Sunday, February 16, 2014

A New Weight Leader

Well, Zircon has lost his "Big Boy" title.  Jasper overtook him in weight this week.  Amethyst has still got her "Little Peanut" title and she is now almost a pound smaller than Jasper although she is still gaining weight nicely.  Here's weight list for them all at 2 and a half weeks.  The first 5 are the boys and the second 5 are the girls.
Jasper - 3lbs 9.3oz
Zircon - 3lbs 6.7oz
Onyx - 3 lbs 3.9 oz
Garnet - 3lbs 1.7oz
Topaz - 3lbs 2.3oz
Emerald - 2lbs 12.4oz
Diamond - 3 lbs 5.1oz
Pearl - 3lbs .1oz
Amethyst - 2lbs 9.6oz
Sapphire - 3lbs .1oz

I also got the material yesterday to make their "going home blankies". The blankies will have Lily and all their litter-mates scents on it to help their transition to their new home easierMarch 22nd will be here before we know it!


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