Thursday, February 2, 2017

Maggie and Zircon's Babies Are Here!

So excited to announce Maggie and Zircon's League of Legends! They arrived January 30, 2017 amidst much fanfare. :-) Mama and babies all doing very well!
Born at 10:15am- Ahri- girl- chocolate or sable (we'll see as she grows;-).
Born at 10:33am- Draven- boy- black w/white nose
Born at 10:39am- Corki- boy- black w/ white chest
Born at 11:04am- Fiora- girl- light apricot
Born at 12:22pm- Sona- girl- black w/white chest
Born at 12:46pm- Teemo- boy- apricot
Born at 12:57pm- Nami- girl- apricot
Born at 1:52pm- Soraka- girl- apricot and white
Born at 2:23pm- Ekko- boy- black
Born at 2:52pm- Poppy- girl- apricot parti

Still anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Lily and Chester's puppies and 
and Daisy and Jack's puppies.  They should be arriving any time now!  Stay tuned.....

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