.  He is LOVING  his first snowfall. Take care and Happy Holidays! 

December 1, 2015
Update on Atlas (Cedar).  He's from Daisy and Zircon's litter (F1b-75% Golden Retriever /25% Poodle)  We love to hear how the puppies are doing with their families!

Atlas has been a splendid dog. He is currently in obedience training at the Coulee Humane Society where he is a star. He focuses well in training and plays hard during the socialization time. Atlas has already mastered sit, lie down, wait, shake, and stand up. In addition we are working on back up, leave it, drop it, roll over, and twirl. He adjusted to our cadence to life and the crate quickly. He is very clearly a cuddle bug and follows us around the house.

Atlas and I exercise every morning and we are working on politely walking through our neighborhood. He is a wonderful walking partner and keeps me true to my exercise regimen. 

I hope that your wonderful family enjoyed the fall and have a great holiday season! We are looking forward to some snow so we can see how Atlas interacts with a new experience.

Gail, Greg, Jenna, and Atlas

November 29, 2015
Update on Bucky (Alder).  He's from Daisy and Zircon's litter (F1b-75% Golden Retriever /25% Poodle)
Hi Patrick – Sorry we haven’t been better about giving you updates on Bucky (Alder).  He is a great pup!  He has a great personality, is best buddies with our other dog, and is fitting right in with the family.  He is happiest when he is next to people, and is laying on my feet as I type this email.  We think he is the perfect pup for our family!  I’ll stick a couple of these pics on your Facebook page as well.
Hope all is well with you too!

November 29, 2015
Update on Doozer (Sprout) from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

Hi Patrick 

Sorry for the delay.  We had guests for Thanksgiving and have been busy.  Doozer is doing great!  He is a little over 50 pounds now.  He loves taking me for long walks, playing in the snow and puppy class.  (Although when you see him its hard to think of him as a puppy!).  He’s  smart, very affectionate and loves to play.  I have attached three pictures, one my daughter took after he was busted doing something he shouldn’t have done, one from Halloween when he dressed up for puppy class and the last of Doozer and his best friend my granddaughter Gabby.  Take care and Happy Holidays!

Best Regards


November 29, 2015
Update on Hudson (Mater) from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

Well, Hudson(Mater) is doing well. I weighed him last week, and he was a whopping 56 lbs.!  He loves to be outside.  He especially likes the sandbox, water, whether for playing or drinking, (he can't seem to get enough), walks, and even snow, (we had about an inch for several days).  He is full of energy, but can be a great snuggler in his minimal down times. He is great entertainment,  and we look forward to many terrific memories, especially this holiday season.

The Slates

November 25, 2015
Update on Finn (Kale) from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

Hi! Finn (Kale) is doing great and getting big! He is 55 pounds and the vet thinks he may get to 100! He is full of love and spunk!
We have completed puppy class and he is easy to train. He can sit, lay, roll over, leave it, wait, stay. Come is another story! 

I have attached some pictures but he does not like to sit and gave his picture taken! So funny. We could not be happier, love the Kluxdals

November 21, 2015 
Update on Kushman (Pepper) from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

Patrick -

It's so nice to hear from you!   Kushman is doing great.   He is such a sweet pup and is the life of the party.   Him and Lucy are getting along great (he really loves his little big sister).   Sometimes he gets a little too excited though and steps on her (she is only 11 pounds).   He really enjoys going for walks and going to the dog park.   He recently completed puppy training class and did a really good job (sitting, staying, down).  The trainer said that he prances in his walk like he is in a dog show, lol.   Some of his favorite activities include swimming (he jumps right into the water), stealing socks, hunting leaves on walks, peeking in showers (don't ask), and tormenting his sister!   He is currently 47 pounds.  The vet thinks he could get to be as big as 100 pounds or so!   He is very playful and sweet.    Attached are some picture of him and Lucy.

Hope all is well.


November 20, 2015
Update on Kubota (Tater) from Lily and Jack's litter (F1) and Oakley (Aspen) from Daisy and Zircon's litter (F1b-75% golden retriever /25% poodle).  They both went to the same family. :-)

Hi everyone!!

     Your ears must be ringing because Matt and I were just talking about sending you an update! Problem is that Kubota and Oakley are too excited to see us to sit for a photo op, so we've had to be sneaky about it! πŸ˜Š Otherwise, all is well here! I hope everything is well there too!!
    Both the boys are doing just fantastic! Both have been through puppy classes and did great. We have one class to finish for Oakley and then they both have earned there Star Puppy. Our next step is Canine Good Citizen. Once they complete this Oakley will move on to his therapy dog lessons!! He's a natural! We had to pass our puppies to see how they did with another person at class and Oakley got passed to a woman who just had surgery on her nose and Oakley was so gentle (and he's usually jumping all over!) it's like he knew! The trainer was very impressed! 
    Both dogs are so loving and friendly, which can prove to be a problem at times. They get so excited to see anyone that they jump with excitement, which I realize is part of the retriever. Poor Addelyn, when she gets off the bus she gets pummeled by the dogs! Any suggestions here? 
    Kubota is ur in gout to be the most snuggle bear ever. He is a very sneaky boy, but also aims to please us, especially me. Sometimes I wonder if there is an invisible tether attached from me to him because if you find me, he is only a few feet behind. He loves his momma! Oakley is a sweet boy who is pretty independent. He hasn't taken very well to the word no, where as Kubota runs and hides if you tell him no, the big baby!! Both boys eat everything in sight, so we haven't been able to let them in the living room with us unless the kiddos are asleep. Otherwise we find doggy drool on everything!! Potty training was challenging for a while, but they are doing great now. We also set up the invisible fence and it has been a saving grace!! Hey spend most of their time outside simply because we can't get them to come in!! When they are inside the wrestle...loudly. And whenever the ice maker is being used they get so excited! 
    Our vet is in Antigo, which is about 30 minutes from us. I learned the hard way that both boys have extreme car sickness. It was horrible!! So now when we take trips to the vet they have to get Dramamine! And now they are getting so big that we are going to take hem out of their kennels (made for 70 lb dogs) and let them sleep in the room without them...hopefully it goes well!!!
     Oakley's coat is turning out really cool. He looks more like a retriever, but he had this beautiful coarse wave, which you can see in the picture. Kubota is actually getting much lighter in color and has a cool, loose wave to him. They were in to the vet three weeks ago and both weighed in at 39 lbs!  Both boys have been a fantastic addition to our family and I can't imagine our life without them! By the way, keep me posted on your next litter of puppies, I have a friend who is dying for a Goldendoodle!! 

Take care!
Breanna Ineichen 

November 12, 2015
Update on Ivy (Juniper) from Daisy and Zircon's litter(F1b-75% golden retriever /25% poodle)

Here is an update on our Ivy (formerly Juniper) she just graduated from puppy class, she is 4 1/2 months old, now weighs almost 40 lbs.

October 31, 2015
Update on Cooper (Keebler) from Polka(Poodle who belongs to some dog breeder friends) and Zircon.  He was our pick of the litter from their puppies so he is an F1b (75% Poodle/ 25% Retriever).  He's looking so cute in his costume!

Hi. Just touching base to let you know Cooper is doing very well. As expected, he has more so become my husbands dog. He is such a good boy. We are all very happy. Well, maybe not Oliver, but he is coming around. Cindy & Joel 

August 20, 2015
A just after going home update on Hudson (Mater).  No picture but I thought it was so cute and real that it needed to be shared :-)

Hudson (Mater) was such a well behaved boy!  He initiated the kids into the real world of puppydom by throwing up twice on two of them. We'll see if he handles travel better as he gets older!  Thank you, we love him already!


August 2015
This was an update from Laura on Daisy (Sapphire): from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

We love our beautiful sapphire/Daisy. She is 18 months now and just so wonderful. We lost our 18 year old so and she is helping us with that. 

July 2015
Here is an update from Carl's (Cairo) family-from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

Hi there!  All is well here, we moved out into the country so he's loving his freedom.  We share a propertyline with horses so i was nervous at first but he's actually really good and pays no attention.  He is more interested in what the humans are up to....or what they could possibly be eating.  We had him shaved down for the summer, he was so hot and basically lived in the girls' kiddie pool.  I would say he's about 70 lbs now, so tall and lanky.  Everybody that comes over just loves him, he puts on a good face ;)  

April 2015
Daisy's (Pristina) Mama sent us some great pics and an awesome update!! She's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

We are having so much fun with Daisy! She loves to run and play with the kids and we found out she is an EXCELLENT jumper! Daisy chases after bubbles with the kids and gets everyone's attention with how high she can jump up to pop them! She is very fast and loves being outside while the kids ride their bikes and she loves to fetch.
I've been taking her picture in the same chair since we brought her home- she is getting big! Our scale must be off a little, she was at the vet 2 weeks ago and weighed 30lbs.
Daisy is a super fun addition to the family and we love her so much!!!!

The Diehl Family"

Thanks Peg! We are so thankful to have such a sweet family to raise that little peanut!

April 2015
Here is a picture of Zoey (Vienna) from Lily and Jack's litter (F1).
 She is dearly loved!

March 2015
Look at this BIG beautiful boy!!! Carl's (Cairo) mama, Rachel just sent us an update... He's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

 Carl is a big sweet boy and is inseparable from his little people! He also weighed in this morning at a whopping 50lbs at just a little over 17 weeks!!! When he was little we joked about him always being hungry and he was a very prolific eater! When he was 7 weeks old, he managed to open the refrigerator by prying it open with his nose and ran away with a bag of kale!

Rachel said, "Although he doesn't understand his weight of 50 lbs (weighed him last night), hes a gentle giant... He is Charlie's shadow, well, accomplice..... He is always next to the girls, often in their toys. He loves being outside, regardless of the cold."

Carl got his name from his little girly, who was trying to pronounce "Cairo" :-)
Thanks, Rachel! He is a sweet cookie!

March 2015
Here are some pics of Bailey (Suva) from Lily and Jack's litter (F1).  Thanks, Marisol!
March 2015
Berkley's mom and dad sent us some new pics of that sweet boy! He's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1) 

"Berkley has been fantastic, and YES! he still loves baths!! We have to keep a watchful eye anytime there is running water. Berkley is also a Puppy Class Graduate! Best in class, in fact. smile emoticon Well, maybe not the best behaved in class (he gets very excited to visit with his classmates) but he did, however, beat all the other pups in the finale time trial obstacles. I'm sure it helps that he has a super competitive mama, we did a lot of practicing. He has a slew of commands under his belt now, and accidents?? Thing of the past! Thank goodness...the potty training stage was a trying time for us all. We do not keep him on a leash near the house and he has done phenomenally learning his boundaries (we learned an emergency "come when called" just in case danger would ever present itself.) Berkley adores every person he meets and most animals. He LOVES dogs that are smaller than him, but any male close in size to him and he has to "be a man" and try to start a brawl. We have learned a lot of tips and techniques through class that have helped us work on that. Honestly though, it's really his only bigger setback. He doesn't do much for chewing non-chewables - and never furniture, phew! He stays in his crate while Ty and I are at work everyday, and he has actually come to really like his little home. Crate = Delicious Delicious Peanut Butter. Ty has been stopping home and lunch to feed him quick and let him outside. One day Berkley greeted Ty at the door (the door wasn't latched properly.) Ty excitedly greeted Berkley then said to him without analyzing the situation, "one minute, I gotta go let Berkley out!" Then it hit him...Berkley was already out. We lost a TV remote in the event and a portion of a winter decoration, given the circumstances...a four month old pup having free range for hours, the damage was quite bearable! I've said it once, I'll say it a million times, we adore our little Berkley Boy. (Although he's not so little anymore, he weighed in this morning at a whopping 31 pounds!) Watching him grow is such a delight - thanks again for starting him out on the right path!"
Thanks, Bri and Ty!!!

March 2015
Willis' (Hilo) mama sent us some awesome news... he is on his way to being a therapy dog! He will do great! Thanks for the great pics, Liz! He's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

"Willis is doing GREAT!! He is such a smart and sweet boy! We love him so much.
He is currently weighing in at a hefty 36 pounds at our last vet visit. The vet is always commenting on how healthy and well adjusted he is. Anywhere we go everyone always stops us and asks about him and just how adorable he is.
My sister in law got a lab puppy two weeks after Willis joined us and I am just amazed at the difference in temperament, manners. Her puppy was let go at 7 weeks and can definitely see the difference in raising from birth…..again KUDOS to your family!
Three weeks ago we started classes and on our beginning steps to become a certified therapy dog, we are very excited about this and Willis is a PRO!
Take care,

Thank you for the great compliment, Liz!!! We love these babies like our own, from birth to adoption, and we really believe it helps to make a great dog!

  February 2015
Update on Zoey () from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

Hi Guys!
Zoey is doing great! We adore her :-)
Just so everyone doesn't think we got the perfect dog, though, I will share with you that she has her "naughty" moments. Right after I took the two pictures outside this morning to share with you, she came inside and was trying to swim in her water dish. As I was cleaning it up, she grabbed the paper towel and took off running. I caught up with her and bent down to pick up the paper remnants, and she nipped me in the butt! (Just a playful nibble, not a bite). If you look closely in the picture of her sitting, you can see her little "devil horns" on each side of her head ;-)
She loves us, but she adores her "big" sister, Riley. They play and play. The only problem we have is when Zoey thinks she can pull Riley's collar. Since Riley only weighs 10 pounds, she can literally pull her across the floor! This earns Zoey a time out as you can imagine :-)
We have attached a few pictures. One of them is of something we picked up at REI in Madison. It velcros over their collar, you push a button to make it light up or blink. Love it! It's a nice safety precaution if she would get off her collar outside at night. The frisbee the girls are playing tug with is the Chuckit brand, the same as the balls you sent a picture of. We have also had great success with these products.
Take care. We hope you are all doing well!
Connie and Jon"

Riley is a miniature Goldendoodle. What a tiny girl! Be nice, Zoey!
 March 2015
Here's and update on Moses (Phoenix) from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

"Moses really likes car rides and will rush to the door when he hears the door to the garage open. We normally don't let the dogs on certain furniture but Moses hopped right into the chair. He and the mastiff are still getting along well, he is 39 pounds and she is 139 pounds! Moses still has healthy fear of the cats and will run away when they hiss or swat at him. Moses aka Curly as grandpa calls him is a great guy, we love him.


Thank you Stampfl family for sharing that handsome boy!

March 2015
An update on Daisy (Pristina) from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

"All is well here! Daisy (Pristina) is doing fantastic! She is so good... she sleeps all night and loves to play with the kids. She has won everyone's heart, every neighbor who passes by while she's in the yard stops and talks to her, she's a neighborhood sensation!
Here are a few pictures, one close up, one after a bath with Jack and Cate, one waiting for Cate to get home from school, playing and sleeping :-)

Take care,
Peg and Jason"

What a pretty girl!!!

 February 2015
Got an update from Cocoa's (Maya) family too!  She's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

"Thought I would send you guys an update on Cocoa. This is a picture of Cocoa looking out the door after a loud truck went by. Cocoas biting has slowed quite a bit but not completely stopped. She has made very good progress. The most recent things that she does is catching treats or toys with her mouth. Yesterday we had Cocoa to the vet and she received her distemper and rabies vaccinations. Cocoa now weighs almost 29 lbs. She is also doing a very good job on her walks that she goes with me on twice each day and she loves to run and dive in the deep snow. Cocoa has become a big part of our family."

Thanks Seubert family!!!

February 24, 2015

Harley's (Nairobi) mom sent us some very sweet pictures of her! She lives in Maryland now, and was very excited to get some snow!!! I think she is going to look just like her big brother, Zircon... Thanks for the update, Carrie!  She's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

 January 2015 Cooper (Kona). I think he looks like such a gentleman! The second pic is of him and his little buddy, Jack. He's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1).  Thank you Denise!

January 2015
Here are some pictures of Riley (Dhaka)! He is about 12 weeks old here. He loves the snow! He's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

January 28,2015

Birthday wishes from Cassie (Emerald)!  She's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

Michelle Hoeser Fleischmann-Granton Creek Goldendoodles
Happy 1st Birthday to all the puppies from Lily and Jack's first litter! With love and puppy kisses from Cassie (Emerald) 

Happy birthday brothers and sisters!!! Love, Walter. 
Walter is from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)
Jessa had a great time celebrating her first birthday today! She enjoyed snuggles, play time, and a delicious homemade puppy cake! Hoping all is well!

Jessa is from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

January 11, 2015
Moses (Phoenix) lounging!  He's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

Zoey (Vienna) loving the snow!

January, 2015
Here is a picture from Emily's personal collection! Carl (Cairo) after a bath!  He's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

January 7, 2015
Some news from Daisy's (Pristina) sweet family!!! She's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)
Daisy (Pristina) is adjusting so well, I can't imagine what we were doing without her! She really has become a part of our family in so little time, it's amazing! I guess that's what you get when there is a piece missing, and it is filled by the perfect pup!

She is so smart. I think that is the part that gets me- she is an awesome retriever, and never bonks her head into anything, she's cautious and aware of everything around her! She sneaks around the island in our kitchen to "cut the kids off at the pass" when they play chase with her and she absolutely LOVES the snow!! It's the only time she doesn't listen to me calling her smile emoticon and who could blame her! She is as fascinating to watch as she is cute- everyone adores her.
She hasn't had an accident in the house for a long time, and sleeps through the night. We honestly can't say enough good things about her!!! She is adorable and we love her so very much! She goes everywhere with us!!!!
We'll send another update next week!
Peg, Jason, Jackson, Cate and sweet Daisy"
Granton Creek Goldendoodles's photo.Granton Creek Goldendoodles's photo.

Granton Creek Goldendoodles's photo.

January 7, 2015
We got a very nice update from Willis' (Hilo) mom!!! He's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)
"Hi Hanson Family-
I just wanted to take a moment to update on Willis (aka Hilo). The last few weeks have been so hectic and haven’t really had a chance.
Willis fits into our family perfectly! He is so sweet, kind and well mannered. He is listening and responding to commands like a pro! He went everywhere with us on our holiday adventures and there were so many ooohs and aaaaahs and wow what a well behaved puppy or even I want one! ( I see some more golden doodles joining our extended family possibly in the future J)
I am the director of an assisted living facility and I have been taking him to work with me and he is just amazing with the residents. He loves all the attention and it is almost like he senses who needs extra snuggles and turns on his sweet charm.
We could not be happier! Your family has done an amazing job with the these puppies, from start to finish and even with the great helpful reminders! You guys are top notch at what you do!
Attached a picture of Willis exhausted after one of his walks. ( I love the way he sleeps) and then one of his sweet face.
Until next time, we are headed out to play in our first major snow!"

---Thank you so much, Liz for sharing that little boy's life with us! We love it!!!

January 2015
A very sweet picture of Emily and Zircon when he was a little shaver... He's about 14 weeks here I believe.  He's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

January 1,2015
Update on Zoey (Vienna) from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

Zoey Hansen loves to play with her sister Riley's ball! She is honestly the biggest sweetheart, and is fitting in so well with the family!

December 31, 2014
Got an awesome update from Berkley's mom, and some beautiful pictures of that little peanut!!!  He's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

"Sorry for the delayed response - Berkley has been doing great!! It was so nice having some time off of work during the holidays to dedicate lots of loving and lots lots LOTS of playtime with the boy. The time we have had to spend with him has really helped us key in to his quirks and habits. Sunday he didn't have a single accident, and he rang his little "potty bell" every time with ZERO "let's go play outside" fake-outs. We were quite the proud puppy parents. All other days accidents have been kept to a minimal at one or two a day, keeping most off of the carpeting, phew!! He traveled all over with us during our Christmas visits and loved every new face he met (I'm quite sure the feeling was mutual.) We heard several comments about what an incredibly mannered young boy he is, and we really couldn't agree more. He aims to please, but is always testing us with a watchful eye juuust to see what he can get away with. We start puppy classes on January 7th, I can tell already that he's going to have a blast. New puppy faces, treats, and tricks?! Yes, please! Berkley loves car rides as they pave the way for some solid naps, he LOVES taking baths, in fact, we have to keep the door shut tight when showering or he won't hesitate to join - learned that one the hard way, and his favorite hiding spot is underneath our couch. He seems to be growing by the day, so it has been a bit of a tight squeeze lately. He lets out a "geeez, I prolly shouldn't have tried this!" yelp every time he thinks he has gotten himself stuck, but so far he has always managed to wriggle on out of there without any need for backup. We have been keeping him healthy and on track with worming (thank you for the reminders!) and continue to smother him with love! Hope you have all been well! I'm sure it is exciting to hear how the puppies are doing with their new families :-)
Talk again soon!
Bri (and Berkley too!)"

Thanks for the fun news, Bri!!!

December 31, 2014

Nairobi is from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)
Merry Christmas from Nairobi (possible name change pending while we get to know her!) to her family members both K9 and human!

December 31, 2014
This is Walter from Lily and Jack's first litter.:-)
Walter is ready for Christmas

December 27,2014 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Kona is looking like he is going to be a Cooper... He has the sweetest family! Thank you for taking such good care of that little beastie, Portz family!
He's from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

December 27, 2014 

Update on Riley (Dhaka) from Lily and Jack's litter (F1)

Riley (Dhaka) is having a blast!!!

"He plays....and he plays....and he plays......then he passes out

Riley (Dahka) is doing great and has been spoiled with so many people to play with. He has been having a blast and so have we.
The McCarthy's"

December 27, 2014 (Lily and Jack's F1)
We got a really nice update from Pristina's family!!!

Here is an update on Pristina! (Lily and Jack's F1)
Thank you so very much for this sweet pup! She is adjusting perfectly and such a good girl!
Our 5 hour ride home on Christmas Eve went really well. She just laid in Jason's lap and took a few naps. She got a little car sick once which is completely understandable considering the very long ride!
Her first night at home was also great- she isn't a big fan of her crate but I look at it as she would rather be around us, and that's fantastic in my book ;-) We are working on it. She had stolen our hearts within moments of meeting her.
She's great at going potty outside and we are learning her schedule. She's had a few "accidents" but again, we are working on it! I'm happy she knows what to do when told to go potty and I know she'll pick up potty training in the very near future.
We surprised the kids with Pristina on Christmas morning- they absolutely adore her. Our son named her "Daisy". She is very sweet and gentle but loves to run and play with the family. Daisy has had a very busy Christmas holiday and has been to Grandma's house to meet the rest of the family- everyone fell in love with her!!
Thank you for our precious little Daisy! We'll keep in touch and send updates often!
Take care,
Peg, Jason, Jackson, Cate and Sweet Daisy <3"
We are so happy to have such an awesome family to raise such a sweet little honey!

December 27, 2014 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Carl (Cairo) got the SWEETEST little girls for Christmas!!!

"He is doing great! He is a total heart melter! Best christmas surprise ever! We named him Carl, sort of what it sounded like when our 2 year old would say 'cairo'... Thank you so much!"

Cairo got a very sweet family, and The McLaughlins got a big teddybear-boy!!!

December 25, 2014 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Olive (Asmara) update!
It is going GREAT! The boys (including my husband) are “in love!” We renamed Asmara “Olive.” She has only had one accident.

The Larson’s"

Here is a really nice picture of Olive that my sneaky daughter Emily Hanson took and just showed me now... She is a natural born photographer!
She took it with her phone!

December 25, 2014 (Lily and Jack's F1)
A super sweet email from Zoey's (Vienna) awesome new family!
"Zoey has fit into our family beautifully! She is such a good dog. Thank you for the lovely, heartfelt Christmas wishes! We are so fortunate she had such a caring family to get her started before coming to our family.
Have a Blessed Christmas and New Year!
The Hansens"

Thanks, Hansens for taking such good care of that sweet cookie!
The Hansons

***Puppy Factoid*** Zoey's Grandma was named... Zoey!

December 25, 2014 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Beautiful Cocoa (Maya) waiting for a post-potty treat!

December 24, 2014 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Nairobi found three kids under her Christmas tree!!!
"She had an awesome night. Zero fussing. The kids, Robi and I all had a slumber party in the basement. Robi in her 'play pen' full of toys and her bed, with the rest of us all around on the U shaped couch. She slept on the papers I put in there in case she had to potty in the night. lol. Classic. So much for the bed! I took her out once at 3:30 when I finished my Christmas prep and she didn't wake until Grace got up at 7:30am. When I spoke she rolled right over onto her back as if to say, "Ah, you up? Great! Get to work on the belly rub woman!"
She went right out and did all her business, back in for some playtime, a little sit practice, breakfast and now everyone is watching Christmas movies. I can't imagine a better morning.
I can't thank you all enough. She is obviously a well loved dog. She is so trusting and gentle with the kids. We are all in LOVE!
Have a wonderful Christmas! We will definitely stay in touch and send/post pics all the time. It's fun to see the other puppies too!"

December 23,2014

Lily & Jack's F1

A very nice update from Berkley's mama!

Berkley is making himself right at home!! We absolutely adore the little guy. His visit to the vet went swimmingly, turns out he loves having his teeth brushed (or possibly the chicken flavored toothpaste) and he has only had a few accidents in the house since coming home on Thursday. We're starting to key in to the signs now that let us know he needs to go ASAP! He's learning to use bells to let us know that he needs to go out, but I'm starting to catch on to his sly tricks because I'm quite sure that he thinks they mean, "let's go play outside now!" He can 'come' and 'sit' like nobody's business and we're working on 'lie down' and 'shake.' He and our cat, KC, aren't best friends by any means (yet), but we only heard about two solid hisses on the second day when Berk thought KC's tail was a chew toy. They're even happy taking naps together, as long as I'm in the middle, haha. He has us wrapped around his little paw! I saw you made mention about leaving a fb review - neither Ty or I have an account, but I've considered creating one for the sole purpose of leaving you a glittering review. I cannot say it enough, thank you so so much for giving us our sweet boy. It's so exciting seeing him soak in all these news experiences, we can't seem to get enough of him! I hope all of the other pickups have gone well! I know it has to be difficult saying goodbye to the sweet pups!!!

Thanks again!! Happy Holidays!!!

December 22. 2014 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Moses (Phoenix) and his Mastiff!

December 22, 2014 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Sweet Bailey (Suva) at home with her family!

December 22, 2014 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Zoey's (Vienna) mom and dad sent this!
"She is doing awesome!! She is adjusting very well. It is obvious she has been well socialized. Loves to play. Loves to cuddle. What more could you ask for! She slept in her crate with minimal complaining from 10pm to 3am; went out to potty; played for about 15 minutes; and went back in her crate (with minimal complaining again); and slept until 6:30 am!
Our older dog has her nose out of joint a bit, but she is tolerating it and getting better.
We have named her Zoey, and she loves to be outside with us!
Thank you so much for taking such good care of her in her first two months. We are truly blessed to have found her :-)
We will send you some pictures and video this week.
Connie and Jon"

December 22, 2014 (Lily and Jack's F1)
"Hi guys,
Cocoa is doing very well. Last night she slept through the night all the way until 5:45 am. She responds to cocoa and knows her name. She will come to us when she is called unless she is outside sticking her nose in the snow and running around. She gets a small treat when she goes potty outside. When she comes in from potty, she sits for her treat. Only two accidents in the house since we brought her home. Yesterday we were watching football and Cocoa was on the floor playing with her toys. She heard cheering on the TV and looked up at the TV and was watching what was going on. Cocoa is inquisitive. She seems to watch what everyone is doing in the house. Darcy was unloading the dishwasher this morning and she sat and watched the entire process. She is very active and loves to run and play in the snow. I think that she is adapting well to life with us. We are working on shaking her paw and sit always works if I have a treat but not so well without a treat. She is a smart little dog. We could not have asked for better. I will try to get some video of her in the snow and send it to you. Its hilarious.

Don and Darcy"

December 20, 2014 (Lily and Jack's F1)
From a comment on Facebook :
Don Seubert -Audrey and Patrick....you have done an excellent job with these puppies. The care that you have provided them in there first 8 weeks and the extended process to get one these little one show so much about how you feel about and have taken care of these puppies. You guys are excellent, honest, caring breeders. We are lucky to have found you and Cocoa(Maya).
December 19,2014 (Lily and Jack's F1)
"He was absolutely perfect! He slept the entire way and was ready for some dinner and playtime as soon as we got home. He used the pee pads like a puppy pro and he even had a great first meeting with my moody, "king of the castle" cat. He loves his new toys and bed...overall, we couldn't have asked for a better first night with our sweet little pup. Thank you again so so so SO much for everything! We think we've met our match :-) " - Bri and Ty proud puppy parents of Mr. Berkley!!!

December 19,2014 (Lily and Jack's F1)
Got a text from Cocoa's (Maya) family! "The first night with Cocoa went better than I expected. She fell asleep at about 9:30 and slept until 2 AM. She went potty and then back to sleep until 3:30. Potty again and then slept until 6:15 with minimal crying. This morning she woke up from a nap and walked over to the back door. She went outside and went potty. No accidents so far. She is great." 

 December 18, 2014
Moses (Phoenix), Cocoa (Maya) and Berkley (Berkley!) all went home today. Take good care of your people little ones. We sure did enjoy helping you come into the world! We will miss you all little honeys! Pic is Moses with his family.

December 11, 2014 
(Lily and Jack's F1)
Loooove this picture!!! Jessa (Pearl) with her daddy!