Friday, October 24, 2014

The Babies Are Here!

The wait is over!  Big news!  Lily gave birth to 12 little bundles of sweetness early Thursday morning.  6 boys and 6 little girls.  She and the puppies are all doing very well.  She is a super sweet and attentive mama!

Tired mama and new little ones

Lily and Jack would like to introduce:

Nairobi (girl) born at 1:54 AM weighing 15.60 oz.                  Pink 
Vienna (girl) born at 2:40 AM weighing 14.20 oz.                   Purple
Dhaka (boy) born at 2:48 AM weighing 14.30 oz.                   Blue
Phoenix (boy) born at 3:05 AM weighing 14.60 oz.                Brown
Suva (girl) born at 3:15 AM weighing 12.65 oz,                      White
Asmara (girl) born at 3:29 AM weighing 13.85 oz.                  Turquoise
Cairo (boy) born at 3:37 AM weighing 14.45 oz.                      Red
Kona (boy) born at 3:58 AM weighing 14.95 oz.                      Black
Maya (girl) born at 4:47 AM weighing 12.35 oz.                      Rainbow
Hilo (boy born at 5:01 AM weighing 14.85 oz.                        Orange
Pristina (girl) born at 5:48 AM weighing 10.70 oz.                  Green
Berkley (boy) born at 6:30 AM weighing 12.75 oz.                 Yellow

Lily and Maya
Dhaka, Cairo, Berkley and Asmara

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