Monday, August 8, 2016

Dancing with Joy

Lily's puppies arrived on Monday, August 1st and they've got us all "dancing" with joy! 
Hokey (boy) born at 9:38 am weighing 12.2 oz
Pokey (boy) born at 9:56 am weighing 13 oz
Disco (Girl) born at 10:15 am weighing 14 oz
Rumba (boy) born at 10;22 am weighing 13 oz
Samba (girl) born at 10:53 am weighing 15.2 oz
Cha-cha (girl) born at 11:10 am weighing 13.4 oz
Pachanga (girl) born at 12:10 pm weighing 12.6 oz
Tango (boy) born at 12:16 pm weighing 13.4 oz
Calypso (girl) born at 12:34 pm weighing 12.6 oz She also has the distinct honor of being our 100th puppy!!
Hula (girl) born at 1:20 pm weighing 12.6 oz

We'll get individual pictures of everyone up once their eyes are open.  :-)

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