Testimonials & Updates- 2020-2021

December 6, 2021 Winnie (Allie)- Nova & Toby's F1 goldendoodle

Good afternoon, Granton Creek!!  It is hard to believe that one year ago today Toby and Nova had their litter and Winnie was born.  Since bringing her home in late January she has been a perfect addition to our family.  All of our family and friends just adore her and her best friend (Zelda) is an English Cream Golder Retriever that our good friends own the next street over so they get together a few times a week and tear it up.  She loves going for long walks in the woods around our home and she loves my wife’s farm down in Iowa where she can truly run around and enjoy the outdoors.  Winnie has been very healthy and finally had her heat cycle in October so she will be spayed in early January.  She is both beautiful and fantastically goofy and we could not be happier with her!!  ðŸ˜Š   Attached are some pictures for you to enjoy.  Thank you again so much for placing her with us…..we re so happy with !!  


Charlie, Amy and Zoe Hanna

November 2, 2021 Theo (Lantern)- Iris & Orion's F1 bernedoodle

We have a brother to Smores and he is wonderful! Best puppy ever! So laid back, cuddly and smart! Here’s Theo! ❤️

October 28, 2021 Cooper (Galleon)- Camellia & Caspian's F1b goldendoodle
Cooper weighed 27 lbs at vet today. He is loveable and loves to give kisses and hugs. He likes to be carried but is getting too big. He loves chew toys and running outside. I would love to see pictures of his "boat" littermates. Thanks to Granton Creek Goldendoodles for entrusting us with Cooper/Galleon.

October 28, 2021 Stanley/Almanzo- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
Stanley (Almanzo) wanted to say hi! He is a very BIG boy and now weighs 35lbs. He LOVES water (tries to take a shower with you), going for walks, being outside, and playing fetch.

October 24, 2021 Sophie/Adore- Bluey & Toby's F1bb goldendoodle
Just thought you might like a photo of Sophie at 10 months. She is about 55 lbs very playful.

October 20, 2021 Jemma/Sheva- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle- update for her 3rd birthday!
I totally forgot to send you a birthday update on the 13th. Jemma has lived her best life this year. She's been on numerous hikes and trips to the beach!
We're still pretty obsessed with our pup. Thank you again! ❤️
October 13, 2021 Cleo/Victory- Mocha & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Miss Cleo (Victory) on her first birthday!! We can’t believe it’s already been a year. So blessed to have her in our lives!! She just gets sweeter everyday 🐾
She is about 45 pounds!

October 17, 2021 Evie/Barbie- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Here’s a recent photo of our wild girl

September 29, 2021 Andy- Bluey & Toby's F1bb goldendoodle
My Andy passed his pet therapy test last night. Thank you so much for trusting me with him! Ill send another picture when we get our certificate!!

August 31, 2021 Dolly/Edith- Mocha & Henry's F1b labradoodle (brindle)
Here is your Edith our Dolly at 16 weeks. She is great and her and Roxi are playing good together.
 She is a smart dog.

July 24, 2021 Andy- Bluey & Toby's F1bb goldendoodle
Andy learning new skills

July 5, 2021 Dory/Frittata- Pearl & Rufus' Moyen Poodle (brindle)
Hi Patrick and Audrey,

We hope you had a great Fourth of July. We wanted to write to you with an update on Dory. 

She is so sweet, playful, and very smart. She has done great in the City and is not afraid of anything. She loves people, especially little kids. And of course, she loves all the dogs! She is so gentle and patient with all the kids in our neighborhood. 

She immediately adapted to her crate and often walks herself in there at night. The love puppy has been very helpful too. 

She is such a joy and we love having her. She has brought so much joy to our family. Attached are a few pictures! 

Talk soon!

Annie and Jimmy 

June 16, 2021 Champ/Chili-  Petunia & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle (Brindle)
Happy birthday!! Here’s Chili (Champ) today. Such a sweet smart boy ❤️ a little over 80lbs!!

June 16, 2021 Wrigley/Pinto- Petunia & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle (Brindle)
Happy birthday!! Here’s Wrigley (Pinto). He’s such a sweet happy boy and makes friends everywhere he goes!

June 16, 2021 Gracie/Jelly- Petunia & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle (Brindle)
Happy Birthday from Gracie! (Jelly)

June 16, 2021 Cooper/Fava- Petunia & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle (Brindle)
Happy birthday from Cooper (Fava) to all his siblings!
June 11, 2021 Lulu/Satin- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle (Brindle)
Lulu/Satin's 1st birthday celebration!

June 11, 2021 Paisley/Chenille- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle (Tri-color)
Paisley (Chenille) is the perfect addition to our family! She loves to play but also snuggles. Her personality is the best... she always finds the mud!

June 11, 2021 Atticus/Plaid- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle (Tri-color)

Atticus (Plaid) is such a good boy. The dog with two barks and a favorite among friends and family. Poor kid still thinks he is a lap dog though. ðŸ˜‚

June 11, 2021 Hazel/Taffeta- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle (Sable)
My how time has flown! Our Hazel (Taffeta) has grown into such a sweet, confident, curious, affectionate, silly girl. She’s an awesome companion and after only 10 months of having her in our family, we cannot imagine life without her! Hazel is just over 60 pounds

June 11, 2021 Duke/Corduroy- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle
Duke (Corduroy) says hello! He’s a happy pup, and we love him so! Happy birthday to his siblings!

June 11, 2021 Millie/Chiffon- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle (tri color)

Millie (Chiffon) says “Happy Birthday” to her siblings! She is 48 lbs of fluff and goofiness!! We love her dearly ❤️💕

June 11, 2021 Lace Rose- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle (tri color)
I can't believe a whole year with my sweet baby Lace has gone by! She is such a blessing and I could not imagine my life without her! I think that she will likely be the best dog I ever own! ❤

June 11, 2021 Odin/Flannel- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle (Sable)
Odin (flannel) says happy Birthday to his brothers and sisters! It’s hard to believe he’s a year, we sure love having him in our lives. He’s the sweetest giant puppy around 
Odin is 67 pounds ðŸ˜

June 11, 2021 Elanor/Gingham & Archer/Scotchie- Primrose & Orion's F1 bernedoodle (Brindle) & Luna & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Eleanor (Gingham)says hi
The pack!

June 10, 2021 Minnie Joy/Almond Joy- 
Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Hi there!

We hope you are well!  She did get a new name.  Her name is Minnie Joy, and she is really fun!  She loves to play and run.  She is really smart!  I’ll send a photo too!  I think she is just under 20 pounds!


June 10, 2021 Boston/O'Henry- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Hello Audrey and Patrick!
Here is a little update on Boston (O’Henry) he is almost 4 months now and is just growing. He’s just a bundle of energy enjoys car rides and chewing anything in sight haha. He took his first plane ride and was such a good boy. Everyone he meets just loves him and is so surprised by how fluffy and how calm of a puppy he is. He has brought so much joy and laughter back into my life. Though he can be a little shy he loves being my adventure and cuddle buddy. All my roommates love having Boston to play and cuddle with as well, he just gets all the love and treats in the world. I can’t thank you enough for giving me such an amazing pooch! Hope all is well!
Chloe and Boston

June 10, 2021 Archie/Nestle- 
Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Hi Audrey and Partick!  It has been crazy but wonderful around here this spring since adding Archie to our family.  He and my son made a special bond in the back seat of the car on the way home from your house. 🥰

Archie is doing fantastic!  He is up to 20 pounds and has really long legs!!  He is super smart and super lovable! He started teaching himself things before we even got a chance!  He loves everyone he meets and everyone loves him.  He also loves playing in the yard with the kids, playing with his toys, belly rubs, going for walks, and going for car rides.  He isn't quite sure about playing in water yet, but I'm sure as the summer heats up, he will learn to enjoy playing in it too!

Paul is trying to teach him to pull weeds, but that still needs a lot of work!  He hasn't mastered the difference between weeds and plant leaves yet.  ðŸ˜•  

I attached some pictures.   The one in the tie is the same tie he was tripping on the day we picked him up!

Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful puppies and the love and care you give them before sending them on to their forever homes!

Best regards! 
Amy, Paul and family 

June 10, 2021 Bailey/Caramello- 
Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Yes, she is now Bailey :) 
She is doing great....potty trained (with the occasional accident), goes to puppy class once a week, and is enjoying time outside. She is in desperate need of a haircut, but that is happening tomorrow!
She was at the vet today for a vaccine and weighed 18 pounds! She's tripled in size since bringing her home :)

June 10, 2021 Rosie/Kitkat- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Hi Audrey and Patrick!

I’ve been meaning to update you sooner.  

Rosie is doing great!  She is absolutely adorable (everyone comments on how pretty she is), and so smart!  She was housebroken by 10 weeks and knows several commands already!  I’ve been so impressed with how quickly she learns new skills.  Our son is totally in love, and we look forward to many more memories together with our new addition :)  As you’ll see in the last picture, even with her nice dog bed near us, her favorite place to nap is by, or on our feet.   It’s so sweet.  We are so happy we found our sweet Rosie girl through your family.  Thanks again!

June 10, 2021 Lenny/Charleston- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Charleston’s new name is Lenny.  He is quite a character.  Loads of energy!!  He loves playing with our 3 yr old Goldendoodle Oscar.  Potty training is going well.  He is getting so big.  Two weeks ago at his vet check he was 16.5 lbs.   Our family loves him to pieces.   I have attached a couple photos of him.

June 10, 2021 Koda/Biscuit- Pearl & Rufus's Moyen size poodle
Koda (biscuit) got his first groom today!!! ❤️❤️❤️ We love him so much.

May 24, 2021 Stanley/Musketeer- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Wanted to send a few pictures of Stanley (Musketeer). He is a sweet puppy and doing great! Up to 12lbs now and is getting taller by the day :)

May 24, 2021 Skye/Katana- Iris & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle
Skye is doing so well with her big sister. I know Maggie can't wait until Skye looses those sharp teeth. She is 22 lbs and as you can see she is starting to grow out of the 36 inch high gated play area.

May 24, 2021 Copper/Papaya- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
Copper (Papaya) is the best fifth member of our family we could have ever asked for. We love her so much and she is so good with other dogs, especially puppies. We also very much trust the way you breed and to know that Copper is the best dog we could have asked for. Every time we take Copper into the vet, they comment on how she is in such a perfect health and so athletic looking. She gets a ton of exercise with us and loves exploring our yard with the invisible fence. I am also home all day, so she gets lots of attention and training. I was just bragging about Copper and how amazing she is. All of us would like to say we are Copper’s favorite, but we all know it’s me. 😜
Daddy smiled weird, so Copper did, too. Mind you, this is the guy who didn’t think we needed a dog. Now he’s head over heels.

May 16, 2021 Klaus/Excalibur- Iris & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle
Hello Audrey and Patrick!
Wanted to give you an upon Klaus(Excalibur)! He is amazing! He is so sweet and energetic, and brings us such joy! He is always making us laugh and has brought out the puppy in our 9 year old goldendoodle Archie. It is nonstop playing and wrestling all day long. He is a week shy of 4 months old and already weighs 35 lbs! Thank you so much for him!
The Rogers family

May 14, 2021 Jax/Shoko- Saphira & Toby's F1b goldendoodle
Jax is doing great. He is a sweet sassy boy. Gets into mischief but is so incredibly smart. We love having him as part of our family.  He's doing great in his puppy training class. Boy, does he love to chew on stuff. He is very human like. The way he stands on his back legs and moves around makes me laugh.
He is bigger than we thought he would be. He is over 50lbs and only 5 months. This is after his first grooming appointment.

May 11, 2021 Cocoa Puff/Tinker- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Hi Audrey & Patrick,

I wanted to give you a well overdue update on Cocoa Puff (Tinker from Galaxy & Tobys Litter)

He is growing so fast, he is currently 23 pounds and very food motivated. He loves playing with any Rollie Ball and Cuddles with Stuffies.
His Snuffle pup was a lifesaver, we are so happy we got it. Cocoa has been doing so well with sleeping through the night now & we are Almost fully potty trained ! 

Cocoa is too smart for his own good, he always thinks he can trick us. He can be a little piranha sometimes but he still loves to cuddle and loves belly rubs. He is very much loved by everyone, always wants people to pet him when we go on wagon rides. We cannot wait for him to start exploring the world in 2 weeks after he is vaccinated!

To follow his growth, we’ve created an Instagram to share his growth with you and all his brothers and sisters! @Cocoadoodledo

We cannot thank you enough for this amazing pup! He is everything we wished for and more.

The Gaucin Family

May 5, 2021 Argus/Heath- Penny & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Good afternoon,

We wanted to see you a quick update on our beloved Argus. He is 9 weeks already! He's been adjusting well to city life and our family. He's full of energy and personality. He had his first vet visit today and we were told we is perfectly healthy. We signed up for the Baxter And Bella membership and have been using some of their techniques. It has been extremely helpful. He "sits to say please" so politely, but you better give him a treat and a "good boy"! He has had his 8 week deworming and we are scheduling his upcoming vacinations. All is well!

Enjoy the attached pictures of our sweet boy! Thank you so much for everything!

April 26, 2021 Harvey- Primrose & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle
I’ve been seeing some posts with puppy updates so I wanted to send one for Harvey (we kept his name) from the 01/22/2021 Bernedoodle litter!

Harvey is wonderful! He’s been potty trained since week two, so social, loyal, and doing great with all of our farm animals. He’s grown so much already and is at 30 lbs with massive paws! He loves snuggles, visiting with his dog cousin, and he gets to come with us nearly everywhere we go!

Harvey is all we had hoped for and even more!! We can’t wait for many great years ahead. I’ll absolutely be purchasing any future dogs from you guys :)

Thanks for everything!
Nette, Kurte, Noah, and Harvey

April 26, 2021 Raven/Smoothie- Pearl & Rufus' Poodle
Hello Audrey and Patrick, family and beautiful fur kids!

Well, RAVEN has adapted well. The drive home was good, slept in my lap most of the way. She is wicked smart. Already does a nice "wait" at the crate door and house doors. In 10 minutes she learned to ring the bells going outside and because she loves the yard, rings them multiple times when she comes back in.
She has only had 3 piddles in house. 2 of which were human error after vigorous play. I should know better.

RAVEN waits till her food bowls hit her mat before she is released. She has met our Son's Old English Bulldogge Oreo and the neighbors Jack Russel. The first 3 nights she screamed barked howled in the crate, being rescued only when quiet to go out. 3x thru the night trips out have stretched to 6-7 hours of sleep. She now loves her crate which is always open and goes in to sleep with her puppy buddy! Our Bull grand pup  loves hers and no more barking in her crate! Thanks!!

Her vet appointment is coming up. We are so in love with this little girl, her tan low lights are becoming more prevalent now up on top of her ears especially. She has had one nail done by the dremel a day. 
Thank you for breeding these beautiful pups. 

Linda and Tony

April 20, 2021 Pepper/Delight & Loki/Oleander- Petunia & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle & Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Hi Audrey & Patrick,
I wanted to take time and thank you both so much for picking Pepper (Delight) for us. We were a little apprehensive about not being able to pick in person let alone placing our trust in you guys to pick for us but you picked perfectly. You guys are great!! We love Pepper so much already and she is such a great compliment to Loki. She is a super cuddly, smart, spunky little girl! Everyone who meets her just comments on her beautiful coloring & sweet disposition. Her and Loki are now two peas in a pod. Where one is that’s where the other will be. Although, day one was a little dicey. Loki seemed to love her initially but then I think he realized she wasn’t leaving and she was getting some of our attention too and playing with his toys. So he got a little growly & grumpy. Pepper read the signals pretty well and gave him his space and was a little timid around him but by the next afternoon Loki decided to accept her and they’ve been buddies since. Although Loki does get a annoyed when he’s sleeping, or just sitting chewing on a toy and Pepper decides to go all WWF on him😂 The really nice thing about having two dogs is Pepper literally was sitting and laying down on command by day 2 and as I’d love to take credit for that training...lol...it was her watching Loki and realized ok I do this & I get that...great!! The only down side is that potty training is a little trickier with two because although we let her out on a regular schedule she gets so distracted when her and Loki are playing that all of a sudden an accident happens. But already that has improved. She’ll get there just might take a little longer. Also, we do not regret buying that snuggle puppy. She literally sleeps on top of it every night in her crate. We didn’t use the heat pack just the heart beat...she loves it.
So thanks again!
The Knoll Family

April 20, 2021 Andy- Bluey & Tobey's F1bb goldendoodle
My Andy has passed the CGC!

April 9, 2021 Mia/Candy- Camellia & Orion's F1b goldendoodle
Hi Audrey & Patrick,

Hope you’re both doing well! I’m sure you’re staying busy. I just wanted to send you a quick update on Mia (previously Candy/Sadie)...yes, we changed her name...again!  We have FINALLY agreed on a name that fits her perfectly and has a bit of a personal connection to us. We are naming her Mia, both meaning rebel and my beloved. Also standing for Missing In Action - since she loves to hide our socks from us. Haha And a personal connection for all the places we lived and where my husband and I started dating (Michigan, Illinois, and Arnold, MO). 

She has been enjoying her puppy stage in FULL force - lots of biting, chewing, destroying - all the things puppies do! She has a weird love of eating socks too and seems to find all the ones that I cannot! Really, she has calmed down a ton now that we’ve hit 4 months.

She loves to stand straight up and wait for us at the front door and loves waiting for our daughter to come down the slide.  Willow also likes to play tag with her, but doesn’t quite understand she’s not supposed to constantly knock her down. haha We call her our little human because she has learned to stand on our daughters step stool and seems to love being on her back two feet!

She was also very easy to potty train with a few mishaps here and there.  Once we get her trained on not jumping up on everything and everyone she’s going to be the perfect dog!! She is so sweet and our daughter can practically do anything to her and she won’t do a thing about it! My daughter wakes up everyday and says, “aww, you’re so adorable, I love you so much!”... and gives her a body hug and kiss. It really is so sweet to see the bond they are forming.

We love her and can’t wait to see how her personality develops more over the next few months! I have attached several pics.

Thanks for everything!

April 8, 2021 Bailey/Glee- Petunia & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle
Hi Granton Creek! 
Bailey & all of us are doing great!   Worming can raise some extra bms, but wr are managing! 
Wanted to let you know she  Loves each of the toys you centre. You sure know your stuff!
Thanks again for everything we will keep updating!

Take care

 April 6, 2021 Mya/Flyssa- Iris & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle and Cali/Rebecca- Galaxy & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Mya is doing great...we just LOVE her😍...she has joined right in with all our other furbabies.  She's so sweet and laid back but steps up when she needs to for sure!! She's doing fantastic with potty training especially with the others showing her the way.  She's not liking the Kennel much but getting better everyday and sure watches when Cali opens the door on hers to go in to take a nap, so I'm sure it won't be long and she'll be fine with it:)  Mya and Cali are becoming best of friend, so glad we made this decision to bring another one of your beautiful puppies into our home...Thanks again.
                             Debbie and family

April 3, 2021 Skye/Katana- Iris & Caspian's F1 goldendoodle
Here are a couple pictures from her photoshoot today

March 27, 2021 Auggie/Batman- Primrose & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle
Hi Audrey and Patrick,

One week in and we are loving our little Auggie!  He’s doing great with meeting new people, house & crate training and adjusting to his new home.   He went to work with me all week and was a perfect gentleman, sleeping and chewing his toys on the floor next to me.  Our granddaughter is also in love with him.  I’m sure they will have lots of adventures together.

Thanks for raising a healthy, happy pup that we will enjoy for years to come.  We appreciate all that you do!

We will be in touch again soon.  

Take care,
Lori & Scott

March 24, 2021 Alfie/Alfred- Primrose & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle
    Little Alfie is fitting right in with our family! He was a little skeptical with our boys at first, but now wants to play with them all the time! He's doing good with the kitties but the kitties on the other hand...he wants to play with them, but they are not having it lol. He's also doing really good with the potty; we have bells on the door and he's been ringing them when he needs to go out!  No accidents in his crate at night either! He's such a good boy, lots of energy and kisses! We love him so much and are so blessed to have him in our lives! Thank you ❤

Melendez Family

March 24, 2021 Henry/Riddler- Primrose & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle
Henry has been a great little puppy already!  He is getting along really well with our girls and the kids love him.  Our Goldendoodle Ruby is really good with Henry.  She lets him bite her and she bumps him to get him to play a lot.
Thank you!

March 22, 2021 Stella/Ivy- Primrose & Caspian's F1 bernedoodle
Update- first days home. 🙂 She joined a Granton Creek brother, Sully (Pibb- F1bb goldendoodle) as well as two kids. 😍❤️
"LOVE the snuggle puppy. Best idea ever!
She cried for 5 minutes at bed time. Woke at 2 and 6 for potty trips. Went right away and off to sleep again as soon as she was back in the crate. ❤️"
"Oh goodness! We just keep falling more in love with her. She has charmed all the neighbors (near and far) with her hopping haha"
"Sully is really taking to her and she was brave enough this afternoon to start following him around like a little shadow. They have been having a blast in the backyard with the kids."
"Ollie isn't sure about the puppy teeth (he calls them needle teeth 😂). But Lucy has a full routine for Stella's naps. A lullaby and belly rubs and her special blanket + snuggle puppy."
"This morning both pups and both kids were snuggled in the couch together and I actually had to stop a moment and cried happy tears. Such a sweet moment. Really cool to see how everyone is just loving on each other.
We're so thankful!! Thank you! 🥰"

March 22, 2021 Daisy/Holly- Camellia & Orion's F1b goldendoodle
Good evening,

I just wanted to give you an update on our sweet (sometimes crazy) girl. Daisy was super easy to crate train and she still loves sleeping in it. Potty training has gone well we have had a few accidents, but overall she’s been great. Daisy LOVES chasing my kids outside and enjoys her long walks with my husband. Daisy has been super easy to train with simple commands such as touch, sit, and focus. Overall, we are really happy with her and love her so much! These are just a few of my few pictures of her.

Have a great evening!


March 5, 2021 Gloria/Glory- Mocha & Henry's F1b labradoodle
Good Morning!
I have not added this email back to my phone since we revealed the surprise so I am sorry for the delay. Gloria is the perfect dog for our family. She is smart and intuitive and growing. We LOVE her coat. She went in for a puppy trim so we could see her eyes and honestly is due for another one soon. 
In all honesty, we were very on the fence about some of the vaccines and we delayed them. She ended up with diarreha following her vaccinations and that was the very thing we were concerned about was their effect on her GI tract. We were assured that she would be fine.....except....she wasn't. Their plan was to just pump her with medication to fix it, despite our desire to heal her gut naturally and organically.  That scenario led me to LOTS of research in the middle of the night while I was up taking her potty several times. We found a new vet, however they are prebooking out until May. So we are eager to work with a new vet that sees the animal as a whole and doesn't treat a symptom with medication for the sake of "fixing" the issue. 
With all of the being said, she is a bundle of joy that is back to her kibble diet today and full of energy. She likes to keep us on routine and yells at us when we aren't in bed at time. She loves to spend 2-4 am with me, despite my wish for sleep. Hahahaha. 

thanks for checking in!
We couldn't imagine life without her!
Ryan and Sarah

This photo as from yesterday, I am not sure how much longer I will be able to get her in my arms like this. She is also due for another growth spurt, she has picked up her eating again.

March 3, 2021 Belle- 
Pearl & Rufus' Moyen Poodle- brindle coat

Belle adjusted quickly to city life and now her favourite activities involve starting out the window, being a fluffy ball of love, and getting compliments on her unique colouring. She is now 33 lbs and seems to be still growing! 

She is the cornerstone of our little family! Please find attached a few pictures.


Grant & Natalie

March 2, 2021 Winnie/Noelle- Camellia & Orion's F1b Goldendoodle
Good Morning!  This is a rare moment.  Best buddies — Winnie and Rosie❣️
You must be busy with all your new pup families!

February 25, 2021 Holiday/Cinderella- Pearl & Rufus' Moyen Poodle- brindle coat
Here’s their sibling Holiday - she’s spicy and fun!
February 22, 2021 Charlie/Ariel- Pearl & Rufus' Moyen Poodle- brindle coat
Beautiful Charlie is about 35# and turned 7 months old on Valentine’s Day. I included a pic of her in Matt’s lap to show her size.

February 22, 2021 Evie/Jasmine- Pearl & Rufus' Moyen Poodle
You’ll have to ignore weird the little blue reflection, but here’s Evie. She is so smart, and incredibly loving. Literally the perfect dog. ❤️🐾❤️
February 22, 2021 Winnie/Noelle- Camellia & Orion's F1b Goldendoodle (black & white parti)
Good Morning!
Winnie has adjusted so well and she is such a sweet puppy.  She likes to lay on people’s feet, which is fine with us.  The remarkable thing about her is that we have not had to get up in the middle of the night to take her out!  She has been to the vet twice for wellness and boosters.  She is getting to where she enjoys being brushed as well.  She and Rosie have had so much fun playing together.
She just can’t get close enough!
February 16, 2021 Sophie/Freedom- Mocha & Henry's F1b Labradoodle (black & white parti)
Hi Audrey and Patrick! 
We have had our hands busy with Sophie, or we would’ve given a sooner update :)) 
We are so in love with Sophie! She is incredibly sweet and loving. She has so much energy and a big personality. She is very “go with the flow”. When we brought her home, crate training was a breeze. She has slept through the night since day 1, and got acquainted to her crate quite well. I wish her biting was as easy as her crate training. :) But she has started teething.  
I was surprised how quickly has grown. She is probably 25 lbs. We get a lot of compliments around the neighborhood about how her coat is very unique, and they have never seen this particular coating before. I think she’s gorgeous!! 
Both of us could not be happier, she is a wonderful addition!! 

February 16, 2021 Biscuit/Patriot- Mocha & Henry's F1b Labradoodle (black & white parti)
Hello Audrey and Patrick,
Biscuit is the cutest, sweetest boy ever.   He’s halfway through chewing our house down and making his way through slowly but surely.  He’s super independent, actually prefers to sleep in his play pen or crate in a separate room from us.  He’s recently started sleeping through the night, just in time for the deep freeze. 
He’s really intelligent and learnt so many tricks right from when he was 5 weeks old. He’s very eager to please and did I mention he likes to eat ?  Also has great fondness for my socks. And shoes. and remotes. And contact lenses. Just a perfectly normal naughty puppy. 
We’re currently taking him through pet smart  for pet training lessons as well. All his vaccinations are complete.  The only thing he didn’t do well with is the heartworm medicine. He never allowed us to give him the liquid. We tried another our vet recommended and it upset his stomach. So we’re going to give another one (Heart Guard) a try soon. He’s also set on dental chews everyday. 
Let us know if you’d like to hear more, my phone just has pictures of him now and we have quite the stories to share of everything he’s eaten so far. 
Thank you again for letting us have such a wonderful pup who brings so much joy to our lives. 

Aparna and Brett

February 16, 2021 Piper/Peppermint- Camellia & Orion's F1b Goldendoodle
I'd say he's pretty happy with his little sister.. 😂 although he MAY get a little annoyed at times.. but hey what are little sisters for! 🤣 she's doing well. A few accidents here and there, mostly while we're busy with kids or something. But she's very good at going out knows what "outaide" means and which door to go to. 🥰

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February 12, 2021 Benny/Carimbo- Saphira & Toby's F1b Goldendoodle
Benny is doing great. We've been buying him lots of toys to offset his puppy energy. He also loves to run throght the snow and find leafs to play with. I've attached a few pics from earlier this morning as he was working hard on his poses during a nap, lol.

February 12, 2021 Eve/Tassa- Saphira & Toby's F1b Goldendoodle
Eve having fun with her ball.

February 10, 2021 Luna/America- Mocha & Henry's F1b Labradoodle
Luna is doing great! She LOVES the snow! And going for walks, sticks, leaves - pretty much anything she can put in her mouth. No surprise there. ðŸ˜‰  She is not a fan of car rides though. We’re working on that as we are taking a road trip to AZ for Easter.
Luna was a great sleeper from the day we brought her home - she hasn’t gotten us up in the middle of the night yet. She did have a UTI when we went to the vet a month ago. After a week of medicine, the potty training really clicked. 
We are SO happy Luna is part of our family now. She definitely keeps us busy, but overall has been a delight!

Here are a couple pictures and a little video. Hopefully it comes through. I think she thinks she’s a gopher ðŸ˜‚

February 9, 2021 Clover/Arya- Lily & Jack's F1 Goldendoodle & Daisy/Rosie- Saphira & Toby's F1b Goldendoodle
Clover allows “holding paws”...but no spooning! Lol

February 2, 2021 Lulu/Satin- Primrose & Orion's F1 Bernedoodle (brindle color)
Hello Audrey and Patrick,

It is so wonderful to hear from you! Lulu is doing really well. She a very social dog, eager to greet everyone she meets, both people and dogs! She has responded to training well, though she does have her stubborn streaks. ðŸ˜‰ 

She was spayed two weeks ago and has recovered nicely. According to the vet, she's currently 39 pounds and she isn't expected to get too much bigger, maybe 45 pounds max. 

Lulu is a true companion dog who loves to be near us at all times and has been such a joyous addition to our family. She loves to snuggle, which is a favorite activity of the kids. 

I've attached some pictures for your reference. Since her first "big girl" grooming just before Christmas (photo included), her many shades of brown have really come through, but she still has the gorgeous white chest, feet, and tail tip. 

Hope you, your family, and all of the dogs and puppies are doing well!

Take care,

Emily, Andy, Ben, and Madeline

January 25, 2021 Wally/Brocade- Primrose & Orion's F1 Bernedoodle (brindle color)
Hi Patrick and Audrey!
Wally is doing well! He is recuperating this week from being neutered last Wednesday, but he is doing great and almost 100% back to his goofy-self! 
He really is like another kid- full of energy and love! He has fit in quickly with us and we love him tremendously!
He is a growing boy, weighing in at 59 pounds and is so tall with his long legs! Have you heard from any of the other puppies’ families on how big they are? Just curious as to where he is compared to them! 
We get asked a lot where we got him, especially on walks, and we always have high praises for your family run business (so it could be a few different people that may have inquired about a puppy).
Hope all is well with you and your family! 

January 24, 2021 Hazel/Taffeta- Primrose & Orion's F1 Bernedoodle (sable color)
Hi there! 

I recently tagged Granton Creek in a FB post about Hazel but I’m guessing that you didn’t see it.  Here’s the post:

Granton Creek Goldendoodles - here’s an update for you on Hazel (Taffeta of Primrose and Orion’s litter).  She’s now seven months old and almost 49 pounds.  She’s the sweetest pup ever, love to play (especially tug, catch and fetch) and boy does this girl love to RUN! She’s a very, very good girl!  We love her so!

A more detailed update for you...
She just had her spay and hernia repair two weeks ago and has been recovering very nicely.  She is just such a good, good girl.  She’s very affectionate and a quite confident pup.  She loves people and wants to meet every person that she sees.  I’ll attach some pictures to this email for you.  We have this stuffed fish toy that we’ve been taking her picture with to mark her growth.  The first picture is from the first weekend she was with us and the next was taken just today.  You can really see how much she has lightened up.  Her coat is mostly apricot and white and she has black ear and a black and brown tail with a white tip.  As her coat grows back after she’s groomed, she has some darker color that tries to grow back.  We brush her every day and she’s so soft and fluffy!  In today’s picture you can see that an area of her front leg was shaved for her surgery and it really shows just how thick her coat is.  She’s a beauty! 
Thanks for reaching out to check in!  

Take care,
Rachel & Hazel ðŸ˜Š

January 24, 2021 Hobbes/Charming- Pearl & Rufus' Moyen Poodle
So good to hear from you. Actually Hobbes just got a haircut this week so attached is his photo looking extra handsome (we think!). He is doing really well - still a total sweetheart. He still loves pets and cuddles so the kids snuggle with him all the time. He is also really smart too - really good at learning commands. He loves to play fetch (which I didn’t know poodles would like so much) and he likes snow and leaf piles a lot.

His coloring is exactly the same now as when we picked him up. He still has the white tufts on his chest and chin. His back and legs are still mainly black but have chocolate reddish brown tips mixed in randomly. He also has some bigger patches of red brown under his front legs and lower belly but those don’t show in the picture. It will be interesting to see if it remains the same as he goes to adulthood. As you can see, he has grown a lot.

He definitely brightens all our days and he has helped me take long daily walks so that has been good too!  Feel free to use the photo if it is helpful!


January 23, 2021 Cooper/Fava- Petunia & Caspian's F1 Bernedoodle (brindle color)
Audrey & Patrick

Here are a few pictures of Cooper.  If you want a side view, let me know.
His fur is much lighter and more multi-toned than when we brought him home.
He is a very sweet boy.  He is as you described him to be low energy, easy
going and loves to be with us.  When he was 4 months old he had a visit with
our grandkids and did great! He weighs about 65 pounds.  If there is any
additional information you want, please ask.

When people ask about where we got Cooper, we happily give out your names.
Thanks for the wonderful addition to our family.


January 23, 2021 Bear/Garbanzo- Petunia & Caspian's F1 Bernedoodle- (brindle color)
Hi Patrick and Audrey, 

Nice to hear from you!! We are doing great and so is Garbanzo aka Bear!! ( yes we had a change of mind after the first day we brought him home you’ll see when you see him :) )  He has such beautiful Brindle coat, that we've gotten compliments each and every time we took him for walks or vets, or groomers and that the name 'Bear' suits him perfectly.  :)
Bear's healthy, lovable big boy with tons of energy!!  He was already near 60 lbs by 6 months :). Have you heard from his other siblings on how they are doing?  Looks like these babies will surpass their estimated adult weight - by a lot ! :) 

He was also quite easily potty trained and crate trained for the night within 2 weeks of him joining our family!! We thank you both for that!! 

I wanted to post some pictures on your FB account for a long time, but didn't quite know how to, so I will send them to you, to post on our behalf! I will continue to try as well.

We wish you both and the entire Granton Creek family a very Happy New Year!  Thank you for everything.


January 23, 2021 Walter/Adzuki- Petunia & Caspian's F1 Bernedoodle (brindle color) with a few photos including Phoenix/Supra- Bluey & Toby's F1bb Goldendoodle
Walter is doing great!! He's an absolute joy to have around and we're so grateful he's part of the family. He loves making the rounds and saying hello to all our neighbors on walks, as well as playing with my parent's and friends dogs, and of course, his "cousin" Phoenix from the goldendoodle litter you had around the same time! He goes crazy for car rides, but falls asleep as soon as we're on the move. He's been so trainable as well! Very smart boy. He's come with us on camping trips, to the drive-in, and on road trips without a hiccup. He loves being held (even though it keeps getting harder to do!) and he loves finding new and interesting ways to fit in the soft chairs in my home office. At his last vet appointment, he had surpassed 50 pounds, and I suspect he'll be over 65 or 70 at his check up next week. 

It doesn't come through as well in the photos, but as he's grown his black fur has gotten beautiful brown, blonde, and gray highlights. His fur is wavy and he doesn't shed at all. I thought his fur would require intensive care but a few brushings a week keeps him mat free. So far he's had trims, but i'm excited to see how his first big haircut goes and what that does to the color of his coat. I saw one of his brothers on the facebook page and he looked like a different dog after his haircut!

January 23, 2021 Gracie/Jelly- Petunia & Caspian's F1 Bernedoodle (brindle color) & Willis/Hilo- Lily & Jack's F1 Goldendoodle
Hi Guys!

Here are some recent pictures of our sweet Gracie and Willis of course. Still no easy task to get them both to look at the camera ðŸ˜€

Gracie continues to be eager to please and always wants to learn new things and be involved in the action. Her current weight is 60# at 7 months.  She loves to be with Willis and her cat brother Gus along with rides in the car and the backyard where she oversees all the  leaves, birds and squirrels! Pictures do not do her markings justice and she has the most beautiful colorings throughout her coat that she gets compliments on all the time on.  She loves to snuggle on the couch and also has quite the mischievous side to her.

Willis just had his 6 year check up and is perfectly healthy. He actually lost 4 pounds and weighs in at 86#. I think all the extra exercise Gracie is giving him attributes to that!

Hope all well for your family and I so love seeing all the new babies being born!

Take care,


January 23, 2021 Odin/Flannel- Primrose & Orion's F1 Bernedoodle (sable color)
Hi Guys!

I was so excited to see more bernedoodles being born yesterday, can’t wait to see the variety of colors this time around. 

Odin is such a sweet boy, our family loves him so much! My oldest son and I were just chatting yesterday, trying to remember the last time we were able to pick him up...he grew so fast haha 

He weighed 55lbs a month or so ago, so I’m guessing he’s closer to 60ish by now. He has a dog bed in every room but prefers to lay on the cool hardwood floor. We found out he absolutely loves laying down in the snow as well!

I’ve attached a few pictures, his color has changed a lot actually. We are still trying to find the cut we like best on him, we may try to go shorter at his next appointment but for now he’s a shaggy boy.

Potty training was such a breeze with him, and his demeanor is great. That is a direct reflection of how you guys raised him before we brought him home, so thank you so much for that! We could not be happier with our guy.

I hope you all are doing well, thanks for checking in!

Sara and Jason 

January 23, 2021 Ellie/Gingham- Primrose & Orion's F1 Bernedoodle (brindle color) & Henry/Scotchie- Luna & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
We are and Ellie is the sweetest thing and has been very easy to train she listens so good much better than Harry lol we should e named him George,  curious George. 
Take care 

January 23, 2021 Atticus/Plaid- Primrose & Orion's F1 Bernedoodle (tri-colored coat)
Hey guys!
Atticus is doing very well.  One smart pup for sure, now if I can just get him to stop chewing things that aren't supposed to be chewed. Haha.  But, he's such a good boy.  We don't even use the crate anymore.  No accidents in the house and the chewed items were items I left behind so I started being more careful.  I will include some pics and send you another after his visit to the groomer on Monday.  Currently, he is about 55 pounds so a small horse at this moment.  Hope all is well with you!

January 22, 2021 Paisley/Chenille- Primrose & Orion's F1 Bernedoodle (tri colored coat)
I think she weighed 49 pounds today!!! She is doing so well and is so sweet! She loves to be outside and sleep on our bed! I attached a couple pictures! 

January 17, 2021 Charlie/Ariel- Pearl & Rufus Moyen Poodle (brindle color)
We call this blanket Pearl. 🤣

January 17, 2021 Whiskey/Rosette- Luna & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Thought I’d send you a couple photos of Whiskey (aka Rosette) from Luna and Toby’s April 2020 “cookie” litter. At last weigh in she was 63 pounds but that was several months ago. She has been a awesome addition to our home. Hope this finds you all well! Tom and Cindy

January 17, 2021 Sully/Mishindo- Galaxy & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Sully loves walks with his lion mane scarf and the neighbors get a smile during the pandemic.

January 16, 2021 Chewy/Vesuvius- Nova & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Here’s some updated pictures. We think he’s the coolest guy in the house.😁

January 14, 2021 Abby/Canjira- Saphira & Toby's F1b Goldendoodle
Hi Audrey and Patrick!

We wanted to let you know that we are so in love with this little girl❤ 

We had a 2 1/2 hr drive home yesterday. She slept on my lap most of the time. We did stop once to let her stretch, and to go potty. Gave us a chance to stretch our legs too!

She did great last night! She walked right into her crate last night with her Snuggle puppy and blanket. She woke up 3 times for potty breaks, we played a little, and then back to sleep at a 1/2 hr later:)

We have her on a regular feeding schedule as of this morning. That's going really well.

She is the most precious puppy. She loves going on many little walks, and is so good about going potty. We're working on walking, how to heal, and sitting. She is such a quick learner! In fact, she likes to put her leash in her mouth while we walk. We'll send you pics soon!

We can't thank you enough for our precious little gift,.who has already brought us so much love and joy!

Take care,

Pam and Dale

January 11, 2021 Tibu/Mallow- Galaxy & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Here are a couple of pictures of our big boy. Isn’t he cute? ðŸ˜Š

Sandi and John

January 2, 2021 Macy- Nova & Toby's F1 goldendoodle
Macy had the perfect Christmas. Thank you for the perfect dog! Happy new year!

December 29, 2020 Cleo/Victory- Mocha & Henry's F1b Labradoodle
 Audrey and Patrick! I hope you have a great Christmas! I thought I would send you a few photos/video of Cleo (Victory) from the last three weeks! We are so in love with her. Her little white spot on her chin just kills me!
Cleo is super smart and a quick learner. We have been practicing walking on a lease, the "sit", "wait", "shake", "bed", "come" commands and she has been doing so well! She is such a cuddle bug and loves to play. When playing she gets super excited, starts to play growl and has been bitting. We have been working on having her not bite our pant legs, hands and feet! She will start obedience training in about a month :) 

She has grown SO much in just three short weeks!! Photos are in order from when we first got her to most recent. 

December 17, 2020 Andy- Bluey & Toby's F1bb goldendoodle

December 15, 2020 Teddy/Crispix- Galaxy & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Teddy (crispix) has been the best addition to our family! His favorite thing is cuddles and to eat anything he can find. He loved his first experience with snow and played around in it like he was having the time of his life! He goes to doggy daycare 2 times a week and LOVES playing with the other puppies. He will hopefully be starting training classes soon so we can better understand how to work with him. He is adjusting to life with us very well. We love him SO much! Thank you for the best puppy ever!

December 13, 2020 Gloria/Glory- Mocha & Henry's F1b Labradoodle
I thought I had attached the snow ones, so here they are! She had a blast in the snow! This was at the 90-39-94 rest stop.  The place with the most snow.  By time we were home there was just a dusting on the grass.  She was an amazing car ride buddy.  Potty twice and told us when she needed to go and no vomit.  I heard she did amazing night last night with my friends husband sleeping on the floor next to her with his hand on her through the night. Thank you so much for  our first puppy!! 

December 13, 2020 Winston/Valor- Mocha & Henry's F1b Labradoodle
Valor has now been named Winston! And I’m pretty sure he’s living the dream! 

Thank you Granton Creek! He’s perfect. ☺

December 7, 2020 Lita/Trix- Galaxy & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Lita update (Trix from Galaxy &Toby’s June liter). Almost 6 months and she is 47 pounds of Sunday morning sorority girl hair. Last night she passed her AKC S.T.A.R puppy test. She will start working on her Canine Good Citizen and will take that this summer. Love my little Lita love bug. Lita loves the snow!

December 7, 2020 Leia/Katla- Nova & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle 
Hi Granton Creek!

Here is a little 6 month update on Leia (formerly Katla)!

Leia loves her city life in Milwaukee. She thinks ice cubes are a delicacy, so we’re especially excited to see how she reacts to snow! She gets more excited for food than a kid on Christmas. Leia loves people so much, she’s always eager to say hello to everyone. Tennis balls are her favorite toy and she loves going for rides in the car! She’s very intelligent in her training, and was even able to ring bells for going outside within the first few weeks!

Thank you so much for doing a great job raising Leia as a puppy! We are so lucky to have her.

December 7, 2020 Journey/Sugar- Luna & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Morning! Our Christmas card ❤️ Merry Christmas!

November 29, 2020 Champ/Chili- Petunia & Caspian's F1 Bernedoodle (brindle color)
Champ update! 65lbs and a very good boy!! We can’t thank you enough. He’s so smart and learns tricks so fast.

November 27, 2020 Homer/Gobbler- Nova & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Hello....just wanted to send you pics for Homers birthday tomorrow. We all love him so much!

November 12, 2020 Wrigley/Pinto- Petunia & Caspian's F1 Bernedoodle (brindle color)
We are so in love with Wrigley (Pinto), even when he's a menace :) He was so easy to potty train and learned commands so easily. He even learned how to shut the door within five minutes of showing him how. If I had to describe him…

50% Goat, 25% Bernese, 25% Poodle :)
Loves other dogs and loves anyone that comes around
Loves being outdoors and especially loves the snow (Hated the hot weather though)
He is motivated by treats and more treats
He loves walks especially his morning walk, as he'll let you know it's time for the morning walk.
I'm pretty sure he has springs in his legs, as he loves jumping off everything.
Did I mention he loves other dogs? I mean he pouts when other dog friends are not out.
Our family just wants to thank you for the lovely puppy you raised. All his characteristics show how well he was raised from birth.

These pictures are literally days apart from him getting his first groom. He looks like a different dog and now has the coolest brindle coloring.

October 27, 2020 Simon- Pearl & Chester's F1 Goldendoodle (Sable color)
Simon is doing great. Almost 80lbs. He is full of energy and loved very much!

October 27, 2020 Evie/Jasmine- Pearl & Rufus's Moyen size Poodle
Hi! Hope all is well! We are wondering if you’ve had updates from Evie’s (Jasmine) litter mates? We are curious about what they coats are doing! Evie is changing colors and it’s fascinating- we are excited for her next trip to the groomer.
October 20, 2020 Lola/Sierra- Bluey & Chester's F1bb Goldendoodle (62.5% Golden Retriever/37.5% Poodle)
Today and the day we brought Lola (Sierra) home one year ago. We couldn’t imagine life with out her now! Thanks Granton Creek ❤️🐶
October 20, 2020 Brandy Claire/Pebbles- Galaxy & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Little pupdate on Brandy Claire! ðŸ–¤ She is 4 1/2 months old and growing everyday. She is such a love! Absolutely adores car rides, walks, small spaces and her dog aunties❤️ She is becoming a pro at walking and loves to spend time outdoors and at the cabin now that the weather is cooler! 

October 17, 2020 Baylor Blu/Fiero Bluey & Toby's F1bb Goldendoodle
Baylor Blu has made himself quite at home!!! We couldn’t be more in love with our boy!

October 17, 2020 Max/Ocho- Galaxy & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Ocho/Max has quite the personality and is so sweet. He warms our hearts and brings us much joy! ðŸ’•❤️
October 16, 2020 Macy- Nova & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Look at those feet lol
October 15, 2020- Lita/Trix- Galaxy & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
I can’t believe she’s four months old already! Lita Ford (Trix - Lexi & Toby’s cereal babies) is turning into quite the rock star. She graduated from puppy kindergarten with flying colors, has been to the groomer (no issues), attends daycare one day a week and is the star of the show when she visits her human grandma (wheelchairs, walkers, canes, scooters...whatever). She will also be starting more advanced training on Monday!

October 15, 2020- Sully/Mishindo- Galaxy & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Sully says, “Hello siblings! 
October 13, 2020 Jemma/Sheva- Galaxy & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Made Jemma a cake last night! I can’t believe she’s 2 today! We are beyond obsessed with her and celebrating all day today!

She’s also doing so well going out to eat with us and going into stores that allow pups! We take her anywhere she can come! I couldn’t have picked a better fit for our family! We love her! Thank you for everything!

October 6, 2020- Corona/Carrera- Bluey & Toby's F1bb Goldendoodle
Here is our very sweet Corona, such a great addition to our family. Very sweet, smart, wonderful temperament and just beautiful. Congratulations on the new litters!

October 4, 2020- Boomer/Pharoah- Galaxy & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Pharoah, now Boomer goes over 80 lbs!
Granton Creek Goldendoodles
Love him so much! My shadow!

October 3, 2020 Bro/Sam- Saphira & Toby's F1b Goldendoodle
Bro has his lion costume on haha He is such a cutie 💓

September 29, 2020- Gracie/Jelly- Petunia & Caspian's F1 Bernedoodle (brindle color)
Happy Fall!

Gracie (Jelly Bean) is so sweet and eager to please! Loves her big brother Willis and to play! I feel like her colors change daily and today she weighs in at 33 pounds. Thank you so much for our sweet girl she is so loved!
September 27, 2020- Honey/Pooky- Luna & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Honey was the right name for our girl, she is just that. Didn’t think loving a dog this much was possible. The pups you breed sure are wonderful!

September 22, 2020 Journey/Sugar- Luna & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Journey says hello I am 45 lbs and going to obedience school.
She’s a big baby. I think she may be like her dad Toby. Big.
I leave her in my room loose while we’re gone. She’s good girl. I usually find her in her crate sleeping.
She’s like tight small places.

September 17, 2020 Chloe/Galadriel- Saphira & Toby's F1b Goldendoodle
She's doing so well she's growing like a weed and is definitely becoming a mischievous teenager 😅

September 8, 2020 Lola/Anasazi- Petunia & Caspian's F1 Bernedoodle (brindle color) & Harley/Nairobi- Lily & Jack's F1 Goldendoodle
Lola and Harley are growing closer each day. Harley is even initiating some play rather than just reluctantly joining in after lots of puppy urging. Harley however does not play until her entire morning routine is complete. It’s so funny to watch! She is becoming a real momma - can’t engage she’s had her coffee. 🤪
Carrie Ann

September 2, 2020 Sullivan (Sully)/Pibb Bluey & Toby's F1bb Goldendoodle
We still just cannot believe how wonderful Sullivan is. He's been the best addition and is the sweetest young man now
We recently had a neighbor dog break thru our fence (knocked a wooden board right off the rail). She is a rescued pit bull and came after the kids and I. Luckily we were far enough away that she couldn't get to us quickly. But Sully positioned himself between the kids and the dog and took the defense. Together Sully, myself and her owner got her back to her yard. She did try to bite Sullivan several times but he got through it untouched. Thank God. He was such a good boy and took such good care of his family. We were all OK and he was treated like a KING (even more than usual) for a good few weeks. He loves his babies and they really love him. That night in bed, Lucy said I know now how much he loves me and Ollie and that he will always protect us.

Everyone was OK thank goodness. Cal couldn't stop hugging him, petting him, giving him scratches for days. He wasn't in the yard with us and Sully took on the role of our protector. Cal loves him so much for that.

August 31, 2020 Lola/Anasazi- Petunia & Caspian's F1 Bernedoodle (brindle color) & Harley/Nairobi- Lily & Jack's F1 Goldendoodle
The first night we arrived Harley was playful and excited. Less excited by the following night. And now entering a stage of indifference. 😂😂 I think Harley is figuring out that Lola (she answers well to the name so it’s staying) is not leaving. The only time there is any grumbles is when Lola tries to “share” (or take) a toy or bone from Harley. Suddenly the dog that hasn’t been interested in a toy in three years just LOVES them! 😂🤣😂 Harley is really enjoying all the treats that come with the burden of being a good example in training sessions. All in all they are going really well. I have a feeling Harley is going to settle into a maternal role when she gets over the idea of not being an only child anymore.

August 18, 2020 Lola/Anasazi- Petunia & Caspian's F1 Bernedoodle (brindle color)
Hello!!! We got her on Saturday. We are all in love. She’s perfect. I don’t want to wish away our time with family, but I’m excited to get home and introduce her to Harley. I feel like I’ve left a child behind. Harley is staying with Steve and Andy’s other brother and his family... they are our neighbors in MD. They threaten to steal Harley daily so I know she is being spoiled.

She is brave!!!! Satin (now LuLu) was NOT going anywhere near the edge of the pier. 😂😂😂 I love to see the different doggie personalities side by side.
August 10, 2020 Journey/Sugar- Luna & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Journey says hello! I think she’s about 30 lbs!

August 8, 2020 Macy- Nova & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
She got a haircut and she loves it. Pretty much always smiling unless she’s sleeping. She weighs 60 pounds now.

July 20, 2020 
Journey/Sugar- Luna & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
She now swims really well and jumps off the dock! I think she weighs 28lbs!

July 18, 2020- Oscar/Morpheus- Maggie & Chester's F1b Goldendoodle
Oscar says thanks for the birthday shoutout!! He’s chilling with his other birthday boy!! ðŸ’™ He’s been such a blessing to our family!!

One more just to show his relaxed lovable (not modest at all ðŸ¤£) personality! This is when he’s all fluffy! ðŸ˜Š

May 25, 2020 Macy-Nova & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
This is our six month old princess. We love her so much and am so glad I did my research to bring home our fur baby from Granton Creek!!

May 4, 2020 Homer/Gobbler- Nova & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Good morning....Homer had his first grooming yesterday and he did wonderful! He’s so handsome! Such a wonderful boy 💞 He has changed my parents life so much! They just love him!
April 20, 2020 Macy-Nova & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
With Macy approaching five months next week she is getting so big, her legs are long and she is going to be tall. She is 40 pounds and super healthy! She’s even pushing her boundaries as she is very comfortable with her family now haha! We just love her so much and thank you for providing such an awesome dog!!!

March 29, 2020 Macy-Nova & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Did a photo shoot with Macy back in February

Feb 24, 2020 Macy- Nova & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Her first bath was a success. She did so good.

February 22,2020 Macy- 
Nova & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
The last one is how she sleeps lol!!
She is so good. The whole extended family LOVES her
Granton Creek Goldendoodles

February 16, 2020 Macy- Nova & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Still enjoying our sweet Macy Mae. She was introduced for the first time to a feline today haha. My brothers cat, Monty. Let’s just say Macy was ready to play but he definitely WAS NOT lol.
My three nephews had a blast playing outside today with Macy.

My daughter and Macy

February 6, 2020 Macy- Nova & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
Still in love with our little girl. She’s been doing so good with going potty outside
February 3, 2020 Macy- Nova & Toby's F1 Goldendoodle
We have fallen in love! I will definitely be writing a review on your fb page
And totally keeping her name

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