Monday, March 7, 2016

Maggie and Zircon's F1b Goldendoodles at 5 and a Half Weeks Old

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Maggie and Zircon's F1b Goldendoodles at 5 and a Half Weeks Old

WOW! What a crazy weekend! We had about a dozen families visit to meet all of the little honeys... We met some really great people, and we are thankful and excited for all of you! We are so privileged to prepare these little ones to become a part of your lives!
As you can imagine, taking care of 32 little ones in our home is an undertaking of epic proportions... In the past, we have cleared out our dining room, moving the table into the living room. This time around, we have cleared out the dining room and the living room to make room for all of our sweet puppies...
We made this video after the last visitor, so you get to see us in the afterglow of a marathon weekend of puppy matchmaking! So, please forgive the unfolded puppy laundry in the background, and my puppy weary self! I left it there to torture my inner perfectionist that always wants everything to be perfect before I feel comfortable posting videos and pictures...
I really hope to try to worry less about everything being perfect, and more about giving you sweet glimpses into this precious puppy cocoon that we are so blessed to reside in, if for only a little longer...

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