Saturday, November 22, 2014

Often people wonder what their puppy may look like when they get older...  This is Zircon, our sweet buddy from Lily and Jack's first litter.  He is 70 lbs. here and will probably put on about another 5 by the time he is finished growing.

He was on the lighter side color-wise, and was second biggest puppy.  His coat is about 4-6" long and is a shaggy wave that- as crazy as it sounds- is fascinating to look at!  It does not mat or clump, and we realistically probably only brush him 2-4 times per month.  Burrs come out easily, not quickly matting like on some coat styles.  From the feedback that we have received, this is a fairly good representation of the coat style that you can expect from Lily and Jacks pups.

He has an absolutely wonderful personality and gets along great with everyone, man and beast alike.  Everyone that he meets is his new best friend!

We believe that Lily and Jack's puppies are absolutely outstanding examples of the breed, shining in all of the great qualities that make Goldendoodles the perfect family dog.

We look forward to you meeting your new family member!


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