Monday, August 8, 2016

Maggie and Zircon's "Famous" F1b's

Maggie and Zircon are proud to announce their "famous" litter of puppies! Healthy little babies born July 30th. Individual pics will be done once their eyes are open. 
Clifford (boy) born at 11:48 am weighing 15.8 oz
Barkley (boy) born at 12:20 pm weighing 13.2 oz
Bolt (boy) born at 12:38 pm weighing 12.8 oz
Lady (girl) born at 12:45 pm weighing 13.4 oz
Blue (girl) born at 1:31 pm weighing 12.8 oz
Beethoven (boy) born at 1:39 pm weighing 10.4 oz
Lassie (girl) born at 2:15 pm weighing 12.8 oz

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