Friday, January 31, 2014

They're getting bigger :-)

They're getting bigger!

We weighed them all today and they have all grown significantly!  For the girls- Emerald was up to 1lb 2.5oz, Sapphire 1lb 4.4oz, Pearl 1lb 1.6oz, Amethyst 1lb .3oz, and Diamond 1lb 3.2oz.  For the boys- Zircon was up to 1lb 4.4oz, Topaz 1lb 2.8oz, Onyx 1lb 2.6oz, Garnet 1lb 1oz, and Jasper 1lb 5oz..  They have all gained between 3 and 5.4oz in just 3 days.  Now that the puppies are out, Lily has room for food again and she eats like she's feeding 10 growing puppies.
We will take individual photos of them when they are 1 week old but here are the photos of them at 1 day old.  The boys are in the red basket and the girls are in the orange basket.

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