Testimonials & Updates- 2020-2024

April 23, 2024 Baker (Teddy)- Carolina & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodle
  Here are some pictures of Baker. He loves Kaycie. It took some real effort on his part but he’s finally winning her over. He just won’t give up trying to play with her and cuddle her.
  I included a picture of him on his first Vet visit. He weighed 8.4 pounds on that Monday - the day after I brought him home. Today he weighs 11.2 pounds! He is growing fast.
  Baker is a super sweet and smart boy. He doesn’t spend a lot of time in his crate, but the door is always open for him. He does enjoy going in there and relaxing, knowing that he can come out at any time. He feels safe in his house, and here with me and Kaycie. 
  Baker is also doing so well on his housebreaking training. I am using a bell method with him. He picked up on it right away. He rings the bell more often than he needs to go outside to go potty, but that’s OK. Right now it’s important for him to know that when he needs to go outside, he gets to do just that. Once he’s fully housebroken, and he is close, I will wean him off the bells.
  The backyard is fenced and he loves it out there. He’s going to have a very active summer in his yard. Baker is just a baby at this point, so of course his exercise is limited for now to playing inside and running around his yard. As he gets older, I can’t wait to start taking him different places on walks and adventures.
  The picture of him sitting in the family room almost looks as if I had posed him, but he actually is kind of a ham. He likes attention, and he will sit for pictures as if he’s a model. He’s very photogenic. This picture was taken after his first bath. He is a very handsome boy!
  Baker already has a number of friends, my neighbors, who he runs to see at the fence line when they’re in the yard. It’s funny to watch them all swoon over him. He’s also becoming familiar with seeing the neighbor dogs through the fence line. I have not allowed any direct contact with those dogs yet. That’ll have to wait until he’s bigger.
  Even though today is only day 10 of him living here, he has fit in so well and become a part of his family. He is a real joy!
  I’ll keep sending pictures and updates as Baker progresses over these coming months.


April 17, 2024 Crouton- Carolina & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodle

Hello,   we are doing well.  Crouton is so sweet and pretty well behaved (he likes to dig holes once in awhile).  He and Rocky love playing together and he even plays with one of our cats and gives the cat tongue baths.   He's pretty good size,  he's about 60ish lbs and tall enough where Rocky can walk underneath his belly.  His hair did get some what curly after he got his first haircut.  


April 9, 2024 Lambeau (Picasso)- Annie & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Lambeau (Picasso) is doing well. He has many little humans to play with him and take him for walks. He has a doggy cousin he loves rough housing with too! 
Last time Lambeau was at the vet he was 85lbs! 

The Camarillo’s

April 6, 2004 Kody (Cub)- Petunia & Simon's F1 bernedoodle
Thank you! Kody is doing great! A little over 60 lbs now. Scheduled to get neutered and have his stomach tacked in the middle of May.

First dog we’ve ever had that we’ve been comfortable having off leash, or coming on vacation with us. At the dog park he will come back when called even if in the middle of playing with other dogs. Such a great listener! Loves to play with our other dog and the kids. Just a perfect addition to our family!


April 6, 2024 Coco (Fawn)- Petunia & Simon's F1 bernedoodle
Thank you so much! Coco is doing so great- she’s a big girl at 70 pounds. She is so loving. Smart and sassy!! Her cuddles are like no other ❤️Did I mention how beautiful she is??!! And so very loved and spoiled by her family. 

March 9, 2024 Meadow (Dove)- Petunia & Simon's F1 bernedoodle
Here is meadow on her 2nd Bday! 

March 9, 2024 Archie (Nestle)- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Hi Audrey and Patrick!   Archie is the most amazing doodle!  He is so loved by all of us!  The kids even fight over who loves him more!  He is so smart, kind, playful, cuddly (in his own way), dramatic and patient.  He has settled at around 52 lbs. and tall enough to steal off the counters.  

He loves chasing squirrels and rabbits out of the yard, catching snowballs (when we actually get any snow), chasing his soccer balls, going for car rides, walks in the woods and chasing his laser pointer around the yard at full speed.  And after all of that he likes relaxing on the couch or in his favorite lawn chair.

He is such a lovable dog that everyone that meets him falls in love with him.  Recently, we took a trip that he was not able to come along on.  He stayed with some friends of mine that have 2 older very small dogs.  They were pretty much set on those being their last dogs.  After spending the week with Archie, they are strongly considering a Labradoodle after their dogs are gone.  They totally fell in love with him and said he is a really incredible dog!  And that they forgot how great it is to come home after work and have a dog greet you and be so happy to see you.  I will keep working on them and send them your way as soon as they are ready!  I love looking at all of the puppy pictures on your Facebook page and picking one puppy from each litter that I like best!  Maybe one day Archie will get a sibling!

I am attaching some pictures, however it was very hard to pick which ones to send since we have almost as many pictures of Archie as we do the kids!

I hope you, your kids and all of the furbabies are doing well!
Amy, Paul and Archie

March 8, 2024 Rosie (Kitkat)- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle

Just a quick note to say that Rosie is doing amazing.  She is the best girl and we love her so much.  She was the missing piece that completed our family.  

Your family was absolutely the best choice to bring a dog into our family.  

Some recent photos of Rosie are attached.  

I hope you are all well.  

Darcie and family 

March 4, 2024 Bailey (Caramello)- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Bailey has been a wonderful addition to our family, we couldn't imagine life without her :) 

Except for when someone walks by our house, she has been a pretty chill dog. She's been through hosting a foreign exchange student, a new little sister, and, most recently in January, a new home!

She loves spending time with her littles, go for walks, swim at the lake, and play with her puppy cousins. 

She is around 40-45 pounds, depending on when she got a haircut last ;) 

Attached some pictures as well!

March 4, 2024 Lenny (Charleston)- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Thank you for the birthday wishes for Lenny (Charleston).  He is such a good boy and loves to play with his older doodle brother Oscar, go on walks, fetch, and hang out with his mom.   Here is an updated photo of this handsome boy.
March 2, 2024 Leo (Siracha) & Miles (Eagle)-

Hello Audrey and Patrick,

Thank you for Leo’s birthday wish. And for these beautiful, sweet, smart, amazing dogs.

We’ve been meaning to send pictures for a while. The boys are a little bigger than we expected (78 and 85 pounds) but they're incredibly loving and responsive, very well behaved. 

Leo is a little more reserved than Miles but still quite affectionate. He takes the lead with other dogs while Miles takes the lead with Leo and people and needs all the attention in the room all the time. Neither has a mean bone in their body. It’s like they came primed to love. 

We hope you, your family, and the rest of your dogs are well.

If possible, we’d really love to see pictures of their siblings. Feel free to share these if you like.

February 28, 2024 Sasha (Miso)- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle- sable colored

Thanks from Sasha (Miso)!
February 28, 2024 Remi (Sushi)- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle- tri
Hope you’re all doing well. Remi is very happy and doing great! She will be getting her big girl service vest in a couple of weeks. We have been training since she joined us and she does awesome!! Just a few of the things she helps me with are, picking things up when I drop them, bringing me my phone, water, or whatever I ask her to, and always being by my side in case I need her support. She’s the best, I love her so much ❤️ 

Tammy and Remi

February 28, 2024 Murphy (Wonton)- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle- tri
Murphy is amazing! He’s smart, loves to swim and always has to have something in his mouth (ball, bone, stuffed toy). He is attached at the hip to Joey. They do everything together! 
Monica & Kathy 
February 12, 2024 Tonka- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle & Cutter- Camelia & Caspian's F1b goldendoodle
Good Afternoon Patrick and Audrey,  

 Tonka is an awesome  pup and so loving... a wonderful fun addition to our family!!!

   Thank you again for our fantastic family member  you can be rest assured Tonka is so loved and cared for, he unfortunately pulled a muscle in his hip while running, went to vet and yes Tonka had rehab with water walking!!
 He healed and recovered 100% !! Now on a supplement,  doing great. 

 P.S. I sent a picture of Cutter !! Another awesome pup from Granton Creek! 

  Thank you again for sharing these pups with my family!!


February 11, 2024 Baylor (Lincoln)- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle- also featuring Joey- Petunia & Simon's F1 bernedoodle
Baylor (Lincoln) is a big, sassy, fun loving boy! He’s always up for a good game of chase, but loves to cuddle too. He’s our biggest boy weighing in at 94lbs. 

Monica and Kathy 

February 10, 2024 Bailey (Glee)- Petunia & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle- brindle
Hi there
 We had a little gift for Bailey and a twinky with 3 candles in it.  She is a wonderful dog very smart cuddly and good to everyone she meets and loves her play dates with the neighbor dogs.   We think of you often and we are so blessed that we found you to deliver such a cute dog to us.
 Thank you and take care
 Linda, Ghari, and Bailey

February 10, 2024 Harvey (Smiley)- Petunia & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle- brindle
Hi Audrey and Patrick, 
Harvey looks exactly like his sister Hazel. I’d love to see others pictures from his litter if they are willing to share. Please feel free to share our pictures. He’s 93 lbs. loves his 2-3 walks a day, the cabin, swimming, messy around with his brothers and loving everyone he meets. He’s got a loud killer bark but he’s definitely a lover not a fighter. 
Thanks for sharing your pictures and helping us complete our family. 
-The Brecke’s 

January 28, 2024 Willow (Brioche) & Augusta (Pita)- Carolina & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodles

Hi!  We meant to send this to you closer to their birthdays but time got away from us. Congratulations on 10 years!  The autumn picture is from October in the UP (Willow right) and the other picture is around their first birthday (Willow left) Augusta and Willow really enjoy their time together when they get to see each other. They get so excited to see each other and play non-stop. Augusta is ~48 lbs and Willow is ~40 lbs. Thanks for creating such beautiful family members for us!
 - The Broetzman Families

January 5, 2024 Simon- Pearl & Chester's F1 goldendoodle- sable
Simon is a joy!  We and all 5 boys love him deeply. He is fun, full of energy, kindness and a protector!  Simon. Has become a solid travel dog gong on cross-country adventures in our RV he loves it.  We are grateful for the day he became a part of our family. 

The Dortmans

January 4, 2024 Oliver (Rory)- Sally & Rufus' F1 goldendoodle


Oliver is about 18 months old now and the best part of our day. He is doing so well on not jumping up and sitting when company arrives. He’s so good with the kids and loves to be with his people. We get so many compliments on his beautiful coat and friendly, happy demeanor. Thank you again!

Keri & Oliver (F1)

January 1, 2024 Archie (Ducky)- Carolina & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodle
They couldn’t hang until midnight

December 31, 2023 Pete (Matzo)- Carolina & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodle

Hi Audrey & Patrick,

It’s great to hear from you!

We absolutely love our little guy Pete. He is doing great. Pete enjoys spending time with other dog friends and sniffing around the neighborhood. He will even learn to skijor once we get snow in MN! Pete is 47lbs, about what we expected. 

If it is possible to connect with others from his litter, we would love that. 

Thank you,

Here are a few photos:

And an adorable puppy one:

December 26, 2023 Archie (Ducky)- Carolina & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodle
A ducky toy in his stocking yesterday

December 25, 2023 Augusta (Pita)- Carolina & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodle
Here is Augusta! She’s our best friend! She’s about 45-50 lbs

December 22, 2023 Winston (Gomer)- Bluey & Toby's F1bb goldendoodle
Winston spends his days at Mulberry Campus in Whitewater. He is loved by all the residents and is a great marketer!
December 22, 2023 Barney- Bluey & Toby's F1bb goldendoodle
Wanted to share an update on Barney on his birthday. 

We could absolutely not imagine our life without Barney. He has such a human personality, in fact we sometimes wonder if he is really a dog at all. He joins us at the table for dinner but knows he is not allowed any food, he just wants to be there with his family. See the picture below at the table, that is his normal meal position. 
He loves to play with other dogs, ecspecially when he goes to daycamp, it is his favorite place to go except for grandma’s. He loves butter, he once ate a stick at grandmas, so now we all have to ensure the butter is not where he can get to it. He is so smart too, always knows when it is meal and treat time and his wit keeps us on our toes. 

He has had a year of change, our youngest went off to college and he has been adjusting to her being gone and being an empty nester with mom and dad. He definitely loves all the attention he gets and working with mom at home. He is a great assistance, not that he does much work but he does not share any company info with others. 🤣

Thank you for sharing your family with ours, we are happy to be a part of the Granton Creek family. 

December 21, 2023 Roxie (Precious)- Bluey & Toby's F1bb goldendoodle
Thank you!!!  She is getting spoiled!! ❤️❤️

December 20, 2023 Archie (Ducky)- Carolina & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodle

December 16, 2023 Tibu (Mallow)- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Hi Audrey and Patrick!!

Congratulations on expecting a new grandson. We have a grandson named Daniel but he’s 35 and serving in the US Navy and is currently on a ship in that big mess overseas. Enjoy that new  baby as they are so special.

Tibu is a marvelous creature. He’s very intelligent and seems to have lots of things figured out - mostly us. He brings so much excitement and joy to our lives. He hasn’t counter surfed for a long time. But in early November he got two fresh cranberry bread loaves off of our dining room table. I was baking for a sale at our church and they were sitting on the table all wrapped in Saran wrap. He ate all of both of them wrap and all. Thank goodness he passed the wrap.

I am attaching a few shots of our special boy.

Have a Happy holiday season.

Sandi and John 

December 11, 2023 Galaxy (Annapurna)- Bluey & Chester's F1bb goldendoodle (once to the poodle side & once to the retriever side- so just slightly more golden)
Hello givers of the best puppy ever! Our Galaxy is the sweetest, patient and funniest dog on planet Earth. We love that she was bred more to the golden side as that wonderful personality shines through! 
She loves food, daycare, people, food, walks, her cousins and food😂  can't believe she's already 4. 
Hope her mama found a great new home♥️
I'll attach some pictures!!
She's seriously the best!! We love her so much!
Thank you for starting her out with lots of love♥️
Beth and Jim 

December 6, 2023 Archie (Ducky)- Carolina & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodle

Archie had his first grooming appointment today. They said he was the perfect gentleman and did so well.

December 5, 2023 Ole (Mayflower)- Nova & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
It’s hard to believe Ole (and siblings) are 4 now. In our minds, she’s still a puppy! She has a lot of spunk and knows how to test the limits. But she ferociously loves her human brothers and snow!
Bailey (and Ole’s family) 

December 2, 2023 Guinness (Acoustic)- Bluey & Chester's F!bb Goldendoodle (once to the poodle side & once to the retriever side- so just slightly more golden)
Guinness (Accoustic) is doing well 😁 He is the sweetest boy, we love him so much 🩷

December 2, 2023 Vinny (Rhythm)- Bluey & Chester's F!bb Goldendoodle (once to the poodle side & once to the retriever side- so just slightly more golden)
Thank you for the Happy Birthday wishes for Vinny! It’s hard to believe he is 6 years old! 

He is doing so great! He loves the snow, swimming at the lake in the summertime, chasing leaves in the yard, and playing with the boys. We couldn’t imagine our life without him. Everyone remarks how he is the most well behaved pup too! We are so lucky! 

I’ve included some pictures of him below! Hope you are all doing well! 
Nancy and Mike

November 29, 2023 Finn (Spud)- Luna & Toby's F1 goldendoodle

Hi Granton Creek Family,
Spud, AKA Finn, is a happy smart 3 year old. He weighs 89 lbs. The most remarkable thing about Finn is his sensitivity around other dogs and people. Finn will always lower himself to the height of the dog he is meeting; he will make himself smaller. He invites friendship and has no need to exert his dominance upon other dogs. Around the grandkids he shows deference and always gives them a large berth unless he is invited into their space. He loves the winter, OMG, he loves the winter. WE go CC skiing. He bounds along in front of me as happy as I've ever seen a dog. True Bliss. 
Thank you for the gift of this dog. He is truly amazing.
Shorewood Wisconsin

November 28, 2023 Mila (Dew Drop)- Carolina & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodle
Mila is simply wonderful. She is calm and snuggly, but playful and energetic. She is so patient and gentle with my two boys. We just love her so much. My niece was afraid of dogs until she met Mila. She is just a really good family dog. I've attached some pics for you!

Thank you for her!

November 25, 2023 Calli (Rebecca)- Galaxy and Toby's F1 goldendoodle

Cali(Rebeca)  such a joy we absolutely love her❣️❣️

November 25, 2023 Moose (Bear)- Galaxy and Toby's F1 goldendoodle

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes to Moose! Crazy how he is already four years old! Time flies when you’re having fun…

Here are some pictures that we have taken and are some of our favorites over the years. We couldn’t have asked for a better boy. We hope you and the rest of your family are doing great and had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kate and Evan

November 25, 2023 Stan Lee (Winter)- Saphira & Oliver's F1b goldendoodle

Just a thank you for Stan Lee.  He really is an amazing boy who is loved by many.  He is now a City Boy, Seaport in Boston, who has many friends here and dozens of retailers and restaurants that provide him with a daily staple of treats.  He still loves to be picked up, poses nicely for pictures on the waterfront, and loves boating, riding elevators, and attending patriotic areas of the parks here. 


He also makes sure we visit his favorite store frequently, Polka-Dog, which has home-made natural treats 2 blocks from our home. 


This is just a sampling of Stan Lee, the anointed “Mayor of Seaport”


Happy Thanksgiving and wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy holidays.



November 21, 2023 Loki (Champagne)- Mocha & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Can't believe Loki's already 2!   She's been such a great addition to our family.  She's so easy to travel with, we've had the chance to take her on a few family trips this year.  She LOVES the snow and has been enjoying swimming, too.

She loves to nap on the couch or sleep in her kennel while the kids are at school.Her favorite  word is "chicken.". She's so smart and loves to hang out with the kids. The kids are teaching her new tricks and she loves puzzles.  Loki lives up to her name some days, but most she's a big snuggler.

She's 45 lbs and has been the non shedding & allergen free dog we were hoping to for.

Thanks again for such a great family member,
The Stephans

November 19, 2023 Maya (Yam)- Luna & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Hi. Maya thanks you for the birthday wishes. She is the most lovable, sweetest dog I have ever known. I call her my snuggle bear. She is in perfect health and is now 77lbs. She wants to be a lap dog so bad and tries every chance she can get. Six months after I got her, my roommate got a 15lbs poodle (Ginger). Maya and Ginger bonded from the very first moment. Now they are inseparable. Maya loves playing ball her in big backyard. She especially loves playing in the snow. Here are some pictures of her. 
Thank you for such a great dog. I am very blessed
Have a great Thanksgiving. 

November 19, 2023 Dax (Tatertot)- Luna & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Young “little” (all 120 lbs of him) Tatertot, affectionately known as Dax, is loved by all who meet him.  He loves playing with his half brother Bottecelli “Bo”.  Dax is usually a pretty happy go lucky dog.  

He enjoys cool days and nights chilling out on the deck.

His treats of carrots, apples, watermelon and popcorn are some of his favorites.

November 16, 2023 Enzo (Stage)- Carolina & Rufus's F1bb goldendoodle
Update of Enzo .. I not sure what was his name before .. He is getting big. He's crate train and potty train . He also understands commands- Let's go Crate Potty Sit and my most famous one- Leave it . He's soon going to the hair salon for his first puppy cut. He listens very well and walks nicely .. specially for my daughter who walks very slow He's very, very patient with her .. He has never bit her tho sometimes she could have deserved it . He plays with her most of the day . She walks him daily 2 blocks and my husband walks him before bed . He goes on car rides almost daily . He is like another kid to me .. tho I was told by my husband to not spoil him anymore because he has plenty of toys and bones he says lol 😆

November 10, 2023 Canelo (Dart)- Carolina & Rufus's F1bb goldendoodle
Wanted to give you some pictures of Dart aka Canelo. He’s adorable and doing so well, thank you❤️Here’s a few more!! He’s so happy and spoiled. We’re incredibly thankful to you guys! He’s the cutest and always keeping us on our toes with how mischievous he can be😅

November 10, 2023 Augie (Charlie)- Primrose & Boaz's F1 bernedoodle- blue merle


November 4, 2023 Renata (Dawn)- Sally & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Renata turns 2 already. Reagan is 55# and Renata is 65. She is taller than Reagan also. She loves her squeaky toys.

November 1, 2023 Bodhi (Echo)- Primrose & Boaz's F1 bernedoodle- blue merle
Just giving a quick update on Bodhi! He saw the Vet today & got vaccines and a body condition score of 5. The Vet said he's bright , alert and SO brave for his shots! He did so good. He did a puppy training yesterday and they said he's very confident and food motivated. He weighed 29.2 lbs. today! He's keeping us on our toes and is SO full of love and puppy kisses! 😁

November 1, 2023 Freddie (North)- Saphira & Oliver's F1b goldendoodle
Freddie - North is having a beach day in Florida!  
Thanks Karla and Denny 

November 1, 2023 Gus (Polar)- Saphira & Oliver's F1b goldendoodle
Gus is a whooping 78 lbs of sweet sweet boy. He enjoys his off leash walks in the hayfields where he can run to his heart’s content. At home he cuddles up to my violin students and sleeps on the couch next to the kids during the lessons.

He’s just the bestest (and biggest!) boy and we love him to pieces. I credit his exceptional disposition to the love and care you gave him until we took him home at 12 weeks. If you come for a visit first he will bark, and then he dashes off to bring you one of his beloved stuffies. Happy Birthday big guy!

Carlyce and Harley

October 26, 2023 Mazie/Maisel (Darla)- Iris & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle- brindle
Maisel (Darla) aka “Mazie” is doing so well! she’s a snuggler, loves to explore the trails behind our house, plays so well with her human siblings, and is the best co-worker for mom working from home! 

She loves to be held or sit on your lap; weighing in around 65lbs these days she’s right next to me every time I sit down. We love her dearly and cannot imagine a better dog for our family. 

Here’s a few photos of her!

October 26, 2023 Moxie (Stymie)- Iris & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle- brindle
Hello All!

We LOVE our Moxie!!!  He was the runt of the litter and has grown to 107lbs!  When I emailed last , He was the biggest of the litter!  He is not fat!  We snowshoe all winter here in New Hampshire and do fabulous hikes summer into fall.   
Moxie LOVES to go to doggie play day 2x a week with his doggie friends.  
He also is obsessed with chipmunks and squirrels!  Watch out if you're on the other end of the leash!!!  
We did professional training and he is a little goofy but did well after repeating and practice!  

He is such a Love.  We can't Thank You enough for being a caring and careful breeder.  It shows in your pups!  

**we keep thinking of another or maybe a mini!  

All Our Hugs and Love and Moxie kisses!  

Romilly and Cindy

October 26, 2023 Karma (MaryAnn)- Iris & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle- brindle
Hi Audrey and Patrick,
Cannot believe they're 2 already. Karma is such a sweet girl who's also our wild child. She is so busy all the time. Her favorite thing in the world are deer; she'll watch them out the window for hours. We're so glad we have her.

Take care,

October 23, 2023 Zoey (Vienna)- Lily & Jack's F1 goldendoodle
Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes!! Our Zoey Bear makes every day better!! Here she is tonight celebrating her 9th Birthday in our bed with our Minky Couture blanket, her Minky Couture blanket, and her Birthday present. LOL! Clearly, she is spoiled and loving her “golden years!” 
Jon and Connie 

October 23, 2023 Moses (Phoenix)- Lily & Jack's F1 goldendoodle & Silas (Rembrandt)- Annie & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Both of the goldendoodles are well. Moses is in the back and Silas (Rembrandt) is in the front. Silas is a big guy, 111#! Both are very sweet. 
October 23, 2023 Zenny (Pyro)- Sally & Rufus' F1 goldendoodle
Hi Audrey!

I just wanted to let you know that Pyro (now Zenny) is doing great! My daughter Lyla was so surprised and overjoyed when she met him. She said she felt like she was dreaming! She loves helping care for him. He is such a sweet boy and a perfect fit for our family.

Thank you so much!
October 20, 2023 Bodhi (Echo)- Primrose & Boaz's F1 bernedoodle- blue merle tri
Just wanted to share a little update on Bodhi (thought these were just too cute NOT to 😉). He's doing great and has quickly become part of our family. He loves playing with his "big brothers", snuggles, walks and chasing squirrels in the yard. We had family photos done, so naturally he had to come! He did so good, too! 😍

October 18, 2023
Sophie (Freedom)- Mocha & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Hi Audrey and Patrick,

We love our Sophie! She has been a great companion to Patrick and I the last three years. She has grown into her own and is so fun to have around! I have attached a few pictures! 

October 18, 2023 Biscuit (Patriot)- Mocha & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Hi Audrey and Patrick,

Thanks for checking in and wishing Biscuit a happy birthday! He is doing well and getting more used to having our daughter around (19 months old, now). Here's the most recent photo I have of him, along with one of him relaxing in our daughter's play tent, haha!


October 15, 2023 Kody (Cub)- Petunia & Simon's F1 bernedoodle
***One of the things that makes this update so special is that Kody stayed with us at Granton Creek until he was about 5 months old. 💗
Hi Audrey,

Apologies for taking so long to get you an update. This past month has been a blur!

Kody has settled in wonderfully. He’s up to 40 lbs as of Friday.
Still having a few accidents here and there, but definitely slowing. 

Everyone who meets him is just astounded he’s only six months old with how relaxed and well behaved he is. The kids adore  him. Our 1 year old is usually all over him and he doesn’t even care, just happy to have someone to roll around with. We took him to the groomer and they told us they would see how much they could do being so young and it being his first time there. When we picked him up they said he was one of the easiest dogs they’ve ever had and wished all their off they’re clientele was so easy to work with!

Thanks again for such a wonderful addition to our  family!


October 15, 2023 Sully (Mishindo)- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Sully is my partner in crime and loves his people. His favorite thing is to talk! He says “I love you!” whenever he wants to go outside and when he says it if you ask him “Do you want to go outside?” he stomps his foot on the ground and says one huff and puff sound. He is hysterical! He is huge and we call him our house hippo. He adores going to see his girl for a full salon appointment and if I don’t drive into the ice cream store near my house and we pass it in the car he sulks like the picture. He is so smart he now acts as if I am the chauffeur assigned to take him to his favorite places. 

October 7, 2023
Jemma (Sheva)- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Another year with the BEST GIRL♥️♥️ We're pretty obsessed with our Jemma. Here's a few pics from the last year! Feel free to share, would love to see what other pups in their litter look like now!

October 7, 2023 Bodhi (Echo)- Primrose & Boaz's F1 bernedoodle- blue merle tri
Good morning!

We survived the night (🤣). We did decided on renaming Echo, now known as Bodhi. He is an absolute WONDERFUL addition to our family and the boys are just eating him up!
He did cry a little at bedtime last night, but once he was settled, he slept from about 11:15, until almost 8 this morning with no accidents (none whatsoever at all yet, actually!!) and we set alarms to make sure he wasn't crying to potty, but he was fast asleep!
He ate a hefty breakfast and we're making sure to change his water frequently and encouraging him to drink as much as he wants. We just got in from some morning playtime outside and he looks about ready for a nap!
Thank you SO much for him, he is just the best boy!! Our oldest son (Kian) even made a special trip home to meet him & get some good puppy snuggles, too. 💕

September 16, 2023 Winnie (Polliwog)- Petunia & Simon's F1 bernedoodle- tri
Hi, first haircut! Groomer said she did amazing

September 9, 2023 Lily Calypso (Calypso)- Lily & Jack's F1 goldendoodle
Hi Hanson Family!  Lily Calypso is loving life.  Here is a recent photo.  Her favorite game is to steal something and have us chase her down to get it back. Shoes, plastic containers, socks, dish towels, etc.  I could go on and on - the other day it was a 5lb dumbbell!  She is hilarious!  Another favorite past time is counter surfing, of course.  She is like a person - it’s crazy all the different emotions she expresses.  She gets miffed if she doesn’t get her way - becomes aloof and ignores us.  The favorite part of my day is being with her-snuggling, playing, going on walks.  Jim calls her my shadow, because we’re constantly together.  She fills our hearts.  She is your 100th puppy.  I hope this note finds your family well!  We are in Sheboygan, not sure if she has littermates in our area.  I love seeing photos of them.  Take care & big hugs-Kelly & Jim

September 9, 2023 Violet (Harvest)- Petunia
& Simon's F1 bernedoodle- phantom tri
Dear Audrey and Pat,

Violet (Harvest) just got back from her spaying surgery two weeks ago.  She is back to normal and romping around the farm.

She sure is a velcro dog. We enjoy her each day and she loves are golden doodle Higgins. 

Jay and Deanne

September 9, 2023 Daisy May (Maze)- Petunia & Simon's F1 bernedoodle- tri
Miss Maze is now named Miss Daisy May, and she is doing very well . She is loved and living a wonderful country life here. Goes for runs every day with her bff Micky , we have a small pond and Miss Daisy loves to take herself for a morning’s swim too. 
Here she is all tuckered out lol
Here she is today-

September 6, 2023 Thor (Spike)- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
We had so much fun celebrating Thor’s birthday! Thor LOVES people and every type of animal. He’s full of energy but so sweet. 

September 6, 2023 Thor (Spike)- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Here is Lenny (Amp), 2 yrs old,  getting a nap. We adore him! Thk you!!
September 6, 2023 Leo (Guppy)- Lily & Jack's F1 goldendoodle
Hi Audrey and Patrick,

It’s so good to hear from you! Here’s Leo (Guppy) Sorry it’s so late! We love him more than words can describe. 😊

It’s very very tempting to get Leo a brother or sister - we love your updates. We’re all still in LA but we’ve promised ourselves that if and when we get a yard for Leo, we’ll also get him a sibling. For now, he’s settling for sunbathing on the deck.
All the best,
Chris, Paige, and Leo

September 6, 2023 Nacho- Penny & Rufus's moyen size poodle
Hi, Audrey and Patrick!
Sorry for the late response - the end of summer was just nuts! But I wanted to give you a Nacho update! He's such an awesome dog. He is so friendly and loving - the whole neighborhood knows him! He loves our kids so much, my son and him are best friends. He is also a bit of my shadow, as soon as I sit down on the couch he's right there next to me. It's the best! He loves his tennis balls and playing fetch, looking out the window, and resting his head on pillows. The couple other people who have watched him for us just comment on how playful he is with other dogs and how affectionate he is. The first picture is the most recent - he was just groomed and his red color has lightened up quite a bit but still beautiful. Sitting steady at 40 pounds, he's the perfect fit for our family, can't imagine life without him.


September 6, 2023 Zola (Cheyenne)- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Miss Zola on her first birthday...She is such a good dog

September 5, 2023 Apollo (Jolt)- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
It is a joy following your facebook page and seeing all the families that you have blessed with pups! 

We love our big Apollo! He is adventurous and sweet. He loves to snuggle the kids and is the perfect "big brother" to his pup siblings, Jellybean (4 years) and Jasper (5 months). Apollo loves to swim in the lake, play tug of war and run with the 4-wheeler. He is not a fan of remote control vehicles and will immediately run to mom or dad for comfort when the they come out. Apollo loves to be where the people are whether it be for cuddles, wrestling, running, or treats, he is very social and loves meeting new people- everyone adores him.

September 5, 2023 Tilly (Kimchi)- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle- tri
Tilly is a year and a half now and such an amazing dog. She passed her Canine Good Citizen test on Sunday and we are so proud of her. Next we plan to have her enrolled in a class for therapy training. She loves all people, dogs and life! She makes us laugh and is so smart! I feel so blessed and grateful for her and we thank you for raising such wonderful dogs! She will bring so much joy to so many people as a therapy dog.🐾♥️
September 3, 2023 Bishop (Nevada)- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoole
Here is Bishop (Nevada). She has been a bit of a wild child but she is unbelievably loving and sweet. She is inseparable from her sister, Penny, that we rescued shortly after we brough Bishop home.

Bishop loves going on walks, meeting new people and dogs at parks, being chased (has no interest in playing fetch), and we all adore her super expressive face. She is definitely a Daddy's girl but loves snuggling up to any of her humans. She also gets especially excited when my dad comes over. He helped bring Bishop home and it appears she never forgot (I included a picture of her demanding pets from him during our most recent BBQ). She is a perfect fit in our crazy family ❤️

September 2, 2023 Marley (Eclair)- Camelia & Boaz's F1b goldendoodle- phantom tri & Scout (Skeeter)- Daisy & Jack's F1 goldendoodle
Hello from the Detlors!

Marley, aka Eclair, is doing well. She is one smart cookie who's always ready to play. She absolutely loves her 4-legged brother, Scout, and the feelings are mutual on most days. When she's not being mischievous and doing something she shouldn't. Lol... Miss Marley is a snuggle bug and loves to fetch, chew on her favorite bones, play tug-of-war with Scout, and rough house with her human brothers. 

Thank you for the email and birthday wishes for Marley.

❤️ Kelly Detlor & family

September 1, 2023 Leia (Clarinet)- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
She is 60 pounds. She’s got some long legs though! I have attached a cute little video of her doing some agility training she did with my son earlier this summer so you can see her size a bit better. They both had a lot of fun with that too! 

August 29, 2023 Junie (Diana) - Primrose & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle- brindle & Copper (Papaya)- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
Junie is such a treasure. She is the snuggliest puppy I know and just wants to be with her furry sister, Copper, and her people. She can’t catch a treat in the air, but figured out how to put the window down in the car to stick her head out. 😂 Daddy (the one who didn’t want a second dog) carries her around like a baby. We love her dearly!
~ Jen

August 29, 2023 Maple (Marsala)- Willow & Rufus's F1bb goldendoodle
Just a note about Maple (Marsala). She turned two on June 29 and is the most wonderful dog! We are so in love with her. She loves everyone and is great with our grandkids. Her collar says "Best Dog Ever." and that is the truth. Her favorite thing to do is catching balls and her favorite snack is cheese. Thank you again Audrey and Pat, she is a dream come true.

August 29, 2023 Stanley (Wyoming)- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
Here is our Stanley (Wyoming). I didn’t realize his birthday was august 6. I thought it was august 1. Either we love our large doodle, he is 81pounds. He is absolutely amazing with kids, very relaxed personality and loves his people. He likes other pets but is the passive animal rolls over for all of them. The first year was rough because he would knock over garbage cans and eat food in his sight. No that he is older he has outgrown most of the bad behaviors. He doesn’t eat food of the counters or table anymore, but the garbage cans do still mysteriously get knocked over. 

August 26, 2023 Leia (Clarinet)- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle

Just wanted to send you a quick update on Leia! This summer she passed her Canine Good Citizenship certification! We are so proud of her and all her hard work. She is such a good listener, loves to meet all sorts of new friends and has really brought us so much joy. Please enjoy the photo!

Becca, Leia and the Boys

August 26, 2023 Willow (Brie)- Penny & Rufus's poodle- moyen size & Niko (Necco)- Maggie & Zircon's F1b goldendoodle
Lexi ( Gouda) is doing well! The neighborhood cuddler!  She would be lost without her older brother Niko ( Necco the 7 yo goldendoodle).  Thanks for the email.
-the Smith family
August 25, 2023 Stella (Jane) - Primrose & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle- brindle & Abby (Canjira)- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
Hi Audrey & Patrick!
Hope this email finds you and your family well!
We still remember the day when we saw that post on your FB page, that Stella (Jane) was still looking for a home. We already had one of Granton Creek Goldendoodles, Abby, whom we adore, but we really felt Abby needed a sibling. Dale and I both fell in love with Stella, and Dale really wanted a Berniedoodle.
Stella is now two, and weighs 72 lbs. She is just the cutest, funniest, quirky, vocal and such a sweet girl. We love her to bits! 
We can't thank you enough for assuring us that Abby & Stella would get along great. They love each other, and we love to spoil our baby girls!
I always say there's room for just one more! Dale on the other hand😉

Thanks again,
Pam & Dale 

August 24, 2023 Archie (Matthew)- Primrose & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle- brindle
Archie (Matthew) is a very sweet, loving guy. He is great with all people and other dogs. Archie weighs 80lbs now. He loves going to the dog park and the lake. Archie is a very good swimmer. It's hard to get him out of the water sometimes! He loves his Granton Creek sister, Minnie aka Alice (F1b labradoodle). Archie is very social and can't seem to get enough attention! Archie and Minnie are now living in the Pacific Northwest and have acclimated very well to their new surroundings. Thank you, Granton Creek, for giving me the opportunity to have these beautiful doodles in my life.  


August 24, 2023 Auggie (Compass)- Petunia & Orion's F1 bernedoodle- sable
Compass is now Auggie! 
He is a BIG, goofy, fluffy, and gentle boy. 

August 24, 2023 Reggie (Hatchet)- Petunia & Orion's F1 bernedoodle- tri
Reggie says Hello and thank you for the Birthday wishes! He is a very happy go lucky puppers that loves treats, drinking water from the bathtub and chasing chipmunks! (No harm to chipmunks has incurred)😛
Thank you from the Stoll Family!

August 23, 2023 Olive (Pachanga)- Lily & Jack's F1 goldendoodle
It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years!!! Olive is the best dog ever. She loves to play ball and carries a ball around with her most of the day. Olive loves people. I take her to the dog park and she finds the people to get some love from  She sits on the bench and watches the other dogs but will not play with them. My daughter is Olive’s favorite girl. Olive hates car rides. We have worked over the years to correct this. She will suffer though a long car ride to go to the lake!! She loves to jump off the dock and swim with the girls and her ball of course. 
My favorite part of the day is coming home from work and being greeted at the door with a big tail swinging, a ball and the happiest dog ever. I tell Olive everyday how much I love her and how lucky I am to have her. 
Thank you for checking up on her. And thank you for my best buddy. 
Keli: Aka Olive’s Mom

August 23, 2023 Abby (Citronella)- Petunia & Orion's F1 bernedoodle- tri
Good morning! Just wanted to give you a update on Abby. Today she is 2- Petunia and Orion puppy (citronella). She is doing great! Sure a love bug.
She is so sweet. She is about 55-60 lbs so she is perfect. We are going to take her to school now that we are retired!!!! She sure has a lot of zip. Lol

August 23, 2023 Emma (Lovey)- Daisy & Jack's F1 goldendoodle
We are so grateful to you Pat and Audrey for this beautiful gift of Emma! She is the most amazing “dog-human” we could ever have. She is loving, cuddly, funny, and just fits right in. She loves the water, being closeby always and goes along with whatever we do. (Or demands us to do certain things with her pouting - like hikes, walks, frisbee or playing soccer so she can “be defense” with our son (14yo)).

Just a few pics below; I think pics of Emma may have finally surpassed those of our human kids!! 🤣

Blessings to your family and your beautiful dogs! We look forward to when we are ready for our next! ❤️

Rhonda, Jonathon, Andrew and Christian

August 23, 2023 Tucker (Puffer)- Lily & Jack's F1 goldendoodle
Here’s some recent pictures of Tucker! He is living his best life in Madison! He’s about 90 lbs and his favorite toys are his hedgies! He enjoys going to the dog park multiple times a week and enjoys road tripping, camping, and swimming with me. He is such a derpy and loving dog, truly the best dog 

August 23, 2023 Winston (Francis)- Luna & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Awww!!! Winston is doing so well! I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and he is stuck at my side. He is also loving going to the dog park, running trails with me, and taking lots of nice naps. He also very much appreciates a nice hair cut with this crazy heat! We don’t know know what we would do without him. He has been such a blessing to our little growing family

August 23, 2023 Aioli (Skipper)- Daisy & Jack's F1 goldendoodle & Olive (Sugar Plum)- Carolina & Rufus's F1bb goldendoodle
Here is an update on Aioli:

He is still the best dog and a happy 6 year old boy! He loves playing frisbee more than anything and runs hard and jumps high. He isn’t quite as agile around tight corners like his sister Olive (Sugar Plum) but he is tolerant of her antics and likes the competition. He will even carry the frisbee to and from the park for me. He is a canine good citizen and we have thought about having him certified as a therapy dog. He is much calmer than his sister and is happy to lean on anyone that looks like they need a little extra love. Our life was made infinitely better when we added some Aioli!

Thanks Granton Creek Goldendoodles! Hope you guys are well!

-Anne (and Aioli and Olive)

August 23, 2023 Dakota (Lake)- Petunia & Orion's F1 bernedoodle- tri
Here is Dakota (Lake). ❤️

He's a good boy! He loves going to the large dog park in town and is friendly with other dogs. He is 82 lbs and gets a haircut every 3 months (we leave his hair longer in the winter). 

He is a big cuddler and loves hiking trails. We have to be careful not to leave socks out, or he will eat them! (He also loves stealing shoes for attention. LOL)

We love our Dakota! ❤️


August 23, 2023 Rhea Rose (Cotija)- Penny & Rufus's poodle- moyen size & Andy- Bluey & Toby's F1bb goldendoodle
Thank you! Rhea is amazing. She loves people so much and is coming up on a year of being a certified therapy dog. She has learned from the best, Andy. She is always happy and snuggly. Thank you so much for her and Andy. They are the best!


August 23, 2023 Macie (Georgia)- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
Thank you for reaching out! We have been so blessed with Macie, she’s such a goofy girl, extra cuddly and loves being lazy or full of energy depending on the day, she’s almost human like sometimes.

August 23, 2023 Willow (Brie)- Penny & Rufus's poodle- moyen size
Willow is doing amazing! We love her so much & couldn’t imagine life without her! She loves to cuddle & sleep right in between us at night! Also, we found that she loves to perch herself atop the couch to get good views of the animals outside! 

We celebrated her second birthday with a PB & banana cupcake!

Here are some updated photos of her! :) thank you for reaching out! Hope you are doing well! 


August 23, 2023 Nelson (Georgia)- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
We love Nelson!
Here’s some pictures;-)

August 23, 2023 Lucy (Princess Atta)- Luna & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Lucy (Princess Atta) sends her love! 💕❤️

August 23, 2023 Ramo (Romano)- Penny & Rufus's poodle- moyen size
Hi Audrey and Patrick!

Thanks so much for reaching out. Below are a couple of pictures of Ramo. First one was on his birthday this past weekend - he sat very nice with his puppy doughnut while we sang happy birthday to him before eating 😊. The other pic is from when we were outside today - it was hot! You can probably tell by the lawn that we haven't had much rain this summer!

Last time we were at the vet was probably towards the beginning of this year, he weighed around 32lbs, I would say he's probably 32-35lbs now. He'll go for his yearly check up this Fall and I can let you know what he weighed if you'd like. He is smart, fast, loves to play, and just overall AWESOME. His most recent trick is learning to catch a toy in the air, it's pretty stellar. We love him so much!

Hope you are both doing well. 


August 23, 2023 Asiago- Penny & Rufus's poodle- moyen size


Asiago is doing really great and he is the best boy ever. He is growing up so fast it's hard to believe that he is two already. Asiago has the most beautiful, calm and soulful chocolate brown eyes and the softest fur. Asiago has a wonderful personality. He is very friendly and loves to be pet and to cuddle.  He loves his sister, a goldendoodle named muffin. His favorite things to do are going for long walks and eating, especially human food. But his all time favorite thing to do is to play with a laser pointer. It's one of the funniest things to watch a 41 pound dog chase and lunge at a laser pointer like he is a cat. 

Here are pictures of Asi as a puppy

Here he is at 1

Here he is now at 2  

August 23, 2023 Archie (Colby) & Lisa (Waffles)- Penny & Rufus's poodle- moyen size & Pearl & Rufus's poodle

Hello and thanks! Archie (and Lisa) are doing great!

Archie (Colby. red hair) - we describe as "the quintessential dog". He loves to chase balls. His tail is always wagging. He's very sweet and affectionate and cuddly. He likes to sleep with at least one of his stuffed animals.

Lisa (Waffles. black hair) - his older half sister - seems to be some sort of mix between dog, human, cat and mountain goat. Since day one, she has a habit of climbing up onto backs of couches and laying across the back of our necks. She loves to be challenged by having us put toys in hard to get places so that she has to dig for them.

They both love the snow, and get frequent walks/runs through the nearby woods. They brighten up every one of our days.


Joe and Janice

August 23, 2023 Hula (Hawaii)- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle

Hello! Hard to believe the sweet little States pups are already four. Let me tell you about our Hula(Hawaii). She’s grown to be a beautiful dog with a super soft wavy coat and really pretty long eye lashes.  Food is definitely her greatest joy. When she’s not eating or stealing people’s food😂, she loves walks, car rides, swimming, fishing, being chased (she refuses to play fetch..lol), and she loves cuddling with her favorite humans, day and night.
We love our crazy Hula and can’t imagine our home without her. Thank you Granton Creek!


August 23, 2023 Schmidt (Hike)- Petunia & Orion's F1 bernedoodle- tri
Hello!! Awwww this email made my day :) thank you for the note and lovely birthday wish!! Here are some recent pictures of our best pal Schmidt, he is the sweetest, friendliest guy and loves everyone! We celebrated his birthday today since we have to head out of town tomorrow, he was one happy guy!!

Hope you all are well, we send our best ❤️

Elise, Josh & Schmidt 

ugust 21, 2023 Tio- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Mr Tio pup-date. He is as sweet and cuddly as ever. Gets along amazingly with a male GSD and male lab, 3 peas in a pod. I have recommended you folks several times over 😊.

July 10, 2023 Seersha (Zelda)- Tallulah & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Hi Audrey~ I wanted to let you know that Zelda (Seersha) is doing SO well and she is already my best friend.

She has had her first camping trip to Kohler-Andre State Park and she was an absolute adventurous angel 😇.

We hope you and Patrick are doing well and buying lots of fun things for your upcoming Grandson!

Shelly and Seersha 💕

July 4, 2023 Joey -Petunia & Simon's F1 bernedoodle, Baylor (Lincoln)- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle, Wilson (Robin)-Primrose & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle- brindle, and Murphy (Wonton)- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle- tri
Happy 4th of July!
Attached are some pictures I took this morning of the boys enjoying the kiddie pools we put out in the yard. It is very hot and humid here today, but hopefully we get some much needed rain. Joey is both quite the swimmer and gardner! I am not sure my pepper plants are going to survive! He also seems to think that he should eat his food outside. It works for now, but he might change his mind if the weather goes south.

June 29, 2023 Hazel (Sundae)- Camelia & Boaz's F1b goldendoodle- sable
Hi Granton Creek!

We thought we’d send a pupdate since Hazel (Sundae) has grown a lot since our last email. I’ve attached some pictures. After we got her groomed in the spring, her fur is now more gray than black, but she is definitely in her teenage stage :) She absolutely loves spending time outside, and is very interested in bumblebees, sticks, and running top speed around the yard. Hazel is smart and incredibly sweet and cuddly, we love her!

Hope you are having a great summer!
Emily and Cory

June 14, 2023 Oliver (Rory)- Sally & Rufus's F1 goldendoodle
Happy one year to our Oliver! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful dog.

June 2. 2023 June (Ephyra)- Petunia & Simon's F1 bernedoodle
June did great on the ride home - no issues! She is getting settled in to her new home. She is so sweet, we absolutely love her! Thank you! 

April 24, 2023 Nala (Nori) & Koda (Biscuit)- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle (sable colored) & Pearl & Rufus's poodle
These two turned one and two in February and I forgot to send this over!
Nala is all puppy. She wants to play with her brother all day and when she's tired, she thinks her 65 pounds means lap dog 😆 She's so cuddly, loves her human kiddos and loves belly rubs. Koda, I think, has maxed out at 62 pounds! He is so smart, I am floored everyday by what he does. If it's not unlocking gates/doors in the house, it's tricking his sister. He rings his bell to go out. We open the door, he lets Nala go first and then he decides he doesn't want to go out and runs to another room to steal whatever toy she had been playing with! So sneaky. They are loved so much. Both different personalities but both wonderful dogs. Well behaved, smart, and great with the kids. Thank you for these amazing pups!

April 23, 2023 Berkeley (Trinity)- Maggie & Chester's F1 goldendoodle
Almost 5 weeks old and we figured out how to smile really big by noticing our puppy for the first time 💕

April 2, 2023 Bro (Sam)- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
Bro's 3rd birthday ! So thankful for him

Frosty paws for birthday boy

March 28, 2023 Lucy (Joyous)- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
Lucy turns 1 today! ♡♡ she is doing great! Makes us smile and laugh every single day. She may be a tad spoiled...but thats okay! Haha hope you are doing well

March 22, 2023 Berkeley (Trinity)- Maggie & Chester's F1 goldendoodle
Oh sweet sweet Berkeley
I went into labor a couple days ago with baby #5 and it made Berkeley ever so anxious she wouldn’t let me leave the house and panicked when I did get out the door etc.
we finally came home today and she bust out the door to me the second I was home before I was even out of the vehicle. Checked me all over and laid her head on me. She didn’t leave my side until we opened the van door and before anyone could stop her she jumped right in and was checking out her new baby in her car seat. Might be the 5th baby in the family but it’s the very first baby girl and I think Berkeley is very in love with having a sister (nobody’s told her she will probably be just as crazy as her 4 bothers that we joke made Berkeley go silver 😂)

March 17, 2023 Benny (Boise)- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Happy St. Patrick’s day! Benny is such a great addition to our family. He loves to play with the kids (especially in the snow!) and cuddle on the couch when he’s tired out. He’s growing fast and he has his first visit with the groomer coming up next week!

March 13, 2023 Wheatlee (Empire)- Tallulah & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Wheatlee turned 1!! He loved his little cupcake!!

March 13, 2023 Teddy (Ambrosia)- Tallulah & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
This pretty girl turns ONE today and we are so lucky to have her in our lives. It’s definitely been interesting having two dogs but she is a keeper and her snuggles make it all worth it. Happy Birthday Teddy!! 🎂🎁🎉🐾❤️

March 10, 2023 Rowan (Rusty) & River (Rubiks)- Sally & Rufus' & Galaxy & Toby's- both F1 goldendoodles
Hello from Rowan and River! They are enjoying last nights snow we got!
March 3, 2023 Meadow (Dove)- Petunia & Simon's F1 bernedoodle- tri
We love meadow (Dove) so much! Can’t believe she is already 1 tomorrow!

March 3, 2023 Sasha (Miso)- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle -sable
Sasha (Miso) at one year.

March 3, 2023 Maisel (Darla)- Iris & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle- brindle
Hugs from Maisel (Darla) - Caspian & Iris’ 16 month old bernedoodle - we send our deepest condolences. We’re so blessed to have part of Caspian in our lives 😢💙
February 28, 2023 Charli (Atlanta)- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Charli (Atlanta) just had her first visit to the groomer today

February 28, 2023 Tilly (Kimchi)- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle
Tilly is celebrating her first birthday today and we all adore her and she owns us! ♥️😜 She’s such a big part of our family! Thanks for raising amazing companion’s!🐾

February 27, 2023 Bucky (Packer)- Carolina & Rufus's F1bb goldendoodle
Hi! He’s doing so great!! He is so wonderful. Bucky loves to be brushed any chance he gets, he also loves going to the groomer every 6 weeks. That works out well because I like to keep his hair kinda long. He has completed 8 weeks of advanced obedience training and is well on his way to becoming a service dog. Lots of people ask me if Bucky is an Irish doodle because of his dark red color but I tell them nope he’s just a beautiful golden doodle!

February 22, 2023 Moses (Banjo)- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Here’s a pupdate on our Moses, formally banjo. Our youngest son received his second chance of life and received a heart transplant and was in the hospital for 6 weeks and returned home and Moses went NUTS! He was soooo beyond happy to finally see Levi and Levi was so very happy to see Mosy too! It was so heartwarming. We even had to take our annual fall pictures with our new love/ taken just 2 weeks before Levi received his transplant. He really is the BEST dog and LOVES our boys and us so much. We couldn’t be more thankful for such a wonderful dog. ♥️

February 22, 2023 Cooper (Tux)- Iris & Boaz's F1 bernedoodle
Hi! Hope you are doing well! I wanted to send you guys a quick update on Cooper since it’s been a little more than 6 months since we picked him up! He’s the happiest guy and is getting big (he’s about 66 lbs now)! He loves playing at the park with his pup friends and can almost always be found with a toy or two.
 Thank you! Nicole

February 22, 2023 Berkeley (Trinity)- Maggie & Chester's F1 goldendoodle
Sweetest boy and his dog moment ❤️

Our Berkeley just went up to our 1 year old son Brigham watching the snow storm (he is just starting to talk) he put his arm around her smiled and said “hi good girl”

February 19, 2023 Journey (Sugar)- Luna & Toby's F1 goldendoodle

February 19, 2023 Boone (Wall-E)- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Happy Birthday! We absolutely love our Boone (Wall-E)!!!

February 8, 2023 Hazel (Sundae) Camellia & Boaz's F1b goldendoodle

Hi Audrey and Patrick, we just wanted to share an update with you! 

We brought home Sundae on Jan. 6 and named her Hazel, full name Hazelnut Sundae :) 

I’ve attached some pictures! Hazel is a happy little lady and so sweet, she loves hugs and climbing into laps when she’s not running around the yard with twigs. We can’t wait to take her on adventures this summer! 

Hazel just turned 5 months old and her favorite toys are soft ducks, tennis balls, dog bones, and a leather Sasquatch toy. She is almost finished with puppy obedience class and we’ve been impressed how well she is responding! She is fitting right into our little family and we are so grateful you gave us the confidence to take on this new journey with all the information you provided us.

I was wondering if you have pictures of Hazel’s pup mom? I don’t have the paperwork in front of me but I think her name is Camilla. I saw her pup dad Boaz on the parents page of your website but not Camilla, and I’d love to see Hazel’s qualities from her pup parents as she gets bigger.

Thank you! We hope you are well,

Emily and Cory

February 8, 2023 Violet (Harvest)- Petunia & Simon's F1 bernedoodle
Violet is 5 months today and had her first grooming appointment this week.

We are  doing the Baxter and Bella training and she is sleeping  8 hours a night.

Thank you again for a great Bernadoodle. 

Jay and Deanne

February 7, 2023 Jackson (Apollo)- Lily & Chester's golden retriever
Hello everyone!!!

I just wanted to quick check in and send a few pics of our beautiful Jackson!!! It's hard to believe that he just turned 6.  Of course, he was absolutely spoiled rotten on his birthday!!!  

Jackson is still my world and i adore him to no end!!!!!!  He is such a handsome boy!!! Every where we go people stop to pet him!!!!   Thinking of you all!!!!  Hope Jackson's smile makes you smile!!!!

Take care,
Marne and Jackson

February 5, 2023 Toby (Laughter)- Petunia & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle- brindle colored
Just celebrating Toby’s 2nd bday (happy). Picked out a new toy and had doggy ice cream

February 4, 2023 Lenny (Kringle)- Carolina & Rufus's F1bb goldendoodle
Hello!! Hope you are doing well!! Your latest puppies inspired us to update you on our pup!

Lenny (Kringle from Caroline & Rufus's litter) brings us so much joy! He loves the outdoors, socializing and snuggles. Car rides, walks and bones are some of his favorite things. He caught onto tricks and training very quickly. He is a handsome boy weighing about 45 lbs and just shy of 8 months old. Thank you again for our family addition ❤️

January 26, 2023 Finn (Fudge)- Camellia & Boaz's F1b goldendoodle

I was in a meeting this morning and he insisted on snuggling in our little

dogs bed 🤣

January 19, 2023 Esther (Blondie) & Tootie (Bubbles)- Camellia & Boaz's F1b goldendoodle & Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Hi Granton Creek!

Esther is doing so great at home with Tootie! She had her first puppy groom today! At the vet yesterday she weighed in at 39lbs! At almost 20 weeks. We love her to pieces! She is so sweet and loving. A perfect fit for our family! Here are some from her groom today and a couple of her and Tootie 

The Miller Family

January 19, 2023 Dory (Cider)- Petunia & Simon's F1 bernedoodle
Hi Audrey and Patrick, 

I just wanted to reach out and let you know what a blessing our Bernedoodle has been to our family!  In 3 short weeks, she has made herself at home and we have totally fallen in love with her.   She is doing great - growing like a weed.  Eating, pooping and peeing as she should.  She's doing extremely well with house training.  She does not love her crate, but we are making progress on that.  :)  

She LOVES the kids and it is absolutely mutual.    We named her Dory and we are so lucky she's part of our family.  Thanks again for being part of one of the best Christmas presents our kids will ever get!  


January 19, 2023 Kiera (Crystal)- Willow & Rufus's F1bb goldendoodle
Kiera with her new bed and blankie. Can't believe she's 7 mo old. She's skinny but tall and lanky. Very full of energy. We all love her so much!

January 15, 2023 Winston (Juneau)- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
They are quickly becoming best friends! 💓

January 9, 2023 Violet (Harvest)- Petunia & Simon's F1 bernedoodle
Pat and Audrey,
Thanks so much for raising our new Bernadoodle Violet.
She traveled well and is glued to Deanne.
We will do everything we can to provide the best for her.

Jay and Deanne

January 7, 2023 Louie (Djembe)- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
Here are a couple pics and a movie of Louie/Djembe to hopefully cheer you up.   He sure is a wonderful guy - Thank You for him!!
Thank You!

January 4, 2023 Journey (Sugar)- Luna & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Hope you had a merry Christmas and happy new 2023!

December 30, 2022 Marty (Hitch)- Iris & Boaz's F1 bernedoodle
A quick Marty update for you. He is the sweetest boy; we couldn't have asked for a better boy to complete our family! He loves to snow; actually goes outside to just lay down in the snow! LOL
We hope all is well with you and your family. Happy New Year!
December 29, 2022 Charli (Atlanta) & Finn (Nerf)- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle & Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Good morning! Just letting you know that Charli (Atlanta) is adjusting well in her new home. We are loving her up!

December 24, 2022 Harvey (Betta)- Lily & Jack's F1 goldendoodle
Merry Christmas Granton Creek Goldendoodles from Harvey!!

December 23, 2022 Daisy (Unity)- Iris & Boaz's F1 bernedoodle
Daisy isn’t letting the cold bother her 😂 hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

December 4, 2022 Chloe (Galadriel)- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
We still can't believe how lucky we are to have Chloe! We just had her at a big Thanksgiving day gathering, and she did so great with lots of noise, people, and little kids, and she did so well! Okay she snagged some turkey from my plate but otherwise she was perfect :) 

December 2, 2022 Bishop (Nevada)- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
She was on pace to hit 80 lbs but she ended up maxing out around 65-68 lbs. She is incredibly smart (sometimes too smart!) and full of energy. It was funny as she wasn't really a lapdog as a puppy but as she has grown, she has turned into one. Always jumping onto someone's lap when she's not getting enough attention. She's great with other dogs as well. She loves to rough it up with the bigger dogs and be more gentle with the small dogs. 

I included some pics and videos. You'll notice that Bishop is almost always smiling! lol

December 1, 2022 Ranger (Chuckles)- Petunia & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle
We love Ranger. He is the best dog we have had.   My AJ just loves dogs and some day in the future I would love to get another Bernie or golden doodle from your wonderful family. 
November 30, 2022 Silas (Rembrandt)- Annie & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Hi Patrick and Audrey,
We’re sorry to hear of the needs and challenges of helping your father, but pray that God will give you grace, wisdom and strength to support your parents. We now have my dad living with us as he fell in August and can no longer live on his own—three elders well into their 90s and us in one house!
Silas is a joy and a sweet companion. He’s 82# and at times we confuse him with Moses who is a bit larger at present.
If we hear of a loving family who is looking for a puppy or older dog we will let you know.
Connie and Dave

November 30, 2022 Auggie (Batman)- Primrose & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle
Here’s Auggie (aka Batman) at doggie day care for his costume contest! Thought you would enjoy his bat wings! We love him so much!

November 30, 2022 Ripley (Fahrenheit)- Bluey & Toby's F1bb goldendoodle
Ripley says happy happy birthday to her brothers! 🎂 🐶 🥳

November 30, 2022 Archie (Celsius)- Bluey & Toby's F1bb goldendoodle
Happy birthday from Archie! 🎂
November 28, 2022 Millie (Dew Drop)- Carolina & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodle
Millie (Dew Drop) says Happy Birthday to her siblings! 🎉🎂🎈 We are so lucky to have our Millie! She has quite the personality, we just love her! ❤️

November 28, 2022 Millie (Dew Drop)- Carolina & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodle
Ryder (Prince) says happy birthday to his siblings as well! 🎉🎈❤️

November 28, 2022 Sadie (Maize)- Nova & Toby
Sadie (Maize) 🎂🎉

November 28, 2022 Mic (Fritz)- Carolina & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodle
Mic (Fritz) says happy birthday, siblings!! 🥳💙

November 25, 2022 Rudy (Tachi)- Iris & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle
Happy Thanksgiving from Rudy!!
November 25, 2022
Happy Thanksgiving from Millie’s (Scarlett’s) family in Greenville!

November 25, 2022 Nala (Miso) & Koda (Biscuit)- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle- sable colored & Pearl & Rufus's poodle
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Love Koda and Nala ❤️

November 25, 2022 Tilly (Kimchi)- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle
Adorable! Our Tilly is such an important part of our family! She had an amazing first Thanksgiving greeting all the family members and best of all playing hide and seek outside with all the kids and adults! 🤗 She is such a happy girl!🐾 Thank you Granton Creek for raising such amazing puppies!!
November 25, 2022 Lace- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle
Tilly looks so much like my girl Lace from Granton Creek! 😁

November 25, 2022 Henry (Orlando)- Willow & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodle
Happy thanksgiving from Henry!
November 25, 2022 Scout (Jingle)- Camellia & Orion's F1b goldendoodle
Happy Thanksgiving from Scout (Jingle) and her family!!! Scout had to travel from Minnesota to Wisconsin for the holiday!!🦃🦃🦃🦃

November 25, 2022 Raven (Smoothie) & Willow (Ocarina) Pearl & Rufus' poodle & Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
They are beautiful pups, of course!! Hi from 2 GC pups , a poodle Raven and a Doodle Willow.
November 25, 2022 Karma (Mary Ann) & Stella (Skittles) Iris & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle & Maggie & Zircon's F1b goldendoodle
Happy Thanksgiving from Karma (Mary Ann) and Stella (Skittles)!!

November 24, 2022 Wally (Gourdy), Myles (Patch), & Bear (Leaf)- Petunia & Simon's F1 bernedoodle brothers
Thanksgiving reunion for the Bernedoodle brothers Wally, Myles, & Bear!

November 20, 2022 Loki (Champagne)- Mocha & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Here's a recent pic of Loki (Champagne). She got her first duck this fall and was so proud!

November 14, 2022 Luna (Shell)- Mocha & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Luna (shell) is such a great dog. She’s doing an excellent job potty training, stays around very well outside, loves everyone she meets (both dogs and humans), and has just a wonderful temperament. We’re so happy to have her and have received many comments about how well behaved she is — people can’t believe she’s not even 6 months!

November 14, 2022 Moose (Dover) & Champ (Chili)- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle & Petunia & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle- brindle colored
Moose update!

Moose has been amazing! Him and Champ love each other so much, they play nonstop just goofing around. Moose went to the vet last week and weighed 11lbs all of the staff was loving on him (as you can imagine). He is adjusting to the house pretty well. Kennel training has gone very smoothly, still working on the potty training. We can't thank you guys enough for our two puppers! Here are some pictures and videos.

I will keep you updated on the boys as they continue to grow up, please feel free to reach out if you are ever curious!

November 8, 2022 Violet- Carolina & Rufus' F1bb goldendoodle
Violet fits in like she’s been here forever! Our golden retriever is the best big sister and makes sure she stays in the yard outside together.

November 7, 2022 Sota (Tampa)- Willow & Rufus's F1bb goldendoodle
I’ve realized I haven’t reached out with an update with Sota. She is simply perfect. She is equally similar to Luna as well as her differences. We love ❤️ her so very much. She’s been a great add to our life & helping our pain a little bit less. We’ll never forget Luna nor will Sota ever replace her rather we found we had an empty spot in our heart we never knew and she has filled it. Thank you again for helping us fill our hearts ♥️

November 6, 2022 Jordy (Aragorn)- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
Update on Jordy (Saphira and Toby’s Lord of the Rings litter from April 2020). Jordy has officially become and certified and registered therapy dog!

November 6, 2022 Rhea (Cotija)- Penny & Rufus's poodle
We have another therapy dog! Rhea passed her test today. She is! Thanks again for her. She fits in perfectly!

October 31, 2022 Journey (Sugar)- Luna & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Journey got a new blankee friend. She loves the leaves!

October 13, 2022 Oliver (Rory)- Sally & Rufus' F1 goldendoodle
Here’s our fur baby at 4mo old! He’s learned how to be on leash, how to sit, and how to jump into the car for fun rides. We love him so much, and get so many compliments on his beautiful coat. He gets his first grooming session this week!

October 11, 2022 Copper (Papaya) & Junie (Diana)- Saphira/Toby's F1b goldendoodle & Primrose/Caspian's F1 bernedoodle
Just had to send you a few photos to show you that Copper (Papaya) and Junie (Diana) are a match made in heaven. Not only are they perfect for our family, but also for one another. Copper has definitely taken on the role of the puppy mama and Junie is the baby puppy. We love them both so much!

October 9, 2022 Willow (Arizona)- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
Hi!! She’s doing great! We love her so so much. She even grew on Sam, a lot 😉 I’ve been trying to convince him for about a year now to get willow a sister, but it’s been a solid no so far. I’m hoping soon 🤞🏼🤞🏼

September 16, 2022 Tootie (Bubbles)- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Tootie had a photoshoot in the garden this week

September 16, 2022 Journey (Sugar)- Luna & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Happy Friday!!!!
She’s so amazing I just adore her!

September 6, 2022 Marty (Hitch)- Iris & Boaz's F1 bernedoodle
Marty Update!!!

Marty boy is settling in perfectly and it feels as if he has been a part of our family for months, not weeks. 🙂
He loves going for hikes and being outside, wrestling with his human brother and giving kisses to all his humans!
He has grown so much in the short time we have had him and we cannot wait to see how much bigger he will be!
We hope everything is going well for you and your family!

-Kate and Brian...and Marty!

September 5, 2022 Cooper (Tux)- Iris & Boaz's F1 bernedoodle

We have absolutely loved adding Cooper to our family!! We wanted to send some update photos! He has been the best little pup and loves to run around with other pups.

Thank you!


August 23, 2022 Dakota (Lake)- Petunia & Orion's F1 bernedoodle
Dakota (Lake) is 1 today! ❤ He's a good boy and is goofy and lovable. He loves to cuddle and still loves pumpkin! We love him so much!!
Right now he is a little over 70 lbs. (He sounds like a horse galloping when we take him to the dog park!) We've received so many compliments on how handsome he is!
This is how he normally sleeps! 😀

August 19, 2022 Asiago- Penny & Rufus's moyen poodle
Happy first birthday Asiago! He is from Rufus and Penny's cheese litter. We celebrated by going for a long walk and having a peanut butter and pumpkin dog safe cake. Wishing all of his siblings a happy birthday.